Saturday, 4/13/13, Public Square



by | April 13, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. The whole status of marriage as formed through centuries if not millions of years. From being forms of treaties to even ways of ending conflict among families. To eventually being about love and partnership in life. Considering its beginnings, honor and commercial endeavor why can it not be about whom you love today?

    • I guess Rick Santorum believes that gays are ruining traditional marriage because heterosexual couples cannot figure out how to have children if gays get married?

      First – If Santorum believes marriage is only to produce children – then I must not be married (I am way past childbearing age)

      Second – When is Santorum going to demonize Rush Limbaugh for being married four times and no children born at all (thank God there are no little Rushbos running around – LOL)

      Third – Exactly where does Santorum get all this wisdom he is spewing – where in the Bible does it say marriage is only to produce children?

      There really is something very wrong with a bunch of people who are this obsessed with the sex lives of everyone else on the planet.

      • Answers from the resident smart-ass:

        First, doesn’t matter; you were married when you were of reproductive age (plus, indy, have you not heard of the “Fertile Octogenarian”? :-)) However, I guess that I’m not to get remarried unless the woman is so much younger than I to be boring. That’s OK; it makes way more economic sense for two folks in my cohort to “live in sin”!

        Second, he won’t. Hey, it must be the fault of his wives. /Sarcasm

        Third, it doesn’t. Totally made up, same as the Holy Trinity, etc.

      • Resident smart ass……LOL

        I thought I was the only one that had that title….

  2. wow.

    Uber-conservative Rep. Steve Stockman of Texas kicks off his campaign with his new slogan and his Twitter feed says this slogan exposes the hypocrisy of the left and he is quite proud of it: “If babies had guns they wouldn’t be aborted.”

    • I know I am very tired tonight after working both days this weekend – but I don’t get it.

      If the Left don’t want any guns and want to get rid of them – and these Far Right Folks seem to think all Left folks want every baby to be killed – so wouldn’t the Evil Left WANT those babies killed along with the guns?

      I don’t get it…