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  1. Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and House Republicans had included funding for the $7 billion pipeline in their own budget and have been pressing the White House in budget talks to do the same.

    Of course Boehner adds it to everything — he’s personally invested in Keystone.

    Keystone XL Absent From White House Budget

  2. audio)
    Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) took issue with his party’s attempt to win over Latino voters after the drubbing it took in the 2012 election.

    “It’s very discouraging,” Huelskamp told conservative radio host Steve Deace on Tuesday, that Republicans are trying “to win votes from the so-called ‘Hispanic voter.’” The conservative congressman argued that trying to persuade Latino voters to become Republicans was “very distracting” because their policy preferences are too disparate. He then conceded that Democrats had done far better winning their votes:

    HUELSKAMP: If you’re going to talk about giving a pathway to citizenship before you seal the border. They made a mistake in ’86; I’m not going to repeat that. That’s not going to go through the House. What is interesting and very distracting and very discouraging is, Steve, after the election, the general discussion from Republicans in Washington was, we’ve got to do everything we can to win votes from the so-called “Hispanic voter.” And I say so-called because there’s all kinds of varieties of beliefs within that immigrant community. And the idea that suddenly, instead of voting 70 percent for the Democrats, somehow they’re going to start voting for Republican? No. What Republicans need to do is get off their rear ends and go out, outside of Washington, and talk about what they’re for!

    It’s been a less-than-ideal stretch for Republicans trying to promote inclusion and tolerance in their party. In the past month, Republicans apologized to “colored people” for using the term “nigger-rigging,” called Latinos “wetbacks,” and introduced legislation to discriminate against non-English speakers

    (relevant section begins around 1:10)

    • It kind of reminds me of how my oldest grandson negotiates, he after being told he because of his actions can not do what he wants to do. Will then promise he will not do it again. Only to do exactly the same action he had done to get him in trouble in the first place. Then as if it will change the outcome tells me he is sorry and will not do the exact same thing again.
      It might work the first time, but finally I get where he can not even get anything. Promise to not be that way again, smile and say I really love you truly. Then do it again and look as if it is my fault for being mad at his words or actions.

      • How dare you to call him out on what he does……..///sarcasm

        I know what you mean – I’ve got a 7-yr-old granddaughter who has started to think she is some little Miss Diva.

        Well, I am here to tell you one thing – Little Miss Diva does NOT get her royal butt kissed around here…

      • Seriously – RD – can you really blame your grandson for thinking the way he does?

        Look around our society – we reward bad behavior.

        Look at these Corporate Mega Churches – they have twisted the Bible to fit their own agenda of accumulation of personal wealth at all costs – and NO BODY is challenging them….

        Look at these Politicians – talk about rewarding bad behavior….

        Look at the Catholic Church – even when caught covering up the crimes of child molestation – these robed men actually believe that they can preach down to the rest of us..

        NOW that is bad behavior…….but you don’t see the Catholic Church going bankrupt – do you?

        There used to be a time when people would be ashamed and/or embarrassed if they were publicly called out for their behavior.

        Nowadays – it’s like a badge of honor to be the guy that ‘stuck it to Obama’ with a racist joke or email sent from a public governmental computer.

        Seriously…….our society has been turned upside down and it has nothing to do with the fact that gay people want to get married.

        Or that women have access to birth control.

    • Bob White

      Congressman “Daffy” Huelskamp talks like a very safe ‘elected’ because of the big margin he is assured from rural Kansas. Same stupid voters we discussed yesterday!

  3. Ezra Klein explain the $4.6 trillion difference between the White House and House Republicans’ budget.

    (from the link): That $4.6 trillion represents a stark choice. If used as Obama hopes, it means tens of millions more Americans with health insurance, a more generous food stamp program, more college aid, and more investments in biomedical research, among others. If used as the Republicans hope, it means less debt and lower taxes on the wealthy.

    • Less debt? Maybe until the next Republican does manage to bamboozle his/her way into the White House and starts those endless – and numerous – wars.

      Then just watch that debt hole get bigger and bigger – and NOT one single word of outrage will come from those who profit the most – REPUBLICANS

  4. Crude, Dirty and Dangerous

    (from the link): But this oil is no ordinary crude oil, and it carries with it risks that we’re only beginning to understand. Its core ingredient — bitumen — is not pumped from wells but is strip-mined or boiled loose underground.

    The nation’s pipeline network was designed to handle conventional crude oil and is governed by laws and regulations that were written long before the unique risks and hazards associated with dilbit began to emerge. In fact, dilbit is exempt from an excise tax that pays for oil spill cleanups, because the 1980 law that created the tax did not consider bitumen from the “tar sands” to be crude oil.

  5. Rand Paul is sure people will vote republican if they just know what republicans are for.

    Women know. And we vote.

    Women made up more than half of the electorate (53 percent) and 55 percent of us delivered our votes to President Obama. In fact, nearly one-third of all voters were women who voted for President Obama. 2012 saw a near-record gender gap of 18 points –- with the gap growing wider than 2008 among black, white, and Hispanic women. The gap among unmarried women was even wider –- an astounding 36 points.

    Do you think republicans are smart enough to back off their WAR ON WOMEN? As far as I’m concerned they’ve stepped it up and with the policies against restrictions on gun violence and their economic policies they’ve decided to include our families as enemies in their war. So now it’s republicans at war against women and our families.

    I feel equally sure minorities and the LGBT community know what republicans are for too.

  6. Bob White

    Simple and safe: Just say “no” to the Keystone XL Pipeline.