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  1. wicked

    John Green is right. But we’re losing the battle. The monied don’t want smart people. The less educated the masses are, the easier they are to control.

    Public schools are in need of restructuring, but mostly because of budget cuts, union busting, and our old favorite, NCLB. Ask any Republican and he’ll tell you that teachers are paid far too much (a total lie), yet they complain that they’re having to pay extra for enrollment to schools that aren’t teaching their children. Well, duh! Anyone who knows a teacher knows that if the proper tools for teaching, including classrooms that aren’t overcrowded, are freely given, our children and grandchildren will learn.

    And then a group of people discover that they can make money with schools by offering an alternative–a dangerous one.

    Charter Schools and The Profit Motive

    Just one more way the rich can make more and be assured of the dumbing down of America.

    • Bob White

      Excellent comments, Wicked! However, I do like John Greens’ theory; it just isn’t working his way. Consequently, we live in Brownbackistan where schools along with minimum ‘good government’ are under threat and John’s “educated people” are stupid enough to elect Sam as governor, and then they kick-out all those elected who demonstrate reason.

  2. Funny that this topic has came up, I was thinking and remembering my own experiences with school. I was not found to be near sighted till after the third grade and of course in that day the solution for learning disabled was the back of the class. Sent to a special class in another school and then once I got glasses back to a regular school with the stigma of being dumb witted.

    By then I hated school and saw it as punishment, I wonder if my oldest grandson is suffering the same plight. We need to let the teachers do their job and not try to build a work force of minions.

    • wicked

      I know the feeling. In 2nd grade, Sister Mary Christet (bless her soul) wouldn’t move me up to the top reading group, even though I could read with the best of them. That’s the year, I, too, got my first pair of glasses. My mom thought I wanted glasses because one of the neighbors just got some. But when she finally took me to the eye doctor to prove there was nothing wrong with my eyes, the doctor’s response was, “This poor girl. This poor, poor girl.” I couldn’t see worth a damn!

    • The stigma of being “less than,” “different,” not equal… Such a waste. No person should ever have to be subjected to that, yet it happens in every walk of life and comes strongly from those who must be in control. In order to control they must make distinctions so they divide people and feel superior to those they put in the groups less worthy.

      Some people feel more worthy because they have money. Some feel more worthy because of their sex, the color of their skin, their sexual orientation…

      Sadly, much of it comes from people who claim RELIGIOUS TEACHINGS as their way to superiority — a bunch of holy bullshit. Yes — it’s in their book that women should submit to men, that it’s right and good to be homophobic, racist, misogynists. They’ll interpret it for you because they’re superior, they know more and know it better, the bible tells them so. It doesn’t seem to enter their minds that the only person they should work at being better than is the person they were yesterday.

      • wicked

        But– But— How can I elevate my self-esteem if I don’t have someone I can belittle on the way up?

  3. wicked


    An update on the house down the street with the IMPEACH NOBAMA (gun control) sign nailed to their tree and the LIFE IS SACRED SIGN in the window.

    My daughter informed me when she dropped off her 4 kids that the tree had broken. Sure enough, the back limbs of the (pear) tree have already died off, but the large and full limbs on the front part of the tree, except for a single, narrow limb that was still intact, had broken off, partly blocking the sign…that was nailed to the 4-5 inch trunk.

    Proof of KARMA. Yeah, she’s a b i t c h.

    • When “life is sacred” it seems reasonable regulations that would reduce gun violence and help protect life would go hand in hand…

      Maybe “Mother Nature” had a point to make? 🙂

      • wicked

        You’d think so. But we all know that one thought or belief needn’t go hand in hand with another. 😉 My granddaughter also told me that the man there ties a bag of catnip to the tree, then runs off any cats who dare try to get to it. Whether that’s true or not, I don’t know. One of his neighbors told her that. Then again, it goes hand-in-hand with the sacred life and anti-gun control issue.

        Now that I think about it, that tree now looks like it’s flipping the bird, if you get my drift. I’ll have to try to get a picture, but there’s a van parked in front, blocking part of the tree, so maybe I’ll wait until it’s gone.

        At least I had a good laugh this morning. 🙂 It may be the only one of the day…

  4. There are areas where “profit” shouldn’t be a concern. The wealth of a well educated society is measured in ways more important than dollars. I think health care, prison systems, and our environment also belong in those areas where “profit” shouldn’t be a concern. There are probably others I’m not thinking of at this moment. I don’t understand this rush to privatizing, and see it as greed, nothing more. I haven’t heard any explanation that allows me to understand. Is there one?

    • wicked

      You already said it, fnord. GREED Although the only thing I can think of that the money amassed for greed is used for is more money. One of the 7 Deadly Sins, I believe.

      • I can think of too much that doesn’t have money involved.

        There’s not much money in a CURE. So let’s just treat the symptoms.

        There’s not much money in SOLAR. Everyone has sunshine and once the initial investment to harness it is made…

        There’s not much money in making abortions rare. You can’t mobilize people to vote on something that hardly exists.

        If we put whatever it takes into ensuring childrens health, their welfare, their education then we might not fill prisons. Where’s the money to be made?

        There’s no money in morality that isn’t restricted and defined. If everyone follows the Golden Rule then how in the world can I get people to understand they need to fight the sin that doesn’t exist by giving money to my church? Come on! There’s a whole bunch more than what that Jesus guy said — come to my church, bring your money.

        Welcome to the Corporate States of America. When it’s about money – humanity loses.

  5. Please read this.

    (from the link): We took our time over the spelling and where words might have come from or gone to. I told them about David Crystal and the notion of polite rather than correct English. We really got into it. The college didn’t want to pay me for a class of four; I was willing to pay them. The men’s enthusiasm reassured me that I hadn’t wasted my time. What, after all, does education offer to people if not a greater sense of being human?

    When we don’t know about history and art and society we are adrift. Most of you reading this will never have had that experience, but many of the men I taught were ignorant of just about everything, and as grown men felt this keenly. Education was a relief, a route to self-respect.

    In prison, education is a route to self-respect

  6. wicked

    It makes sense. Not knowing history leads to repeating the same mistakes. Not learning critical thinking early on–which has nearly been squashed, thanks to teaching to the test–leads to the inability to understand. Our society here has come to the point that the loudest (and dumbest) are heard, yet the truth rarely is.

    Bless this man for caring and doing something about it.

    • Not knowing history is one thing …but when people try to rewrite history, then that puts them into a category that is downright scary.

      I’m thinking of the time when Sarah Palin told her version of Paul Revere and his infamous ride.

      The next day – there were a lot of attempts at changing some sources like Wikipedia to match Sister Sarah’s version.

      NOW that is what is scary….

      You’re entitled to your own opinion – but you’re not entitled to your own facts.

  7. (from the link): …the Republicans who want to update their image have one very big obstacle: The most vocal, militant GOP voters do not agree there is a problem — or, more precisely, they believe the problem is not that Republicans are out of touch, but that Republicans need to get more in touch with a whole different version of reality.

    If you want to know what that alternative reality is, take a few minutes and run through the posts at, a project of People for the American Way.

    The folks who run this site have taken on the dispiriting task of gathering together statements from the many commentators who work in the right’s quasi-religious netherworld, a weird land that exists out beyond even the rants of Rush Limbaugh. Here are just a few samples of what has been on their minds in recent weeks:

    Right-wing religious nuts limit Republican Party’s future,0,2372795.story

    • I hope the current GOP will splinter into two groups – the establishment/business Republicans (Chamber of Commerce types) and the Tea Party/ Fundy Evangelicals/Birthers/Gun Lovers into the other group.

      I suspect Sarah Palin is angling to get her foot into the White House through the TeapublicanEvangeliGun Party – which is why we see her head popping out from time to time….

      But the dirty little secret is – both of these groups need each other in order to win any national elections – and they both know it.

      But I suspect – these Far Right Wingers have enough ignorant arrogance now to actually believe they could win the White House.

      I, for one, welcome the day the current GOP not only splinters – but implodes into a billion tiny pieces.

    • wicked

      I’m sorry. I can’t read that link, due to the fact that it would mean showering again.

  8. I do have to laugh when I think that Ronald Reagan was the guy that actually started the downfall of his beloved Grand Old Party…….

    Ronnnie – used Jerry Falwell and his Gang to beat out the true Christian (Jimmy Carter) in 1980.

    When fnord posted about the solar energy.,…..I still remember one of the first things Ronnie Raygun did was to take those solar panels off the White House.

    And we’ve been going downhill ever since……..In the last decade, with GWB and Cheney – that downhill spiral has gotten faster and faster – IMHO.

    I think the GOP is in the throes of a death spiral…….

    Right-wing religious nuts limit Republican Party’s future

    • wicked

      Wonderful! Of course, that’s when Bible Beaters turn and walk away, as if you’re the one who doesn’t understand. Been there, done that, and earned my own way.

    • wicked

      At least somebody (many somebodies) weren’t bamboozled by the schmooz. Just goes to show that college students have some sense and know the real score, not the fabricated one of the Republicans.