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  1. I think the Koch brothers, et al are getting just what they wanted when they set out to destroy public education. A bunch of people not only too stupid to vote for their own best interests, but essentially people who are literally too stupid to live.

    In other words, sheeple. The defunding and hence destruction of public and higher education created the little sheeple just waiting for leadership and then Fux News stepped in to fill the gap.

    A perfect storm. And anyone sane in this nation is at the eye, about to be battered by these mean and stupid teabaggers. Hell, not about to be. Are being.

    • It also helps to have these Mega Corporate Church Preacher Men who knowingly manipulates those same sheeple.

      HELL….that’s been going on for years……

      But – it does give an air of righteousness, you know, if you can tell the sheeple that they – and only they – are the true believers and are going to Heaven…

      That kind of mind control also helps to fill up those tax-free coffers – huh?\\

      • Oh yeah, Indy. How could I have forgotten the role of the evangelicals and other religious institutions in “guiding” or controlling the sheeple. And the more uneducated, the more likely the sheeple are to flock to or take direction from their preachers. And ya know, all that guidin’ and leadin’ and preachin’ takes money, so send your contributions NOW!

      • LOL my wife is getting where she is not so sure she wants to go to church with me. The ole me is coming back and he is quite liberal about his opinions. And of course that can put me at odds with the church and the doctrine they are espousing. Most of the time it is twisting words to make them come out the way it would support their personal views.

      • rd, your comment reminded me of this —

  2. I wonder if this woman in the picture with the misspelled sign feels any embarrassment or shame – because I would think that someone by now has told her that the sign made her look stupid.

    Which begs another question – nobody else at this event noticed her sign had a misspelled word? And a very important word that these particular group throws around ALOT.

    I’ve often told my kids – I don’t like to look stupid – so I try to avoid hanging out with stupid people.

    The Tea Party has a very bad reputation – and has had lost much of that steam from their tea pot.

    Could it possibly be due to so many misspelled words on their signs – and then Rick Santorum (the Tea Party darling) getting up and calling President Obama ‘a snob’ because he wants everyone to be able to go to college.

    Stupid + Arrogance + Ignorance = Teapublican

    In those infamous words – Thanks, but No Thanks.. You betcha …Wink-Wink

    • Naw, she won’t be ashamed or embarrassed. She’ll be mad at those pointing out her lack of spelling skills as overeducated, northeastern liberal egg heads. She don’t need no stinkin’ education. She’s got Jesus at her right side and Fux News at her left side and she doesn’t need anything else except tax cuts for the rich that can trickle down on her and to have them damn queers stoned to death!

      • I suspect you’re correct on that assessment !

        These are people who are P-R-O-U-D to be stupid.

        That takes a special breed – doesn’t it?

    • Bob White

      I think you are correct, Indy; she looks stupid to me and I’ll bet she knows less about the Constitution than she knows about spelling the word. And she can vote! She has a lot of company, too.

  3. Speaking of Mega Corporate Church Preacher Men…..did you hear about Rick Warren’s son committed suicide last week?

    While reading through this article – I must point out that alot of famous Evangelical folks sure know how to support a fellow Evangelical – huh?

    But….I wonder……would these same folks be so supportive if the dead kid was not the son of a famous Evangelical Preacher Man?

    I do have sympathy for any parent that loses their child – and suicide is a way of death that adds much more turmoil and trauma to deal with.

    But…..just once…..I would LOVE to see these same Evangelical folks show some of that same compassion to others who they seek to demonize – and as PP pointed out earlier – stone to death…,0,1479812.story

    • P.S. – How many gay and lesbian teens have committed suicide – just as this famous preacher man’s kid – and yet we STILL hear from these preacher men how gays will destroy America?

      Seems to me…….if your kid is killing himself, there’s a problem and perhaps – just perhaps – everyone in this life has to deal with their own demons?

      And that means – gay or straight – EVERYBODY has their own demons in their life that have to be dealt with everyday.

      SO ……why not help others instead of constantly demonizing?

      That’s my soapbox sermon for today……

  4. RD posted: The ole me is coming back and he is quite liberal about his opinions.

    I, for one, like the ole you……..and there is nothing wrong with being liberal with your opinions.

    After all, Jesus was quite the rebel in his day – wasn’t he?

    • I like “all the you’s” R.D. There is not one version (RD 1.0, RD 2.0, RD, 3.0 etc.) that I don’t hold dear. I can’t wait for all the versions to come. Remember, we miss you when you are not here. It’s not the same without you!

  5. This is an interesting 10-minute interview. Jon Stewart interviewed George Carlin in 1997….

  6. Just saw this……Annette Funicello is dead…

    My 7-yr-old granddaughter has started to watch the Disney television channel and I am hear to tell you – those ‘tween’ girls on the shows dress like little hookers on the street, they talk like they are about in the 30’s and the parents depicted in these shows all tend to bow down to kiss these little ho’s on the precious little butt….

    NO wonder our society is in such trouble…

    I remember when Walt Disney refused to allow Annette Funicello to wear a two-piece bathing suit – can you?

    Did she ever wear a two-piece suit in those Beach Blanket Bingo movies?

    Well – enough said when Miley Cyrus – aka Hannah Montana – is now the creation of the Disney magic touch.

    And have you seen her lately??

  7. I knew she had MS, I had no idea she had been in a coma for years before being taking off life support as this article states.

    An answer to your question. đŸ™‚

    (from the link): “Mr. Disney,” whom Funicello considered a second father, made one request of his demure discovery: that she not reveal her navel on-screen and besmirch her pure image. She complied in the first movie but would wear a two-piece fishnet suit in 1964’s Muscle Beach Party and a blue-and-white bikini in 1964’s Bikini Beach.

    • I have to confess – I did not read the link I posted entirely – and missed the part where it talked about Walt Disney’s request of Annette Funicello.

      But – one certainly has to wonder how many times Mr. Walt Disney has rolled over in his grave to see what has been coming out of his beloved studio.

      But….I have a 7-yr-old granddaughter and I cannot begin to tell you how much trouble we have finding just the plain old brief panties for her size.

      There are a lot of bikinis, hip huggers and I’ve even some thongs.

      Really…..thongs for a 7-yr-old?

  8. I personally think the navel isn’t attractive enough to want to share it. Call me a prude, but it is ugly. Mind you, I believe if a woman wants to show her breast in places where men are allowed, good for them! Me, I need support. It should be a consitutinonal right.

  9. Hi Lisa–Good to have you back here again. Hope you’ll be here more often.