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  1. When you let the Tea Party get out ahead of messaging on an issue, you lose. When you turn that messaging on its head and it goes viral, you can beat them.

    A Detroit suburb called Troy, Michigan, could teach a class in how to win. Watch:

    • wicked

      Wow. As I commented on a FB yesterday about the farmers in western Kansas, who are against everything…except their subsidies and the government overseeing the health of their cattle, Kansans have been voting against their own best interests for years. When it comes down to them not being able to feed their families–and if the drought continues, that could happen–they’ll be the first ones in line with their hands out, shoving everyone else aside.

  2. More evidence about needing even more guns to ensure safety. [eye roll] Only the gun nuts would think a gun should have been taken into that room. If there had been NO GUN, would two men still be alive?

    Mississippi detective, murder suspect shot dead at police headquarters

    Here’s another article that says, “A homicide suspect argued with an 18-year police veteran in an interview room Thursday, overpowering him and shooting him to death, law enforcement officials said.

    About 20 minutes later, another officer shot the suspect multiple times, killing him inside police headquarters here, sources say.

  3. This seems to tell the story of how easy it is to fool the republicans. Just be sure you call “it” something that sounds unflattering and distasteful and certainly something many people get without earning, and your faithful fools will fight against it to the point of cutting off their noses to spite their faces.

    (from the link): Call it what you will—enhanced interrogation or torture, collateral damage or civilian deaths, pro-life or anti-reproductive rights, global warming or climate change, homosexual marriage or marriage equality, assault rifles or “semi-automatic small-calibre sporting rifles with plastic accessories”

    The Democrats’ revenue enhancements, public investments, and “the one per cent” are the Republicans’ tax hikes, reckless government spending, and “the job creators.” Reading from left to right, the inheritance tax is the estate tax is the death tax.

    …“entitlement programs”—is now the standard descriptor for what ought to be called, more accurately and less tendentiously, social insurance.

    President Reagan, who had always referred to government programs for the old, the sick, and the poor as the “Social Security net,” renamed them “entitlements,” in a speech to a Jaycee convention. The business press quickly followed suit. “Later in the year, other magazines also used the term,”…

    “Entitlements” went from nowhere to everywhere in record time. The Washington Post mentioned “entitlements” or “entitlement programs” in the same article as “Social Security” just five times in 1979. In 1982 it happened a hundred and eighteen times. During the nineteen-nineties, the number topped eight hundred. If the current rate holds steady for the rest of this decade, the Post will have racked up seventeen hundred by the end of 2019.

    Perhaps President Reagan chose to call the public services he disliked by a new name simply for convenience. “Entitlements” is a syllable shorter than “social insurance.” That saves time, and time is money. But Reagan’s would-be heirs may have other motives. In the runup to last year’s election, the Fox Business Web site devoted a week to “Entitlement Nation: Makers vs. Takers.” Mitt Romney denounced President Obama as the avatar of a dystopian “Entitlement Society.” And, in his most memorable speech, Romney accused the “forty-seven per cent” of Americans who supposedly “believe that they are victims” of also believing “that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it—that that’s an entitlement, and the government should give it to them.”

    President Obama, in his inaugural address, did not let the word “entitlements” pass his lips. Instead, he spoke of Medicare and Social Security, which, he said, “do not make us a nation of takers; they free us to take the risks that make our country great.”

    • But have you noticed that no Republican ever calls those corporate welfare subsidies and special tax breaks ‘entitlements’ –

      Hey – if they want to cut the federal spending – then they have the chance right now to stop continuing to give oil companies millions in subsidies (or is it billions when combined with all those companies?).

  4. This map, via health researcher Bill Gardner, shows the change in mortality rate for females in each county in the United States between 1992 and 2006. In 43 percent of counties — all those in red — mortality rates are rising:

    You’re seeing a small portion of this U. S. map. Go to the link to see how red the red states are. You know, the poorer states that are more dependent on government help than others. The same states that need the most help are those where republicans are working hard at reducing the help provided. And, people are dying because of that.

    • Alan Grayson told us – didn’t he?

      The GOP Health Care Plan –

      1) Don’t get Sick

      2) If you do get sick – then die quickly.

    • wicked

      True story. I recently pitched a story to my editor that involved a man whose wife had died in childbirth, some years before. (It’s called backstory.) My editor is in Canada, and her response to me was that she didn’t know how many woman died in childbirth anymore. This morning, during a phone call with her, I explained that the idea had come from an article in Huff Post late last summer that said maternal deaths in the U.S. is rising and have double in the past 25 years, and wasn’t it strange that I’d seen yet another (the one above), just last night? She was surprised.

      The difference between U.S. healthcare and Canada’s Healthcare? Deathly.

  5. In other news —

    North Carolina, where republicans dominate the state’s Congress, legislators moved from taking away women’s reproductive rights to making sure young people are disenfranchised. The youth vote scares them! A Republican legislator in North Carolina is pushing a bill to penalize parents if they have a child in college who chooses to vote where they study. State Rep. Bill Cook (R) introduced SB 667 this week, which would raise taxes on families with college students if the child registers to vote at school rather than at home.

    North Korea — Kim Jong-un has moved missiles to the border to ensure they reach their targets. WTF? Just stop and think… Missiles need to be moved a few miles… Have you seen the picture of him holding up his 5″ floppy disk software? Could he have other floppy parts to compensate for?

    Missouri. Missouri lawmaker Steve Cookson (R-Poplar Bluff) wants to tie welfare benefits to school attendance with a bill that would require 90% attendance for children of families receiving benefits.

    The one-sentence bill does not specify if medical absences would be counted or if students from private, parochial or charter schools would face a similar mandate. “”If you had a child suffering from mono or leukemia, you would take away food stamps and assistance and possibly have them lose their home. It is misguided.”

    Cookson is the state House elementary and secondary education committee chairman.

    I could bring many stories of many republican idiots. With the Republican Party in shambles, attempting to find an identity that doesn’t scare off half of the electorate, a void has been created that is allowing the craziest of the crazy to have a turn in the spotlight. The news stories about these crazies sound like they are from The Onion. They aren’t. It’s really what the republicans are doing and the truth is nuttier than what could be made up. The republicans make Kim Jong-un sound sane!

  6. As usual, the article only starts the conversation and the comments are interesting too.

    (from the link): One popular way to do this is by viewing it as a book full of proof-texts. This transforms the Bible into something to root and search through, on the quest for Scriptures justifying an already made up opinion.

    Or you can look at it the way many Christians do-as an instruction manual. The Bible becomes, to quote my cheesy middle school youth pastor, “The Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.” Every word in it is meant to be taken literally, at face value, to be followed to the T.

    Well, except the verses forbidding the wearing of clothes made from two different fibers, or the command to pluck your eye out if it causes you to sin. Those are a different category.

    But the verses on women’s role in church? Or homosexuality? To the biblical literalists, or proof-texters, those verses are almost always clear.

    Thankfully, there’s a third way of looking at the Bible, the way that I, and many of my friends do: not as an instruction book, or a composition of verses meant to be dissected — but as a whole. A story. One that has a beginning, middle and end, all centered on one man: Christ. There’s the Old Testament Scriptures, filled with pain, suffering, sacrifice, and the longing for the coming of a savior. And then there’s the New Testament that includes the birth, life, and death of this savior, and His commands for how to live life after He’s gone. The beginning is the waiting and longing. The middle is the arrival and life of Christ. And the end is His joyous resurrection, followed with letters and commands meant to help us live a life that is most pleasing to Christ’s father, God.

    Is the Bible ‘Clear’ on Those Verses?

    • wicked

      Men cannot cut their beards, no eating of shellfish, woman cannot cut their hair, and the man lying with man thing had nothing to do with homosexuality. But anything can be twisted and turned to make it appear as the opposite of what it is. And there were reasons for the shellfish and blended fabrics and most of the others that had nothing to do with God, but more to do with keeping people healthy and safe. We now know more about cooking and clothing and all the rest. We change our laws. Whose to say God hasn’t changed His?

      The OT is the history of the Jewish people, who lived in fear of a wrathful God. The NT was written to entice people to a new, kinder and gentler God (Jesus), who was kind and loving. Not to mention in brought in a lot of money. 😉 After all, if it’s the root of all evil (not exactly what it says in the Bible, where it’s the Love of money), what better way to get people to give it up?

      The parables of Jesus were stories to show people how to live a loving life. That’s all they were, and they were a brilliant way to convey to to people who had no education to show them right from wrong, kindness and love. I don’t blame them for being followers.


  7. An editorial from The Hutch News.

    (from the link): The Kansas Legislature this week passed a measure to allow drug testing of welfare and unemployment recipients – and even lawmakers – with reasonable suspicion of drug use.

    Qualifying suspicions include, but are not limited to, a questionable demeanor, missed meetings, police records or failing a drug test with a potential employer. If that’s the case, there’s little time to waste before we start collecting urine samples from members of the Kansas Legislature.

    Suspicious behavior

    • So – what will happen when the first Republican is the one with questionable demeanor, missed meetings – and is the drug of choice – alcohol – going to be a determining factor?

      How many drunk driving Republicans have been in the news? IIRC – there were two in the past year……are they being drug tested and disciplined?

      Or is alcohol conveniently ‘off limits’ to one losing their jobs and/or benefits?

  8. I found this interesting reading about drug trials.

    It was in April that I was diagnosed with colon cancer – after a horrendous two trips to two different hospitals – with complications caused by the first trip and then undergoing radical surgery to come out with a diagnosis of Stage III cancer and it was in the lymph nodes. Not exactly a promising prognosis.

    I was told I was being referred to ‘the best oncologist’ which had several drug trials going on in his group. I was immediately put into one of those drug trials – after being harassed by his damn nurse as to how much I would benefit from the trial and would be helping so many others.

    Strange thing though – that drug trial was for a cream that my brother had also been a drug trial participant -and that cream gave him blisters/burns under his eyelids – for which he had to undergo painful treatments and a hospital visit.

    I remember my first visit to ‘the best oncologist’ – the nurse from the drug trial came in first – never told introduced herself and was ready to apply that damn cream to me – without me even seeing the doctor for the very first time!

    When I objected – this nurse slammed the cream down on the counter and said ‘ well you signed up for this, not me’.

    When ‘the best’ came into the office, I asked him about that cream and he said – don’t worry about it, it will help so many others.


    As I’ve shared before – this oncologist who is ‘the best’ was nothing but a nightmare for me.

    When I stopped going to ‘the best’ and told him and his staff my reasons – I just assumed I would be done with their damn office on Madness Avenue

    But – NO. About 6 months later, I get a call from an angry woman who demanded to know why I have not been in to get my cream from the drug trials. (6 months had passed by and she was just now calling??)

    I told her that I had stopped going to ‘the best’ and I signed the papers at that time of my desire to stop participating in that damn drug trial.

    This woman actually yelled at me through the telephone that I should have contacted HER to disenroll.

    Yeah, lady, whatever….

    But – when I learned from my brother about his bad experience with that cream – his drug trial for that cream had been 2 years prior. And he said that he had heard his reaction with the blisters/burns under the eyelids was a common reaction they were seeing.

    SO…..why was I put on that same drug trial knowing this was happening?’

    And – why are these drug trials so adamant to get as many people on them – do you think it is because of the M-O-N-E-Y ‘the best’ doctors get from these drug trials?

    The last time I heard, this cream was still being given to patients….

    Health care should not be based on P-R-O-F-I-T-S at all costs.