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  1. Actor Jim Carrey recently came under attack for speaking his mind about gun violence and regulation. The attacks were brutal from extremists. In this piece, he gives impassioned, thoughtful discourse that I applaud him for, not because he is an actor but because he is a fellow human being.

    (from the link): “I disagree wholeheartedly with those who say that there are just too many guns out there to control and that more gun laws won’t make a difference. Change must start someplace. I’m pretty sure that no worthwhile endeavor has ever been accomplished without a beginning and reducing gun violence in America is a worthwhile endeavor.

    I would trade my money, my fame, my reputation and legacy if there were the slightest chance of preventing the anguish of another Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, or Sandy Hook Elementary School. I ask you, truly, what manner of human being would not?

    I Never Wanted to Take Your Guns Away


    Pat Roberts (R) – @senpatroberts

    Jerry Moran (R) – @jerrymoran

    • I knew that video would ruffle a lot of feathers in the Foxxies Hen House.

      But – as the video clearly pointed out – it was intended as Biting Political Satire.

      Isn’t it very telling how satire always seems to hit the GOP and NRA nail right on their pointy little heads?

    • wicked

      While I’m not a Jim Carrey fan, I applaud him for standing up and trying to talk sense to people who have none.

      Until the money passing from the pockets of corporations (which I believe the NRA is, in essence, while being funded by gun manufacturers) to the pockets of our supposed representatives, we’re screwed. Stirring up people who might not ever buy a weapon, until these “leaders” incite them to insanity, must stop. Buying politicians must stop. The slaughter of innocents, children and adults, must stop. Sanity must be restored.

      As Christians, they tell us how important “life” is, yet they want every home to have an arsenal. No abortions, but it’s okay to let anyone have any kind of mass-killing weapons on hand to take the lives of children. What kind of country is this?

      • Sad to say – wicked – John Carlin had these so-called Christians nailed….

        If you’re pre-born – you’re loved by the Pro-Lifers

        If you’re Pre-K – you are f_cked and on your own

        Until you reach the age of military – then the Pro-Lifers love you again…

        Isn’t that a sad commentary ??

    • “”I disagree wholeheartedly with those who say that there are just too many guns out there to control and that more gun laws won’t make a difference.”

      There is a point to this but also a counter point, anyone wanting a gun could get one if not legally then illegally. Also there are already laws on the books to prevent those who should not get a firearm from getting one.

      The access to a gun does not make someone go on a killing spree. Not more then the access to a car is what causes DUI deaths. There are many contributing factors in our society that I believe can at least contribute to the mental illness that one would have to have to go on a shooting spree. I personally think that some of the cartoons that are on the TV today leads to such a mental illness. Blowing up your enemy is so common along with actions of beheading and disemboweling.

      • wicked

        Aw, come on, rb. I’ve watched plenty of today’s cartoons, and they aren’t any worse than the Roadrunner and Wiley Coyote were in our day. And those were cleaned up later! But that doesn’t mean that ALL cartoons avoid violence. I’ve just been lucky enough that the grands haven’t found the more violent ones that interesting…yet.

        My oldest granddaughter watches Family Guy. Frankly, I think it’s on the disgusting side, but not violent.

        Still, as it was mentioned in the comments on the above link about Jim Carrey, look at the number of violent movies in the theaters right now. Hollywood does glorify gruesome. Does the good guy winning make it okay?

      • My DIL and I were just talking about the difference between that new Bates Motel series and the original Hitchcock movie ‘ Psycho’ – which is where Norman Bates originated.

        I watched the first episode of the new Bates Motel and it was absolutely horrific. The rape scene was where I just could not watch it anymore.

        We never saw any real violence played out in the old movies – ie Psycho or any other Hitchcock thriller movies.

        The violence was implied – back in those days. Even the shower scene in Psycho – we saw the knife coming down and Janet Leigh putting her arms up in trying to protect herself from the knife – but where was the blood? It was not shown anywhere but going down the drain.

        I think that is what is the difference today – the actual gruesome and violence is being shown – in all its glorified way.

        When watching that stuff so much – it does begin to numb people to the point where the next movie has to be bloodier and more gory than the one before – to satisfy that ‘shock meter’ in people.

        A lot of things were simpler back in the my childhood of the 50’s and 60’s – but we still had some pretty heavy duty threats – like those nuclear bomb shelters that were so popular. And the never-ending exercise of having to get beneath our school desks and cover our heads when there was a siren for a nuclear bomb attack drill.

        Seriously – covering our heads, under our desks was going to save our lives?

      • I’m all for gun control laws, but truthfully? I think we can pass laws until the cows come home, but that Pandora is already out of the box. There are so many guns on the streets right now that we could do gun buy-backs, make ownership illegal and even stop manufacturing them, but I doubt if it will make a hill of beans worth of difference. We’ll never stop nut jobs from owning big guns and now big magazines, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t at least try.

        Much like the war on drugs, we’ll never stop possession and the best we can probably do is education and certainly shoring up our mental health system.

  2. Indy, I know you are a sometimes viewer of The 700 Club. Here is some information about Pat Robertson that needs to be spread far and wide, and I’m pretty sure it won’t ever be part of his television show.

    Pat Robertson:
    “Liquor Officer”

    • I only force myself to be a viewer of Pat’s tirades just to keep tabs on what the old fart is saying that week…..

      Yes, I said it – the O-L-D F-A-R-T….

      I’ll let you know if God strikes me down with that big lighting bolt of righteousness..

      But – I suspect God feels much the same way as me and the majority of rational-thinking Americans.

      Why am I not surprised this old fart’s father was a Senator and got his golden boy stationed out of harm’s way?

      • Ole fart is mild compare to what I say about him and them… Imagine the action I get at church! The Pastor is never sure whether to greet me when I come up or run for the back room.

      • RD – you’re so funny…….and right to the point….

        It’s good of you to keep your pastor on his toes…….correct?

  3. When is enough stupid going to be enough?

    Former NRA lobbyist and founder of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners Dudley Brown compared deer hunting season with election season.

    “I liken it to the proverbial hunting season,” Brown says. “We tell gun owners, there’s a time to hunt deer. And the next election is the time to hunt Democrats.”

  4. Fox “News” is making a big deal about a concert at the White House and their idiot viewers have their collective panties in a new twist. They are usually outraged about something inconsequential or made up out of thin air so nothing has changed. Here are the key words from the link —

    “In Performance at the White House” has been produced by WETA since 1978 and spans every administration since President Carter’s.

    • Sean Hannity – one of the top Foxxies – seems hellbent on picking on Obama’s two young daughters for their spring break also.

      What is it with these Far Right Wingers? Are they that big of sore losers they pick on anything and everything?

      Or is belittling something or certain people more on their maturity level – like the Junior High Mean Girls Club?

    • wicked

      Every First Lady buys a new set of China. Are these given to the Smithsonian? Anyone know? Last time I was in NYC, I saw the Smithsonian, but didn’t plan for time to tour it. My bad. A chance gone…

      • Wicked, I don’t know about the Smithsonian, but I think they are all still stored at the White House and they rotate on display. Maybe they are at the Smithsonian and then rotated on display and to the White House for display. Interesting question, but I know they don’t get to take them to their new homes!

      • I realize every First Lady buys a new set of China – but Laura Bush bought TWO sets.

        And if The Foxxies are going to feast on the bones of the Obamas for spending during this sequestration – then these same Foxxies need to start gnawing on some Texas bones, as well.

        That’s all I was trying to say.

      • wicked

        Indy, I knew you know about the china, but it’s those idiots out there who seem to think everyone else is as clueless as they are. It’s a possibility that some of them aren’t aware of the china thing. WE have so much more savvy. 😉 Besides, even if they do know, they think they’re the only ones who pay attention, and everyone else walks around their entire lives in a fog. We all know how those on the Right will take any ordinary thing and twist it around until it doesn’t even resemble facts. Look at all the b.s. that can be proven with simple facts, yet they only see things their way. Christians or not, these people have no compassion.

  5. Isn’t it telling that we hear of these Rabid Religious Right Republicans getting their panties in a bunch over Jon Stewart or Bill Maher speaking their minds…..

    But yet I’ve never heard of any of these Religious Right Republicans getting their panties in a bunch over this guy who is referred to as Egypt’s Jon Stewart.

    What I do see is a common thread between these Rabid Religious Right Republicans and the Egyptian government – both seem to think they should be able to tell everyone else what to do, how to do it and who to do it with..

    Of course, they are only doing their God’s work – or so they claim…

  6. Remember the female soldier that was captured in the first few days of Ira War and was held captive until our troops went in and rescued her?

    I also remember how Jessica Lynch tried to set the record straight as to exactly what happened …

    I also remember another US soldier’s story that was not exactly told truthfully – Pat Tillman. Unfortunately Pat was not able to set the record straight but I’m glad his family pushed the truth out – eventually.

    So – excuse me when I don’t believe John McCain and Lindsey Graham when they scream they only want the truth about Benghazi embassy attack.

    I don’t remember either of these two guys questioning Jessica Lynch and the Pat Tillman story – when both of these stories were used as propaganda for the George W. Bush/Dick Cheney/Donald Rumsfeld recruiting tool for their much-desired – and very profitable for the select ‘right’ few – wars.

  7. Speaking of Pompeo, Schodorf and the Kansas GOP – I found this rather interesting article on HuffPost……

    Didn’t PP just post that editorial by Jason Probst a few days ago? He was also mentioned in this article.

    But – I do find it interesting that Huelskamp and Pompeo both are requesting the federal government to fund the air control towers in Kansas which have been shut down due to the sequestetration cuts that both of these buffoons praised and pushed through….

    But to compare the shutting down of air towers to not having stop lights and traffic lights…..Well, DUH, boys……NOW do you understand just one thing that the federal government does and does well?

    Hmmmm……CONS don’t want spening UNLESS it is for their benefit…

    Yep, sounds like true Tea Party logic – doesn’t it?

  8. This kind of goes along the same lines as I was ranting about the other day. If these purists who want only traditional marriages – then maybe these purists should take a good look at the reasons marriage is on the decline…..

    in my case – tax wise – my traditional marriage has no benefits for me – since I work part time and when combined with my husband’s income – it obviously pushes us into a much higher tax bracket.

    My two grown kids are both married – and they had their kids after they were married. They too – are penalized when it comes to taxes. Because they have coworkers and friends that are not married and have their kids. But due to them being single – they can usually claim the Earned Income Credit and get a bunch of tax refund money that my two grown married kids are not eligible for…

    So – tell me again – what are these great and awesome benefits of marriage that these purists seem to want to deny gay people?

    IMHO – we should be thankful and grateful if gay people want to get married. Hell – if they both work – they will probably end up paying more in taxes

    • Wanda Sykes used to have a great joke in her HBO special. She said something like “It was gays or their relationships that ended my marriage. It was divorce.”

      Of course, that joke was in her routine shortly after she and her husband divorced and before she came out as a proud lesbian.

  9. When these Foxxies get their panties in a bunch over the Obama spending money in the White House…….why didn’t they ever make the same stink about George W. and Laura Bush?

    Notice the date of this artricle – January 7th, 2009. I suspect this China was ordered when the economy was crashing?

    And why did Laura feel the need to order two sets of China?

    Yeah, I know, one set was paid for by private donations. But – if you’re going to bitch about Obama spending money while in sequestration – then one has to bitch about Laura Bush and her two sets of China…..

    I mean, all in the quest to be ‘fair and balanced’ – don’t you think?

    • Just curious – does anyone know if that concert that Foxxies are all up in a twisted panties frenzy over is paid for taxpayers?

      And are these performers paid to sing – or do they donate their time?

      I’ve been trying to search for the answer – but I must be knocking on the wrong doors because I have yet find the answer to my question.

    • When Chelsea Clinton got married, someone in my Dr.’s office was ranting about the cost of her wedding and Secret Service, etc. She forgot that was shortly after Jenna Bush got married, and I casually wondered how much the Bush wedding cost. “Well, I don’t know,” she quietly said and then left the room.

      Ah, Ah…Kansas!

      • I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall that day…..PP

        Isn’t it fun to watch these Ranters’ face when they get hit with a big ol’ piece of reality?

      • wicked

        What about the Nixon girls? Didn’t Trisha or the other get married during their dad’s time in the WH? One of them married David Eisenhower, and that was big deal. I know, that was a long time ago. We’ve all slept since then. I wish I’d just slept more. 😉