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  1. I see nothing on the horizon to stem the tide of income and wealth inequality. The rush of money away from the bottom and up to the top has become a juggernaut with a life of it’s own. It can only be stopped by deliberate public policy and we seem not to have the political will to do that, especially in light of Citizens United.

    The one percenters have done such a good job of dividing and conquering the middle and lower classes to fight against each other while the elites pick our pockets and run off with the loot. And they did it with social issues, religion and stupid supply side, trickle down, Arthur Laffer economic theories, all of which have been thoroughly debunked, but yet the lower and middle class masses continue to swallow the lies and be true believers.

    Thomas Frank was so right about how using social issues and religion convinced most of us to vote against our own economic interests. I live for the day when his genius is recognized and his truths immortalized.

    Happy Easter. If you can afford a turkey or a ham, and maybe a little bit of candy or chocolate, consider yourself lucky. You’d be amazed at how many people right next to you can not.

    • “Hoppy” Easter to Everyone – yes, I intended to use the letter ‘o’.

      My daughter’s mother-in-law told her once a few years ago that – since her family does not ‘celebrate’ Easter – then their side knows their Easter celebration will be going to Mass and then having brunch – and she is expected to join (this is the trophy wife that made the husband annul his 20+ year marriage that produced 5 kids and convert to Catholicism). BTW – none of the 5 kids are Catholic – so why would my son-in-law even want to go to Mass?

      My daughter was furious…..

      WTF…..while it is true we do not ‘celebrate’ Easter by going to Mass – that does not mean that our family does not get together for a meal, Easter Egg Hunt for the kids.

      But, a funny thing happened last year. After the meal, we were sitting around the dining room table and happened to look outside the patio doors. Just at that moment, my husband was carrying the old piece of wood that was holding up the enormous birdhouse in the back corner of our huge backyard.

      This piece of wood was about 10 or 12 foot long and my husband was dragging it around to the corner of the house.

      We women all looked up and the same time and my daughter laughed and said – the Hell we don’t celebrate Easter – Dad is re-enacting Jesus carrying the cross…..

      BTW – my husband is very tall, skinny, brown-haired and has a beard – does that sound like the picture of Jesus to anyone??

      My daughter took a picture on her phone and said the next time her MIL brags about how much she loves God and what she does for the Church and yada, yada and yada – she is going to bring that picture out and shove it up her tight-white sanctimonius butt.

      You gotta admit – life brings you the chance to laugh at just the right moment – doesn’t it?

      But there is a point to my story….

      Just like that Catholic woman who makes a comment that someone else does not celebrate Easter simply because they do not attend church is kinda like those folks who think trickle-down economics works.

      As long as THEY are not the ones on that bench – THEY really do not care. But THEY will be in the front row at their church pretending to be such good moral people.

      Shame on us – as a nation of voters – to continue to let this happen.

      • “You gotta admit – life brings you the chance to laugh at just the right moment – doesn’t it?” I have to admit if not for that fact I might have never recovered. It started at just the right time too. I have taken to looking out the small window 27 stories above the parking lot and wondering if it really would hurt that much making the sudden stop. when one of the other patients came by and asked me if I was ready for the meeting? I looked at him with surprise and asked what meeting? He smirked and replied “Don’t you know? You called it!” I thought for a moment then went with him to the dayroom and held the meeting!

  2. I am still waiting for people to get angry at how Romney and Gang kept saying that everyone aspired to be a millionaire. And their message was basically – you are nothing unless your bank account has a lot of money in it.
    They even tried to say that making a lot of money is the American Dream..


    I don’t give a rat’s fat ass if I have a million dollars. Is it is just me – or are there other folks that feel the same way I do?

    To me – success comes in all forms – money is way down on the line for me.

    For what does it do for a man to profit, yet lose his own soul?

    Wait a minute…..isn’t that somewhere in that Bible these CONS keep thumping?

    And any nation of our great wealth that continues to prop up the wealthy at the expense of the rest of its citizens – will pay a very heavy price – IMHO.

    I am starting to wonder if this isn’t the true goal of these CONS. Maybe they really do want to see America go under…

    Oh, what am I saying? These CONS don’t want America to go under – where would they go that would give them all the tax breaks and government subsidies the way they’ve manipulated the American tax system?

    The dirty little secret is this – the wealthy NEED the taxpayers way more than the taxpayers need the wealthy.

    • Hell, Indy. I don’t need a million. I’d be happy just to be able to pay all my bills every month. And they don’t amount to much.

    • “For what does it do for a man to profit, yet lose his own soul?

      Wait a minute…..isn’t that somewhere in that Bible these CONS keep thumping?” ” What be the price of Gold if it cost you your mortal soul”.
      Jesus Christ, the ultimate Liberal society activist.

  3. Beliefs don’t make you a better person, but behavior does show what kind of person you truly are.

    • I watched Melissa Harry Perry this morning. She had a panel discussion with a rabbi, two female professors of religion and an atheist.

      At one point, they were talking about how we can stop this gun violence. One of the professors turned to the atheist and said – this is where your side can teach us a better way – just take God out of the entire discussion.

      And – you know what – she made a lot of sense.

      From that point, the discussion went into how our religious leaders have failed us – not necessarily our religions.

      The rabbi then said something to the effect that the religious leaders we have seen over the last few years have pushed their own agenda and have co-opted the simple and pure message of what religion is and should be.

      I’ve known a lot of people in different religions. The one common thread is – there are good and bad people in ALL of those groups.

      It’s the behavior… fnord said……it’s their behavior that is front and center on display..

      And – I’m sorry – any group that thinks it is more godly to stand in line for a deep-fried chicken sandwich to prove how much they love God than to stop at that food bank they passed to get to that damn restaurant – is not exactly showing me the way Jesus lived and taught.

      • And each religion will have people who decide their sin isn’t nearly as bad a sin as _____________ . You fill in the blank with something / anything ranging between eating the wrong foods to homosexual acts to not keeping the Sabbath holy. And, they’ll quickly tell you that isn’t judging! [eye roll]

  4. Every Sunday and it is generally in Sunday school I am making friend and making someone who would damn me to Hell. One thing that has not changed about me is I have an opinion and will express it. Being A Baptist I hear some but not as much as I use to about Gay rights is a sin against God and to admit there is rights denied to anyone Gay the same rights and allowances that is a right otherwise not just implied but as much affirmed under the Constitution. I end up reminded them that we are a democracy and not a Theocracy. If you do not want to have your right to worship as you would do not deny others their rights.

  5. Somebody has always said what I am thinking, and they’ve always said it better than I could have. Today, it is:

    Robert Reich says:
    “Whether today is Easter Sunday or just plain Sunday I hope you’re spending it with family and friends, and counting your blessings. It’s easy to dwell on how far the nation has strayed from its ideals, but, as Winston Churchill allegedly said, America eventually does the right thing, after it has exhausted all other alternatives. I continue to believe that. The question is how long before we realize we’ve exhausted every bad alternative, and how much unnecessary misery has to be endured before that realization sinks in.”