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  1. OMG, that is true enough to make me mad, I mean blood boiling mad, when I read it. Don’t forget they got two terms by putting anti-gay constitutional amendments on the ballot in double digit numbers of states to drive out their base. And that was just to go along with the voter fraud in Ohio and god knows where else.

    And who am I most mad at? The dumb assed American voters who fell for it, hook, line and sinker. We’re all paying for their inability to keep their heads out of their asses. And for them “voting Republican because it is easier than thinking.”

    Sheeple. Freakin’ sheeple. THAT is when the country was wrecked. And now, in typical American fashion, rather than taking a good, long, hard look at their own stupidity, they are looking for someone else, anyone else to blame. But certainly, every idiot american that voted for bush isn’t going to blame themselves.

    And, as Jon Stewart would say, that’s why we can’t have nice things in this country.

    • These Rabid Religious Republicans, Birthers, Teabaggers and Neo-Cons are like that cousin in my family. Every time he got into trouble with the law, our family name got dragged through the mud.

      I’ve often wondered what people around the world think of Americans – if they just judge us by our news coverage .

      IIRC – a header cartoon had a picture of what that American might look like…..but I forget – did the man have a King James Version of the Bible and was he thumping it?

      That is what is so frustrating to me about these folks – they’re so damn smug about how morally superior they are – when all one has to do is look in their backyard to see all their S-H-I-T

      • More often than not – that backyard S-H-I-T has been made by some pretty fancy red leather shoes……….

        tip of the hat to PP…..

        I’m waiting for the first female Pope – do you think she will wear pretty hairbows?

    • Bob White

      I love it, Pond; “The dumb assed American voters who fell for it hook, line and sinker.”

  2. As long as Republicans continue to ‘use their GOP words’ – I hope and pray more Americans wake up from that sheeple sleep…

    You see, this guy’s daddy had a ranch that profited from migrant workers……which are nothing more than undocumented workers – correct?

    So – didn’t this guy’s daddy (I assume he is white because the little apple that fell from that particular tree appears to be white) – profited off undocumented workers?

    Isnt’ there a law against that somewhere?

  3. What Bushco did to our country and her citizens is unforgivable. I will never forget. I will also never forget that the only way the whole fiasco was possible was that SCOTUS intervened and decided who would be president.

    There are signs of recovery all around us. Americans weren’t beaten just knocked down badly. We learned lessons, and republicans are definitely marginalized today. Most voters have intact memories and the ones who don’t can’t win at the national level. I heard Howard Dean will begin working at the state level! I’ve always respected that man and I think he’s the one that can get the job done! Good things ahead!

    On a lighter, much happier note:

    Richard Crowson: Basketball Pride

    • Howard Dean has done much more on the ground level than he would have been able to accomplish as president – IMHO.

      In fact – the president is the symbol of all the power – but that is not the truth.

      The power is still in the movement of the WE the PEOPLE

      But – as with Vietnam War – some of the ones that should have learned their lessons – obviously did not learn them.

      But I count Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel as one of those that did learn the lessons of Vietnam.

      And look at the S-H-I-T he had to face from his own fellow Republicans……

      That – in itself – should show these sheeple exactly what type of folks they are defending.

      Republicans are NOT nice people. Just a bunch of rabid snakes who think God loves them best.

  4. Robert Reich says —

    My friend and colleague Brad DeLong reminds me that In the 12 years between the crash of 1929 and World War II, production averaged about 15% below the pre-Depression trend, for a total shortfall in output roughly equal to 1.8 years of GDP. Now, even if US we were to return to full employment by 2017, the shortfall would be the equivalent of 60% of a year’s GDP — but there’s almost no chance we’ll get back to full employment because of inadequate demand. The vast middle class continues to lose ground, and its purchasing power is dropping. What looks like a recovery is a sham, reflecting a stock market on steroids. What looks like a housing boom is a related illusion. As long as the Fed keeps long-term interest rates near zero, those at the top have few alternatives other that putting their savings into the stock market and real estate, but these bubbles are likely to pop sooner rather than later.

  5. Tony Perkins, head of The Family Research Council, said last week the evangelicals will form a third party if republicans support marriage equality. Now Mike Huckabee has come out with the same threat.

    Makes me soooo happy!

    Further fracture a political party already so weak and divided they can’t win at the national level. 🙂

    “Don’t interrupt when your opponent self-destructs”

    It’s a pass the popcorn moment!

    Could we call this karma? Reagan invited these evangelinuts to the party and now they contribute BIG TIME to the party problems. Since Reagan contributed BIG TIME to our country’s problems I think it’s definitely what goes around, comes around!

    • Now…..if only we could hit these Evangelicons where they really live – in their tax-free wallets.

      It’s time to TAX these Mega Corporate Churches….

  6. I’ve noticed a new GOP talking point lately – in the blogs this past week and now this article …..

    it seems the NRA and gun advocates are stressing their desire to protect single women.

    Hmmmm…..I wonder how these CONservative Republicans will feel if a single woman shoots and kills her rapist?

    From all their CONservative Republican rhetoric – they all seem to favor the rapist – so won’t this scenario pose a dilemma for them?

    I wonder…….which side would win out – the gun-toting single woman or the rapist (who was not really a rapist because, as we all know, there is no such thing a legitimate rape. It’s always the woman’s fault).

    BTW – the hyprocrisy of these folks now trying to say they care about single women after all the B.S. we’ve heard in the past election campaign and since then?

    • Additional comment – Republicans have shown their disdain for for ALL women, not just single women.

      I wonder if these NRA gun lovers would like to be mandated by the government to have a penis-probe – comparable to those transvaginal probes.

      I am thinking these men would be screaming – ALOT – and not just about their rights being violated…

  7. I’ve been thinking about the graphic on yesterday’s thread….

    I wonder how many Evagnelicons that stood in line at Chick-fil-A to get a deep fried chicken sandwich to prove their love for God and to fight the good fight of gay rights were also the same folks who drove past the food banks or homeless people?

    These Evangelicons can sure get a good crowd whipped up into a frenzy to go buy deep-fried chicken on one special day but yet there are people going hungry every day.

    Somehow – I don’t think Jesus would approve of that deep-fried chicken show of support – would you?

    • If you recall – Mike Huckabee was behind that Chick-fil-A stunt. I am convinced this guy will do and/or say anything to get his name out in front of those millions of Evangelicons with all that money they so freely give…..

      Well …freely give to all the ‘right’ causes….. You betcha…Wink-wink

  8. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council says Evangelicons will form their own third party if Republicans back gay marriage?

    Do you think this entrance back into the media is any coincidence?

    One question will remain though – will Sarah Palin allow herself to be subjected to a ‘woman’s role’ by these Evangelicon men such as Mike Huckabee when it comes time for their third party to pick a nominee for president?

    I cannot see Sarah Palin playing second fiddle again – she will want to go for the top brass ring.

    Like I’ve said before – these Evangelicons cannot even get along with themselves – let alone being grouped in the big national election of differing religions.

    As was reported – Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich had discussed a Unity Party ticket while they were both desperately to take down Mitt Romney during the GOP primary process.

    And what stopped that in its cold tracks? Which was going to be the presidential nominee…..

    What is it that the Bible says about – Pride goeth before the fall??