Thursday, 3/28/13, Public Square

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  1. Balance? what would be the balance of wealth and feeding the poor? One picture on the front is of the Pope. Yes surrounding the Pope with statues of Gold and silver does not look well. Many have been from centuries of collection. To sell them would feed many goes without saying. But then what of tomorrow? Better to help with the set up of a system where they will be able to feed themselves for a life time, I know, when ever I happen to go to the Northeast of Wichita I am stuck with the large and magnificent monuments to God. Silly as that is, since they are trying to please someone who was born in a barn.

    • The words “graven images” always come to mind. đŸ™‚

      • I asked my ex-friend – the devoted Catholic – about all those golden statues and all those golden paraphanelia (sp?) used in the church.

        Her reply was – Since I was not a member of the Catholic religion – I would not begin to understand the importance of those things.

        Oh – In other words – she didn’t know either?

        This woman is 64 yrs old and even asked me once what I thought of her priest refusing to add her daughter’s name to the prayer list after she had a miscarriage.

        I told her then…….why do you keep going back to that church?

        You requested prayer for your daughter and you reached out for spiritual help from your priest and what did you get in in return? A big fat Z-E-R-O

        Why on earth would anyone keep going back after that?

  2. I just heard a very touching story on the news this morning. The new Pope has chosen to live in a simple apartment rather than the more luxurious one the other Popes used.

    Sounds like a good start……so when is the Yard Sale sign going to be put into the front yard at the Vatican?

    I suspect this is the main reason this particular man was picked to be Pope. He has a reputation for being so concerned about the poor.

    And he is also 79 yrs old (I think?) and has one lung – so was the goal to find someone who can appear to be more Jesus-like in his views toward the poor – while the rest of the robed-men continue on as usual?

  3. Silly as that is, since they are trying to please someone who was born in a barn.
    I don’t think Jesus has anything to do with these mega corporate churches.

    The Golden Rule to these Corporate Christians is that – he who has the most gold, rules.

    Excuse me, but where is that written in the Bible?

  4. This is what I was talking about yesterday – the cycle of seniors on Medicare going back to the hospital….

    1 out of every 5 seniors – can you imagine that number?

    As this doctor was going through the list of things that we could do better to stop this post-hospital syndrome – I just had to ask myself – where does this doctor think we are living?

    We live in a country that has put profits before people.

    How many people do you know that has time to take off work to go help a loved one to recuperate from the hospital?

    And many of these seniors are coming from long-term facilities. How many of these places are any better than the hospital – when it comes creating a peaceful setting, quiet for rest and making sure these seniors get the best care during their recuperation?

    Who is going to pay for the extra staff that the personalized attention requires?

    Besides that – there are too many people making profits off that estimated $17 billion that Medicare pays due to this post-hospital syndrome.

    Unless and Until our country’s health care system puts more emphasis on prevention rather than treating the symptoms – we will continue to see our health care costs go up and up.

    It also would help tremendously if we got these corporate capitalists vultures out of the health care business.

    There is more profit in treating the sick……not so much profit in prevention.

  5. Until we as a society can come to the point when we can stop screaming at one another long enough to sit down together and try to figure out what the HELL happened in Newtown last December and then maybe we can try to come up with some sensible approaches to curb this gun violence.

    I keep saying this over and over…..that Newtown shooter was not some monster that came from the woods nearby. He was ONE of THEM. He came from a wealthy family. He attended the same church as 8 of his young victims. His mother legally purchased those guns.

    But – in reading this article – that mother also gave this troubled son a holiday card with a check to buy a firearm?

    Seriously ? Is this really what a responsible NRA gun owner thinks is the best thing to do?

    Please note – the NRA made a big deal about blaming these violent video games (which, I must agree, are senseless violence IMHO).

    But – the fact there were also NRA written materials at the home – does that mean the NRA does have some factoring into this tragedy ??

    It will be interesting to see what the NRA leadership has to say now…..especially since they’ve been robo-calling the residents of Newtown to stop the call for gun control laws.

    • Another reason to try to come to some type of compromise on how to stop this senseless gun violence….

      The health care costs alone should be making us try to work together..

      Did I miss something or has any Republican mentioned this staggering amount of cost to our health care system when they are screaming to get rid of Medicaid ?

      But these same Republicans sure do scream about the right to own as many guns as they want – don’t they?

      What do these Republicans expect will happen when there are many more guns than there are citizens in country?

      Expect this staggering cost to our health care system to go even higher….

      Or – was Alan Grayson correct when he said the GOP’s health care plan is to – die quickly?

  6. wicked

    Just who owns a woman’s eggs? The woman? Her husband? Or the U.S. Government? Please don’t add God to that list, because if he owned them and didn’t want a baby aborted, he’d cause a miscarriage. After all, isn’t that what everyone tells a woman who has miscarried? It’s God’s will?

    Sorry. I’m just so tired of this b.s. and the removal of my HUMAN Rights. Damn woman-hating conservatives.

    • wicked

      Above is badly worded. I’m obviously very angry.

      • I think we’ve all been to where you’re at this moment…

        I was always under the impression that whatever is in MY body belongs to me…

        But…..I did not pay too much attention to that mandated Marriage and Courtship Class at my Fundy Baptist College. I still remember laughing at all that nonsense.

        I refused to wear the damn hair bows and I’ve never been a ‘submissive wife’.

        I have tried to be an equal partner…..and that is what I think is my proper role in any relationship.

        As for who owns the woman’s egg – if the man’s sperm is nowhere near that egg – then there would never be a need for a possible abortion, would there?

  7. interesting reading on why those on food stamps has risen. Remember when Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich supposedly ‘reformed welfare’ back in 1996?

    Who knew that would be a factor in what happens years later…..

    But…but….it is all Obama’s fault – correct?

    Oh, wait a minute, it started to really soar in 2008…..wasn’t that the time GWB and his GOP Gang took our economy for a nosedive?

    Yeah…….actions have consequences……long reaching consequences..

  8. Bob White

    Ah, yes: perfect! Today we clearly see the contrast between today’s “Christian churchianity” and “Jesus’ teaching to his Jews”.

  9. wicked

    Do any of you get a newspaper-style paper today from the Wichita Post? It says it’s a voter’s guide, but it read to me more like a smear campaign. Not that the people smeared don’t deserve it, if any of it is true.

    The person who writes these things needs to go back to grade school to learn how to write a proper sentence with real punctuation, which makes it difficult to read. Not to mention there are sentences that make absolutely no sense. Drives me nuts.

    There’s no identifying information as to where it came from. I get another one that’s similar, now and then, but I look through and toss them. I’ve been tempted to take a red pen to it and send it back…if I knew who sent it.

    • I’ve never seen one. Sounds like knowing they remain totally anonymous tells you what you need to know — before you bother reading any of their poorly written propaganda.