Sunday, 3/24/13, Public Square

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    • But – in the Newtown shooting – the person that bought those guns legally was the mass killer’s mother.

      While I am in favor of universal background checks – because it has NEVER made any sense as to why no background checks were mandated at gun shows – DUH – I still come back to this about Newtown.

      The person that used those legally purchased guns would not be required to pass any background check.

      So – we are back to square one -….IMHO

      But – unlike Mr. Lapierre and his NRA gun lovers – just because a background check would not have prevented the Newtown shooter from getting those guns – I still think we should have universal background checks – at the very least.

      I keep reminding folks that this Newtown mass killer was ONE of THEM. He was not some monster from the woods nearby – he came from a wealthy, white family who attended church. Ironically, it was the same church that 8 of his young victims also attended.

      He was reported to have mental issues during his childhood years – so the real question is – why is no one blaming the mother for bringing those guns into that house?

      And – another thing – the NRA loudly screams that owning a gun is for one’s safety and protection.

      Exactly how much protection and how safe was this mother from her son using the guns that SHE legally bought?

      Until we reconcile the facts in this Newtown shooting – and the NRA stops trying to paint every shooter as some monster from the woods nearby – nothing will be solved. Both sides will continue to fight and more gun violence will be happening every day.

      Hey – to use the Republicans’ logic – if the Newtown shooter had been a black teen – then all black teens are murderers – correct?

      But – isn’t it very telling that we never hear that argument when the shooter is white?

    • I like that, the one problem is that it does go without saying that everyone has a degree of being somewhat crazy. Or at least there is elements of insanity in people. Believe me when you actually get to see the tests and thoughts of having your sanity and stability checked. What is pointed to as a sign of you are suffering from a instability. The person will actually end up shaking their head and going everyone is like that!

  1. As for the header cartoon – the elephants love to throw their elephant dung everywhere and see if any of it sticks.

    What a sad and pathetic little herd these elephants are……