Friday, 3/22/13, Public Square



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  1. I was surprised Kansas is a #2 seed…

    Anti-Choice March Madness: The Worst State for Women

    • OK since they are going the health course why not go to other causes.
      Smoking, there is medical evidence that smoking causes many afflictions so ban it on that stance. Why driving a car leads to car wrecks so ban driving! Watching TV can lead to being aware and thinking about things so ban TV watching. etc…. The final, being alive can be a hazard to living so ban being alive. Damn…. back to the abortion issue again!

      • Smoking was the whipping boy for a long time – but did you notice the alcohol lobbyists must have had more money -nothing much has changed in that area.

        If you followed that Steubenville Ohio rape case where all the young teens were drinking – HEAVY drinking. And then these teens actually posted videos and pictures of this girl being carried around like a sack of laundry.

        What is wrong with our society when we have young people – who should not be drinking – are then caught in this messed-up thinking that rape is no big deal?

        Oh yeah, that’s right, Republicans have infamously stated their views about rape – haven’t they?

        But – bottom line – it all started with a bunch of teens drinking and this is what happened – this time. What’s next -??

        I had a co-worker that would routinely buy the booze for her high school boys for their big drinking parties.

        She told me once that her son got into trouble at school, so she took his fake I.D. away from him as his punishment.

        So…..if mom was buying the booze AND he had a fake I.D. – just how much drinking do you think this kid was doing?

        I don’t understand thinking like that…

      • This is a great resource. How do we get this kind of helpful info to ALL parents?

        The Healthy Sex Talk: Teaching Kids Consent, Ages 1-21

  2. Posted a new one to mine… Heeee I am so going to piss some people off !
    Sadly some will be my friends and family, Shoot the next time I walk into church they are libel to bring back stoning and shunning… BTW I am reading the “Scarlet letter”. Finally trying to catch up on my reading and education. The head got kind of empty so I figure I might as well try to fill it up.

  3. One thing to add to the graphic today –

    Let’s not forget – these same Republicans yammering about Obama spending too much money – are also the same folks who supported and applauded Mitt Romney when he said he wanted to spend $4 trillion additional money to build warships.

    Where was the money going to come from?

    Did one of these War-mongerers step up to the plate to offer to be taxed more in order to pay for their much-desired war(s)?

    Oh HELL NO…….

  4. “We don’t need anybody to teach us how to speak to women, Hispanics, blacks, because that’s who we are.” — Nancy Pelosi.

  5. Every time someone says “Obamaphone” I can’t my help but picture a red phone under glass like in the old Batman series.

    Now, if you’re referring to the Lifeline program that began under Reagan and expanded to cellphones under Bush then I suggest you start calling them Bushphones…