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  1. Bad seeds
    Legislation would have effect of selling off Kansas one farm at a time

    Two proposals with their origins in the governor’s office are designed to work hand-in-hand to undermine a Kansas way of life and simultaneously cede the state’s natural resources to corporate agricultural interests.

    • I’m sorry I don’t have a link to this as it arrived in my email, but notice the title of the legislation. And as noted, Kansas Farm Bureau supports it. They no longer represent family farms. They are corporate shills just like Brownback and company.

      Kansas Agricultural Growth and Rural Investment Initiative represents growth for rural Kansas

      MANHATTAN, KAN., — For farm and ranches of all sizes, Senate Bill 191, the Kansas Agricultural Growth and Rural Investment Initiative, represents a unique opportunity to access new markets, to diversify operations, and to attempt a new strategy to invigorate rural communities and offer young people a rural alternative.

      These and a host of other reasons are why the state’s largest farm organization, Kansas Farm Bureau, is supporting it.

      “The current law is outdated,” Steve Baccus, Ottawa County farmer and President of Kansas Farm Bureau says. “It lists 18 exemptions that allow corporations to engage in production agriculture in Kansas. Yet even with these exemptions, agribusiness, hog, dairy and poultry producers have approached Kansas about the possibility of locating here, only to learn that current corporate farming laws would hamper their ability to operate efficiently, or at all.”

      During testimony in support of the bill, Kansas Farm Bureau Vice President Richard Felts said removing the real or perceived hurdles to bringing a new business venture online can encourage growth in the industry and in turn attract jobs and residents to rural communities.

      “These new jobs and new residents in turn help diversify economies and bring better markets to producers and a brighter future for families who know, understand and want to continue to live and thrive in rural Kansas,” Felts said.

      Felts, who farms in Montgomery County, spoke on behalf of Farm Bureau members across Kansas. His family has a third-generation row crop and pork production operation. Farmer and Kansas Farm Bureau board member Jerry McReynolds of Rooks County testified in favor of the bill on behalf of the Kansas Board of Agriculture. KFB Board member Stacey Forshee, who farms with husband David in Cloud County, provided written testimony in support.

      There is real data to show that changing the law will benefit Kansas, rural residents and small operations.

      “The facts show that when comparing land values from 15 states, both with and without corporate farming restrictions, there was no correlation between land values and restrictions on corporate farms,” Baccus says. “Also, the size of farms in Kansas was compared to eight states without corporate farming restrictions. Kansas ranked second largest average farm size at 702 acres. In fact, the number of smallest farms among these eight states grew 5.24 percent compared to 0.35 in Kansas, and the number of large farms grew 55 percent, compared to 110 percent in Kansas.”

      The current law is also outdated. Kansas is now one of just nine states in the country that prohibit or restrict certain farms from doing business in the state. Courts have already struck down the corporate farming restrictions in three of those states, and Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt has said the current law may be unconstitutional.

      “Our farmer and rancher members are constantly concerned about the next generation,” Baccus says. “It is time to update this out-of-date statute, and help our rural communities grow.”

      • indypendent

        So – the government wants us to do to the family farmers what the health care corporations have done to the doctors who used to be in private practice?

        Rather than working for themselves – the family farmer will simply be an employee-at-will for some corporation that will dictate exactly every move that family farmer makes?

        In what way is this preservign the family farm?

      • It’s the way of republicans — money, money, privatize, profits… Never mind anyone except the CORPORATION people (Corportions ARE people, my friend!). Welcome to the 1%, brought to you by the 99% who didn’t pay any attention and bought into the agenda of the 1% hook line and sinker. Yep, by the time the average republican actually wakes up and is forced to face reality they may be smart enough to realize they did it to themselves. Kinda hard to blame democrats when it has to do with the policies of the state of Kansas. I do know some republicans will be clueless enough to do just that because reality is a long way from where they’ve ever been, but I think some will finally ‘get it’ even if they never acknowledge the truth.

    • I do, however, have a link to a letter to the editor from the Salina Journal that is a great response to Baccus and his corporate Brownbackistan shills.

  2. wicked

    These so-called Christians in the legislature and many businesses, who “preach” their Bible, but ignore it in their own lives, are selling their souls–and our lives–for a few pieces of silver. I often wonder just how unhappy they are.

  3. indypendent

    Another Evangelicon bites the dust..

    Funny thing – I know this church. This was a sister-church of that Fundy Baptist College I graduated from in the mid-70’s.

    This was long before this guy’s time…..but the place just gave me the creeps..

    • indypendent

      Another ironic thing…. this Evagnelicon was married for 30 years to the daughter of a well-beloved former pastor.

      Hmmmm…..that made me think back to my college days.

      We had a music director on campus that was married to a world-famous televangelist. They were married for a long time and had several kids.

      His wife was the teacher that taught the class on how to be a preacher’s wife. That was another mandated class for all female students.

      The year after I graduated, the big scandal on campus was the fact that this music director ran away with another professor……..but this scandal was different. The other professor was a man.

      NOW that was funny……!!!!

      And this was in the mid-70’s…

      But – you know what – at least those two were consenting adults. This preacher guy that just got prison time was with a young underage teen.

      And he was supposedly ‘counseling’ her……yeah, gotta watch out for those counselors…..

  4. indypendent

    If the current crop of Evangelicons is the best sales people that God has to spread his message – then why the Hell would I want to know that God?

    • Bob White

      Indy, I think you are feeling so strongly about these “Evangelicons” that you are forgetting the fact that Jesus claims that role for God of being sent for the purpose of demonstrating the message of God’s Wisdom. The Evangelicons are fakers! And so is their message. Is that what I hear you saying? They can’t fool you. And neither can their church.

      • Yes – that’s my take on these Evangelicons. I was in the midst of that group for more years than I want to say I wasted.

        But – it’s not just Fundy Christians that twist the Bible into their own narrow agenda.

        It’s any Radical Evangelical (usually those who think God has called them to some mission from God) group that twists any and every verse in the Bible, the Quran, Mormon Bible, Catholic Bible – you pick a religion that is dogmatic – and I think you will see these same types of people.

        I was raised a Baptist, married a Baptist preacher but he was of the different Baptist strain – so we were both treated like pieces of dirt beneath both of our churches’ feet.

        When we got married – we had a very small wedding – my uncle, aunt, my husband’s parents (my father-in-law married us) and a couple from my husband’s church – and that was it!

        We were married in the town where my in-laws lived (about 70 miles away from my hometown).

        When we got back to live in the parsonage (because my husband was the preacher at a small church – where, ironically, I was raised in the faith when I was younger – but changed to a new Fudnamental Evangelical Baptist in the next town about 10 miles away.

        The ONLY person that came to the parsonage to congratulate us was the woman who was considered the town’s prostitute. And she go this reputation because her husband beat her if she refused to go out and get him some money.

        So….I have to wonder….who had the true message of Christianity in that town? The prostitute that came to the door to congratulate us and I believe she was sincerely happy for us – or the gossipy old hens in both of our churches that made our lives a living hell for the next 7 months until my husband finally had his fill of it and told them all to Go To Hell ….and we walked out of that church – hand in hand.

        I can tell you something – the phone lines were burning up that day after church let out at that particular Baptist church.


        From that day forward – I have been very cynical about any organized religion……..and with good reason..

        I don’t blame God for what these folks say……..but just once I wish God would reach down and smack ’em upside their head .

  5. I don’t know about you all, but I could use a good laugh today, and this is the funniest thing I’ve seen since the dog groovin’ to his master’s guitar. It is worth watching to the end. Go Frostie!

  6. Ha! Bobwhite. I’d say Frostie has some soul. Do you? hee hee

  7. What did you all think about President Obama saying that being a good of friend of Israel does not mean sitting back and letting Israel do what they want?

    He was talking about the eaisest political thing to do was to sit back and just support whatever Israel says and does.

    But a true friend wants what is best for their friends – wouldn’t they?

    And true friends would be telling the truth – and I do think there a certain folks who think the Americans should give our complete devotion to Israel and never ask any questions.

    Hey – I love my husband with all my heart, but if he is screaming about going to war with our neighbors – I am going to tell him that he is N-U-T-S… any smart, intelligent wife would do..