Monday, 3/18/13, Public Square



by | March 18, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. indypendent

    You know, if these Republicans who are so upset about White House not giving tours really cared – then why don’t they volunteer to conduct tours?

    Hey – at least if they’re working as tour guides, that paycheck that WE the PEOPLE are giving them will go for some type of work on their part.

    • I think they would need to be trained secret service agents, or pay for those who are. It wasn’t the president who made this decision, but the Secret Service. Government agencies needed to cut, so they cut. Republicans would simply complain about something else if they didn’t have this, and it would be equally petty. I haven’t seen any evidence republicans put what is best for America or for Americans as a priority.

      • indypendent

        Secret Service for tours? Well, of course, the last time I was at the White House was a long, long time ago…..before all those barriers were erected in front…..let alone all this Homeland Security stuff.

        But…..hey…….if Republicans want to complain about something as minoir as the White House tours ….then they will, regardless of what the reason was to cut back.

        But …..of course, the Republicans are ONLY deeply concerned because the White House belongs to WE the PEOPLE.

        Funny thing though – that same logic should also apply to every American’s right to vote….and who was it that was out front and center desperately trying to make it harder for ALL Americans to vote?

        Can we say…..CONS?

        You know, that name just fits the curren GOP – doesn’t it?

      • I know what you mean, Indy. I visited DC both before and after 9/11 — entering any of the museums in that city is more difficult now. Yet, a very short distance (as the crow flies) from the White House is a subway / Amtrak station where people come and go from all points all day and night with no security. I got off Amtrak once with my luggage that could have held a BIG bomb without anyone paying any attention. I had boarded the train in Boston, traveled down the Eastern seaboard overnight, departed the train in DC and no one touched or even looked at my bag, my ID, or me the entire time. The tickets were bought online in Wichita.

  2. wicked

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  3. Sorry I have not been able to get on much with the grandsons out of school and I am the babysitter I have not been home as much

  4. Heh, I bet you are sleeping well, Rick. Running after kids makes me tired just thinking about it. We know you’ll be back. You just know we miss you when you are not here. Enjoy the time with your grandsons. It goes by so quickly….