Sunday, 3/17/13, Public Square

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  1. Rachel Maddow on Bill Maher when asked about Rob Portman changing is stance on marriage equality because his son came out to him.

    More importantly, I think, now I want to arrange for every Republican who signed onto the Paul Ryan budget to wake up with a poor son. Because then I know all of a sudden you won’t want to cut food stamps. You won’t want to cut school nutrition. If empathy only extends to your flesh and blood, we gotta start shoving people into those families.

    —Rachel Maddow on Real Time with Bill Maher

    • wicked

      Well said, as always.

    • rdliebst

      The journey of life can cause you to change or at least rethink you opinions. Either for the better or the worse, my own took me from having a distrust of Blacks from being bullied and abused in Jr. High at Allison to finally standing up and winning respect from some whom the bullies respected and feared. Now having grandchildren who are mixed raced and being a defender of equial rights.

  2. This old thread is getting ‘hits’ today. Iggy wrote it in October of 2009. You will laugh — guaranteed! 🙂 I went from wondering if Iggy’s children ever read her anymore (he mentioned his daughter Emily in this post) to a little smile that spread to a giggle and I was laughing out loud before I finished.

    Woody Guthrie, “The Naked Ape,” and Swimming Pool Sex

  3. An interesting FACEBOOK post:

    What if I told you that I knocked out Mike Tyson when he was in his prime or that when Jordan was in his prime I crossed him up and then dunked in his face? You would say that’s nonsense and you would want some type of proof that I actually did the things that I say I did! Perfectly understandable.

    So why don’t we apply that same standard to republicans when they talk about the debt, deficits and the economy? The two worst economic upheavals in U.S. history happened under republican presidents, “The Great Depression” under Hoover and the “Great Recession” under Bush. In both cases it took a Democratic president to come in and clean up the mess left behind.

    Ronald Reagan is the republican hero, yet by the time he was finished he had tripled the national debt. Bush, who they still defend, squandered a budget surplus and doubled the national debt from 5 to 10 trillion dollars.

    Republicans have absolutely NO CREDIBILITY when it comes to the economy or fiscal responsibility. In fact, there’s a ton of proof to support the exact opposite position. It’s amazing to hear a republican congressman or senator on the news trying to lecture the president on the economy or fiscal responsibility. It’s really laughable when you think about it!

    For the record President Obama has actually reduced the annual federal deficit by billions of dollars! You’ll never hear that on FOX “News.” The economy is slowly recovering. The very last thing we need to be doing is listening to the folks who have no track record (proof) whatsoever to support their claim that they’re the party of fiscal responsibility and economic growth. The same bunch whose policies wrecked the economy in the first place.

    • wicked

      I just read that on FB. Still SMH at the absurdity of the Republican party.

    • I think the republicans get by with this “absurdity” because of apathy. Few pay attention and fewer pay attention to more than the talking points. Fox “News” is very good at talking points, not so good at actual news or facts.

    • Until republicans recognize women, gays, minorities are as human and deserving of equality as old white men they’ll continue to slide into obscurity. We’ve all read their excuses: too many debates, all that free stuff, the Bible tells them so, in-person voter fraud, the media… And, we all know that as long as their message is: the poor are moochers, gays an abomination, women to be controlled, sick people should die or go bankrupt, LET’S WAGE WAR, austerity, an electric fence on the southern border, corporations are people… they are irrelevant at the national level and will eventually become irrelevant at state and local levels too. Their ‘base’ is dying and younger generations aren’t approving of smorgasbord religion and bigotry.

      In addition everyone but the republicans seem to understand that time began before January 20, 2009, that BUSH2 shouldn’t be respected or excused, and that making excuses for republican policies that crashed our economy isn’t an indicator of personal responsibility!