Thursday, 3/14/13, Public Square

Their theme isn’t INSANITY, wonder why?



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  1. indypendent

    I’m getting tired of hearing these Republicans saying that it is good for Obama to come to them and meet with them – but they always add something to the effect of – it took him long enough or they doubt his sincerity in reaching out to them.

    I call B.S.

    Have we all forgotten how these same Republicans were the ones holed up in some high-end restaurant in Washington DC plotting on how to bring down the newly inaugurated President Obama?

    HAVE we all forgotten the past four years of OH HELL NO from these Republicans on anything Obama proposed and even when it is was a GOP-first idea – these stupid buffoons still just said OH HELL NO….

    So….why is Obama being no nice to these snakes in the grass?

    Has any one of these snakes ever apologized for demonizing Obama? Or for sitting back and laughing/jeering/cheering when one of their fellow buffoons started those racist emails from their government-issued computers – no less?

    WHERE is the responsibility of these snakes in the grass to own up to what they have and and have NOT done in the past four years?

    What am I saying…….we all know snakes do not give a shit about anyone but themselves. And snakes will turn around and bite whenever they get the chance..

    Obama had better be watching his back…

    • I can’t answer most of your questions but I do know who comes out of this looking like the adult! It isn’t a single one of the republicans.

      Yesterday the first question President Obama was asked was why he didn’t call Boehner first on election night. Obama answered he had called him first but he was unavailable. Boehner admitted the president was correct. I had to wonder both whether these were legislators (she hit me first) or kids in junior high, and unless it was Boehner who originally said he hadn’t been called first, then who? Why was this “not called first” even an issue?

      Read it here:

      • indypendent

        That is what so damn frustrating…….these REpublicans sit around and act like a bunch of Gossipy Old Church Hens and bitch about not being called first….when they know Obama did call them and they were not available.

        Just a bunch of liars……IMHO

        I’m so tired of these damn dog and pony show Evanglicons expecting everyone to kiss their lily-white butts.

        I don’t care if Obama does want a grand bargain on the budget – just tell these Republicans to STFU…

      • indypendent

        Actually – these Republicans are acting just like my mother-in-law..

        She is this crotchety old hen that actualy got mad at me when my husband and I were first engaged.

        Why was she mad, you ask?

        I failed to thank her for adopting him – in order for me to have him now.

        DAMN – that thought never crossed my mind – you ol’ B-I-T-C-H

        From that point on – things went even more south…..(can’t imagine why – can you?)

        Republicans – like my MIL – are those folks who God could never please.

  2. Indy, this will make you smile. For whatever reason (who ever knows why) this is the thread from the past getting ‘hits’ today. đŸ™‚

    • indypendent

      I remember that day……’re correct – I am smiling…

    • That picture always cracks me up. Almost as much as the one of the cat with a pancake on its head. I love the comments/captions. We can be a funny bunch, but it seems lately the world has not been too humorous.

  3. indypendent

    As for CPAC – I consider the source. Just a bunch of loudly-professing religious folks who think they’re ‘entitled’ to be God’s favorite – and nobody better dare to question that fact because then they will send their God to beat up your God.

    And he can do it too……You betcha…

    • rdliebst

      It is reminds me of that ole saying used by the French elite when it was pointed out about the poor and straving children of the lower class” Let them eat cake!”. Which means, let the poor and elderly die and make rid of them!

  4. rdliebst

    Ahh I could not find the special strap my oldest grandson is suppose to wear on the bus. My daughter said just send the one that does not have the leg straps it will be fine. I that said you deal with the bus people then since they will not have it.

    • indypendent

      Aren’t these professionals supposed to be there to help the situation?

      I know it can be frustrating dealing with a special needs child – but – IMHO – these bus people should be trained to deal with whatever comes up.

      There is a special needs child at my granddaughter’s school. She has a walker. Her father brings her every day and sometimes the para comes out to the car to help her get out – but most times, the para just stands back and watches the father walk her up the ramp to the school or another one of the kids or adults will hold the door for this little girl.

      The Para just stands there……, why are we taxpayers paying for this para to just stand there and not help?

      I have absolutely no problem with using my tax dollars to educate every child – but sometimes I wonder if the so-called professionals that are assigned to the child are worth my tax dollars. Or maybe we need to change out the Para?

  5. indypendent

    I was drinking my cup of tea this morning while listening to the morning news. There was a panel of three people talking about the new Pope and what they thought this new Pope was going to do to lead the Church.

    The priest in the bunch actually said thta this Pope was known for his work with the poor and he actually goes into the slums.

    But then this priest said something that made me spew my tea out of my mouth like that old movie when Linda Blair’s character spewed forth that green-pea soup because she was possessed.

    This guy actually said that he believes this new Pope will lead the Church into what the Church does best – their social programs.

    Okay – so far. Then this guy actually went further and said – the Church helps to empower women.

    Enable and empower women?

    1) Does blocking access to contraception empower women?

    2) Does making women stay with their abusive husband just because they are married any form of empowerment for the woman?

    3) Keeping women out of the high-ranks of Church – just how does that empower women?

    4) As for abortion – wouldn’t there be less need for abortion if there was contraception? Or – maybe, just maybe – HOLD the men accountable for impregnating the women.

    Change these things and we MIGHT see some empowerment of women.

    Until then – sit down and shut up.

    • indypendent

      Oh, I missed one very important thing….

      when a woman works – then she deserves equal pay for equal work…

      When does the Pope plan to start on that campaign?

  6. indypendent

    While these Republicans are banging their baby rattle sabers in protest that Obama did not call Boehner first on election night (when actually Obama did call the orange tan man) – our country is going to HELL in a handbasket which these GOP buffoons and their Golden Idol St. Ronnie Raygun started……

  7. indypendent

    PP – you’ve said I need to write…….I could write an entire book about my mother-in-law………

    I’ve already got an idea for a promotion to go with my book…

    everybody get’s a wooden cross so they, too, can become a martyr….

  8. indypendent

    I just thought of something…..

    when these CONS complained to Obama why he did noit call Boehner first on election night…….did these same CONS ask their feckless leader Boehner why HE refused Obama’s offer to ride in Air Force One with him and several others to attend the memorial service in Tucson for those shooting victims in which Gabby Giffords was – at that point in time- in the hospital ICU fighting for her life?

    IIRC – Boehner refused the offer because he had a previous engagement – yeah, a damn fundraiser..

    Hmmmmm……..Republicans really are as mean as they look…

    • I’m still trying to figure out why the question would even be asked. So childish, so meaningless, so like an incompetent republican. I’ve always said if we put microphones near their mouths they’ll tell the populace who they are.

      • indypendent

        You’re right – just the fact that was their first question to Obama shows exactly what Republicans are all about – they want their lily-white butts kissed and they not only demand it – they expect it to be done now.

      • indypendent

        But – hey – I’ve always said that Republicans are incapable of feeling shame or embarrassment.

        I think that must be some litmus test in order for them to get their Welcome the GOP trick bag.

        You know about that bag – don’t you?

        1) Ronald Reagan Rose-Colored Glasses

        2) Science book with empty pages

        3) King James Version of the Bible – or a Catholic Bible will do if you promise to help demonize your ‘perceived’ enemies.

        4) Artithmetic book with empty pages – Bill Clinton was correct when he said the Republicans’ biggest problem is arithmetic.

        5) Ability to have selective memories. Reagan was okay when he was union president and actually used collective bargaining to get health care for his fellow actors. Reagan was okay when he raised taxes. Reagan was okay when he ran us into the ground with huge deficits.

        6) Last – but certainly not least – there is a Neanderthal Club in that bag in case your little woman gets too mouthy and has the audaciity to think for herselfe and God forbid – to demand equal rights and equal pay.

        Did I miss anything?

    • Where is Wicked? She and I love Eddie Izzard and I know she’d appreciate this. He always hit the topic squarely on the head. Thanks for posting this, Fnord.

  9. I don’t know how much time they’ve allotted for Herman Cain.

  10. indypendent

    I suspect Ted Cruz is just feeling all warm and fuzzy to know that he has won the golden spot of Keynote Speaker.

    I heard they give that spot to the one that can show he is the biggest A-S-S-H-O-L-E

  11. indypendent

    Since Republicans are all into this building huge fences to keep people out…

    I wonder how they feel if WE the PEOPLE built a huge fence around that CPAC Event while they’re all in there trying to outdo one another on how much they HATE Obama?

    Just Imagine – putting up a huge fence and sealing them inside………and then turn off all the utilities – do you think after a few days that place would look and smell like the New Orleans Super Dome did during Katrina?

    Oh, please, Lady Karma, can’t we all just pitch in and get this huge fence done in time – and then put electrified wires on top – so we KNOW they cannot get out.