Wednesday, 3/13/13, Public Square

Maybe the GOP will hold their breath until they get their way…

repeal AGAIN


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  1. We’re supposed to be treated to a few days of spring that should awe us! My jonquils are blooming and the tulips aren’t far behind. I need to do some clean up — didn’t I clean up leaves in the fall?? There’s a big weeping willow in the back and if you look from a distance you can see the green glow that makes the shape of the tree. By golly I think we might be finished with that brutal winter that lasted a couple of weeks but packed a wallop. Mind you, we may be ready for spring but I don’t see any of us ready for summer. I also need to repot a few house plants and probably break them up into more pots rather than bigger pots that would be hard to handle. That means I’ll have twice as many house plants as space for them. Anyone want some plants? I would love to share!

    My Mother died two years ago today. I don’t know where those two years went, they are a blur. I miss her so badly.

    • indypendent

      Death anniveraries of loved ones are like a double-edged sword – even though it still hurts like Hell, there is comfort (and even laughter) in remembering the good times.

      (((((( Hug to you ))))))

    • Oh, Fnord, I’m sorry for you loss again today. It gets a little easier over time, but not much. And days like today bring it all back as though it were yesterday. If love and good wishes could take away the pain, it would be gone because I’m sending a bushel basket of both.

    • rdliebst

      She nver truly leave you just ever so often she will come out through you.
      I know I am my dad, he comes out every time I speak my mind and express an opinion.

      • rdliebst

        I was driving back from wal-mart tonight and they played “when daddy let me drive”. The tears started flowing, it so brought back when my dad would take me out to drive when I was eight years old.

      • Thanks, friends.

        You know, Rick, I hadn’t actually stopped to think about me being my Mother, even tho I know I am. Do we all become our parents? Guess that’s a pretty great thing to be!


  3. Drama from West Wing, a television show. We’ve all heard the words, and each time they make even more sense. Well they make sense except to the bigots who continue to use the Bible to justify their behavior (which really is an abomination).

  4. I feel reflective today. And weary. Sometimes I need to pause and figure out what the grand scheme of things is and where do I fit.

    Astrophysicist Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson was asked by a reader of TIME magazine, “What is the most astounding fact you can share with us about the Universe?” This is his answer.

    • indypendent

      There is so much of this universe we do not understand – and yet we still have folks using their religion to demonize scientific data.

      Hmmmmmm…do you think it might be due to the fact that if people found out the truth about religion that all the beautiful tax-free money would disappear?

      • It seems to me those who scream “PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY” the loudest are not only those who find excuses rather than being responsible but also those who don’t / won’t / can’t find the joy of being part of everything that is.

  5. Really? Yes. Let it be. Let it be.

  6. Paul Ryan said on “Fox News Sunday” that they (Romney/Ryan) won the senior vote, therefore his budget plan WILL fly and people will support it. According to Ryan, the fact that he and Romney clinched the senior vote is more significant than the fact that they lost the general vote because seniors are the ones who are actually on Medicare, and are presumably best positioned to judge any changes to the program.

    Unfortunately, the seniors Ryan and Romney won are current seniors — and, for every one of his budgets, Ryan has explicitly stated that current seniors will not be moved into his premium support system. For those 55 and above, “no changes whatsoever in Medicare.” So by his own logic and his own policies, Ryan actually needed to win current voters under 55 to claim a mandate.

    According to exit polling, Romney & Ryan won voters 65 years old and older by 56% to 44%; the 45-64 vote by 51% to 47%; they lost voters 30-44 by 45% to 52%, and they lost voters 18-29 by a whopping 37% to 60%.

    Considering who would actually be living with the reality of this horrid plan, it’s hard to interpret those numbers as a mandate. But then who expects what Paul Ryan says to make any sense?

    • rdliebst

      Repeat a lie long enough and hard enough it will eventually become a truth..

    • indypendent

      This is what I was trying to find yesterday – Chris Wallace told Paul Ryan flat out that repealing Obamacare was not going to happen.

      And Paul Ryan kept on going with his ridiculous logic…

      The only thing missing was that damn glass of water…

      • Ryan is quickly making himself irrelevant. If he were serious about governing and solving the country’s economic issues, he would develop a budget that has a realistic chance of being adopted. Instead he’s sleepwalking through a conservative fantasy that the country really wants to abandon the social programs that EVERYONE except the very wealthy use at some point in their life. His proposals are obscene and disingenuous.

        The Nuns on the bus already told us everything we need to know about Ryan. But his atheist hero is proud of him!

  7. (from the link): “The man, who tended bar for a company that catered to a high-end clientele, had previously worked at a fundraiser at a home where Clinton spoke. After Clinton addressed guests, the man recalled, the former president came back to the kitchen and thanked the staff, the waiters, the bartenders, the busboys, and everyone else involved in putting the event together. He shook hands, took photos, signed autographs, and praised the meal — all characteristic of the former president.

    When the bartender learned he would be working at Romney’s fundraiser, his first thought was to bring his camera, in case he had a chance to get a photo with the presidential candidate.”

    How Bill Clinton Inspired The 47 Percent Filmmaker

  8. For all us ‘wordsmiths.’

    What do you think would be the reaction to saying someone had a Pussyvan today? 🙂 Sometimes, some days, under some circumstances I have a Pussyvan! 🙂

    18 obsolete words, which should never have gone out of style

    • indypendent

      I am fan of those British sitcoms. One of my favorites was ‘Are You Being Served’. Mrs. Slocum was always talking about her pussy (referencing her cat).

      Can you imagine that being done in America with all the fake religious prudish Puritans around here?

      On that show was Mr. Humprhries. I still remember the day I heard the actor that played Mr. Humprhies had passed away. I was in the middle of a chemo treatment – and it made me sad to hear of his death. But it also made me remember the many times this man brought me to tears from so much laughter.

      And that – to me – is a rare gift that should be shared.. And he shared very well..

    • HA! Curglaff is what I feel every time I swim in Downer Creek. It’s cold, cold, spring water, even in the middle of summer. Oh, it used to feel so good to take a cold dip then lie in the sun on the hot sand beach, or lie by the campfire and relax.

      Sigh. Oh, to be young and camp like that again…. Hell, now I can’t even manage the pasture gates without some help.

  9. Give the legislators a piece of your mind on a myriad of issues they are on the wrong side of. March 23, 9 am at the WSU Metroplex, 29th and Oliver. Come a little early to sign up to speak.

    • indypendent

      I’ve only got one question – the picture of the woman must be my twin …..because I’ve been where she is at in that picture.

      All I can hope for is that Republicans continue on their current course of demonzing women up until 2014 midterm elections and then continue their same course of stupidity into 2016.

      That should weed most of these CON snakes out of the grass – if enough women show up to vote.

  10. indypendent

    The “Ed Show’ tonight will feature the guy who videtaped Mitt Romney saying all those things that he truly believes about the 47% (despite what Mitt and his Handlers have said) .

    It’s nice to know that Bill Clinton’s kindness and appreciativeness (is that even a word?) of the real people who make all those high-fancy-schancy fundraisers possible.

    I think that is what made me the most mad at Republicans when they went on that kick that ‘they built that by themselves’.

    Oh really? Then why did your puppet politicians manipulate the system to take MY tax dollars to help YOU get wealthy while outsourcing American jobs?

    Seems to me – without taxpayers (real people) – the 1% would be a bunch of nothing.

    • Another good question is: If corporations are people, why don’t they pay taxes?

      I’m not one who complains about paying taxes. I like America and all her glory and conveniences. I’m thankful everyday for what our citizens have built together. I’m aware that there are countries all across the globe where the citizens spend their entire day walking to get a bucket of water. I’ve seen pictures of and heard stories of our country’s pioneers and I know how good we have it today. That said, I really do think the wealthiest of the wealthy have had enough breaks and preferential treatment so I’d like to see them enjoy equality.

      • indypendent

        But….by the GOP logic…those corporations are so wealthy that they should not be forced to pay taxes. Paying taxes is only for those 47% who the CONS have decided need to pay all the taxes…

        See…they’ve got this all covered..

        Kinda like those mega Evangelicon preachers. They can be Satan’s twin brother but when they get caught – they can pretend to cry crocodile tears and they get forgiveness. But if their perceived enemy is caught doing the same thing – then that person goes directly to Hell – no chance of forgiveness for them.

        So – you see – they’ve got it covered………

        All for Me and None for Thee..

  11. indypendent

    Republican Senator from Texas – Ted Cruz – the reincarnation of Joe McCarthy?

    I watched this video last night and it amazes me that these CONS still just don’t get it – do they?

    Or is it something else going on? Do they really understand why they lost was due to their arrogance – BUT they are just too ignorant to acknowledge that fact?

    • indypendent

      BTW – when Ted Cruz speaks about the party that encourages people to start businesses – exactly how is that done without having capital to invest?

      And where do most people get the capital to invest in their potential business – can we can the ‘evil government’?

      Hey – even those Vulture Capitalists use the ‘evil government’ to get those tax breaks and/or subsidies to help them become wealthier.

      While we’re on the issue of Hispanics and the changing demographics to future elections – just how does the GOP insisting on no pathway to citizenship and wanting to deport all these undocumented workers going to put them into a good light with the Hispanic voters?

      Just asking….

      • That Ted Cruz guy does seem to be a very special piece of work. Even among republicans he stands out in the field of stupidity.

      • indypendent

        That’s a pretty big field……..

        When I see and hear Ted Cruz speak…… sounds just like McCathy – I think he even looks like McCarthy (in that creepy Puritan way. Just picture a Puritan hat on top of his receding hairline – and what do you have?

      • Thanks for the laugh!

        Yep! Not just a BIG field, but a crowded one.

  12. indypendent

    You know what they’re saying about Rand Paul’s filibuster last week – don’t you?

    He was joined by several of the more wackier CONS – and Ted Cruz was in that group.

    Who would have guessed that one?

    • I’m pretty sure Pompeo was among the ‘helpers’ too.

      It is hard to distinguish one from another.

      • indypendent

        Pompeous was there? Of course, Rand Paul is trying to appear presidential so he can come in and take over the 2016 election – and win by a landslide.

        Hey – the little fella can dream – can’t he?

  13. indypendent

    Serious issue…….same issue keeps popping up every year…..wouldn’t you think this would be a no-brainer?

    But – hey – we’ve got the entire world watching with anticipation on which lucky gold-blinged robed man gets to be the next Keeper of the Secrets.

    So – sexual assault seems to be everywhere – not just the US military.

    Or – maybe I should say – the cover up of the sexual assaults seems to be everywhere?

    But America professes to be such a shining example of what is good and moral – but so does the Catholic Church, don’t they?

    Seems both groups need a very big truth mirror….

    • indypendent

      Oh, what am I thinking? The US most-decorated generals are only working with their speical party planners to have a good time…

      If this is what the top brass does and thinks it is okay,………then is it any wonder the lower ranks do what they do?

  14. indypendent

    Everytime I see that cartoon picture of the fat lady – why do I see Rush Limbaugh’s face on the fat lady?

  15. indypendent

    Speaking of Puritan Ted Cruz – he is trying his best to shut down this evil government.

    I also just watched Paul Ryan whining about Obama going back on the campaign trail to the American people about the budget crisis – so Paul Ryan doubts if Obama’s charm offensive tactic (that stupid dinner with GOP last week) is a sincere move or just a reaction to Obama’s slip in the poll numbers.

    But…wait a minute……don’t the American people have the right to hear from their president about what is going on?

    So – Paul Ryan is basically saying that the American people have no role in this budget debate?

    Hmmmm… that the same thing Paul and his GOP Buddies told those teabaggers when they were being driven from town hall meeting to town hall meeting on those buses provided by their Corporate Sugar Daddys? Were these teabaggers told they had no role in the health care reform debate.

    I don’t remember any CON demonizing every fellow Republican getting those teabaggers all riled up.

    If I could buy these Republicans for what they are worth and sell them for what they THINK they are worth – I could pay off the national debt and still have enough money left over to give every American a living-wage job for the rest of their lives.

  16. indypendent

    Breaking News: White smoke is seen.

    Now I want to see what this new pope actually does. If he just keeps up the same old secrets – then why bother?

    But…..there is always hope…..

    • indypendent

      I’ve been listening to some priest on television ramble on about how emotional this new pope must feel to know that his fellow Cardinals selected him .

      Duh…..doesn’t every winner in an election feel the same emotions?

      What makes this guy any more special – because he is supposedly to be God’s favorite?

      • lots of pomp, lots of showmanship

        They did have a great smoke maker this time AND managed to get the bells going too. Great Show!

      • indypendent

        Here’s an observation – I just watched some priest on MSNBC interviewing four college-age appearing young people and asked them who they thought the new Pope is and if they had their favorite.

        None of them were Catholic and did not even know the names of the top contenders in this poliitcal horse race.

        So…..when we see those people in front of the Vatican – are they all Catholics or are they just tourists there to see history being made?

        From the comments from those four young people – the new Pope is not going to be the catalyst for the course of their lives. Hell – they did not even know who was in the running – nor were they Catholics.

        I am not Catholic …but my doctor’s office was bought by the Catholics and that is where I am having trouble with these Catholics. My doctor has to justify EVERYTHING he does – even to the point of my needing a possible hysterectomy. And he even said, since we are now owned by a different group, I have to run this by them.

        WTF….I am going to be 60 yrs old next month – do I look like I am capable of being a breeder?

        But what is worse than that is …..ever since the Catholics bought my doctor’s office – I am getting robo calls for all these lab tests, radiological films done and all these visits to the office that ‘their records show I need’.

        In the first place – I go to an oncology specialist – and alot of that needed tests are ordered by him……so why would I need to have them done twice?

        I called the office the first time I got those robo calls and I told them that my oncologist had forwarded them a photocopy of those tests to their office.

        The response I got was……if it is not in our file, then we consider it not done.

        Oh HELL No……..

        I suspect it is more about their potential financial gain if I get as many tests and visits in to their office – because I think the oncologist does not share his fees with the primary doctor – so there goes the money???

        When I hear a Via Christi television ad where all these wonderful and caring people repeat the phrase – because your life matters.

        Yeah – your life matters to them because that is what makes it possible for them to bill for all that beautiful money.


  17. When you think of the simple carpenter’s son described by the Bible, do you think of any of this?

  18. indypendent

    The simplicity of Jesus in the Bible – and the all inclusive simplicity of Jesus’ message of unconditonal love – has never been displayed in any Corporate Church – IMHO

    And make no mistake – this Church is a Corporation

  19. (from the link): “This was an interesting point made by Rachel Sklar (CNN contributor/media blogger) at SXSW (South by Southwest – a set of film, interactive, and music festivals and conferences that take place every spring in Austin, TX). She was on a panel of women asked what they were doing to support other women in business.

    “‘I sort of push back a little bit on the ‘women don’t help other women’ thing,” Sklar responded. “Why isn’t there fretting about why men don’t help men in the workplace? Because I personally know a lot of dudes who have knifed a lot of dudes in the back without thinking twice about it.”

    Rachel Sklar: Why Don’t We Fret About Men Helping Other Men At Work?

  20. indypendent

    While watching all this dog and pony show – I have to wonder…….with all the money this Church has – and flaunts – how many lives could be changed forever by providing living-wage jobs to people?

    For all their doctrines – where is the one that actually puts into practice what that simple carpenter’s son – Jesus – taught?

    • indypendent

      I also heard that same priest on MSNBC say that the term ‘ priest’ means – bridge.

      Then this guy rambled on about how the Pope is to be that bridge between God and people.

      If the Pope is to be bridge to people – then why does every Pope close off that bridge to homosexuals? And the Church Doctrines are not exactly kind to women.

      But – I guess that bridge is open to child molesters and their mentors that cover up their crime?

      If the new Pope does not clean house of the lingering stetnch – then it will be more of the same…..

    • They could sell one or two pieces of art and support paying living wages to every citizen of the world.

  21. Looks like the new guy has his dress, ridiculous hat and silk slippers on finally.

    • HA! Indy, I learned something this week. The Pope wears custom made red leather shoes, not the usual slippers. I only learned this because Bennie had to give them up when he left his post. He is wearing custom made brown leather loafers now. They probably still cost more than my house….

      • indypendent

        red? My, oh my, there’s no place like home….there’s no place like home…

        I wonder if they click and everything..

    • I guess the fancy, custom made jewelry comes later?

  22. A Latino Pope. One who is reported to be an advocate for the poor, a man who has lived simply. This could be a good change. Francis is an encouraging new name, a man of humility. We can hope he actually is about love and not power.

  23. (from the link): Bergoglio couldn’t prevent Argentina from becoming the first Latin American country to legalize gay marriage, or stop its president, Cristina Fernandez, from promoting free contraception and artificial insemination. When Bergoglio argued that gay adoptions discriminate against children, Fernandez compared his tone to “medieval times and the Inquisition.”

    This kind of demonization is unfair, says Rubin, who wrote Bergoglio’s authorized biography, “The Jesuit.”

    “Is Bergoglio a progressive — a liberation theologist even? No. He’s no third-world priest. Does he criticize the International Monetary Fund, and neoliberalism? Yes. Does he spend a great deal of time in the slums? Yes,” Rubin said.

    Critics also accuse him of failing to stand up publicly against the country’s military dictatorship from 1976-1983, when victims and their relatives often brought first-hand accounts of torture, death and kidnappings to the priests he supervised as leader of the Jesuit Order in Argentina

    Like other Jesuit intellectuals, Bergoglio has focused on social outreach. Catholics are still buzzing over his speech last year accusing fellow church officials of hypocrisy for forgetting that Jesus Christ bathed lepers and ate with prostitutes.

    “In our ecclesiastical region there are priests who don’t baptize the children of single mothers because they weren’t conceived in the sanctity of marriage,” Bergoglio told his priests. “These are today’s hypocrites. Those who clericalize the Church. Those who separate the people of God from salvation. And this poor girl who, rather than returning the child to sender, had the courage to carry it into the world, must wander from parish to parish so that it’s baptized!”

    Bergoglio compared this concept of Catholicism to the Pharisees of Christ’s time: people who congratulate themselves while condemning others.

    “Jesus teaches us another way: Go out. Go out and share your testimony, go out and interact with your brothers, go out and share, go out and ask. Become the Word in body as well as spirit,” Bergoglio said.

    • Sounds like a mixed bag. I read today that the job requirement for pope should be “Wanted: Man who has all the qualities of Jesus Christ and who also has an MBA.”

      I’d settle for a kind man who represents the red letter teachings of Christ and who doesn’t tolerate corruption and hypocrisy. Oh yeah, and one who agrees to ordain women would be a plus!

      • indypendent

        Hey – just an acknowledgement that women are not second class citizens would be a good start….(and should be seen as more than just breeders)

      • indypendent

        Interesting note I found in that article – he has one functioning lung.

        On that NPR report I heard, it was his age of 76 yrs old that prompted some priest to say that his papacy would not be a long one.

        Maybe this guy is just the perfect cover for right now – he sounds and looks the part of someone who truly cares about the poor and inequality in the world – but, what powers in Rome will be busy at work behind the scenes doing their appointed tasks?

        I wonder……will there be a bunch of disgrunted, sore loser cardinals havign dinner tonight somewhere in Rome plotting on how to bring down the new Pope?

        P.S. – This is in comparison to those Republicans on Obama’s first inuguaration night – remember?

  24. indypendent

    On my my daily trip to Augusta to get the grandkid from school, I heard a report on NPR about this new Pope.

    He was described as a humble man – one who gave up the cardinal residence to live in a simple apartment. He is known to visit the slums adn advocate for the poor.

    But……so did Mother Teresa but yet I read an article that she had a million dollars in the bank once she became ‘famous’ – but yet the poor she worked with never got to see the benefit of any of that money?

    One has to ask…..what happened to the money?

    In this NPR report – it was said that he has protested the inequality in the world and does not like unfettered capitalism when there is so much inequality within tha society..

    O-U-C-H……is this Pope a brother to the Nuns ont he Bus?

    But……let’s give this new Pope a chance and the truth will be in the pudding – as they say.

    • indypendent

      One thing was emphasized very much – he is from Latin America – where 42% of the Catholics reside. The Catholic Church is thriving – even growing – in this region of the world.

      The Catholic Churches in Europe and America are dwindling…..

      Maybe this had something to do with it?

      It was also noted that the biggest threat to Catholicism is the onslaught of Evangelical Christians who have swooped into the Catholic Church and have swayed some of their former beleivers away from the Mother Church.

      Hmmmm… in order to incite more enthusiasm and exictement about Catholicism – name a Pope from the Latin American region of the world and give those Evangelicons a run for their money….

      Is that the bottom line?

  25. indypendent

    Maybe the hope is that this new Pope will be seen as loving and compassionate person – so all that nasty talk about the child molester priests, Bishops and Cardinals that covred up their crimes will suddenly not be on the front page anymore?/

  26. I appreciated this very short take at Mother Jones. I’m sure there will be more known over the next several days, weeks.., but this author is correct in saying, “The truth is, we don’t know much.”

    Poped Out