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  1. I know the progress and rights of women everywhere are under attack, but it seems like Kansas is leading the pack. Here in Brownbackistan, what little reproductive freedom we had is just being whisked away.

    • Every good leader knows that recognizing someone else’s power doesn’t diminish your own. I think that truth ends at R.E.L.I.G.I.O.N. These evangelicons have made a habit of ignoring the truth because the lies are exactly what they want to hear. Are they just lazy because not thinking is so easy, or do they even know how to think?

    • I used to rely on knowing you can’t alienate every minority group in the country (or state, county, city…) — blacks, Latinos, Asian-Americans, gays — not to mention the majority group WOMEN, and hope to win elections. But I’m coming to the realization you can get by with it when you’re dealing with an electorate who feels righteous in their bigotry by justifying it with ‘religion.’

    • Of course ‘reproductive freedom’ will only be a problem for those without adequate wealth. Everyone with enough money will be able to buy the best and safest abortion or whatever they choose, just as always.

  2. So I guess everyone has heard that the NEW version of the Ryan budget (Ryan 3.0) eliminates the benefits of Obamacare while keeping the revenue. Yep! Expect the peons to pay for it, just don’t give anything in return for the payment, and the bottom line seems to improve. It’s always the CON way — take, take, take. After you’ve taken, give it to the wealthy. Make sure no one gets anything unless they’re already wealthy. After all if they were worthy they’d be wealthy!

    Another chapter in the transfer of wealth from those who pay taxes to those who don’t. The Koch Brothers and their ilk must be protected!

    • Interesting article today in the Eagle about Richard Carlson introducing some budget and tax stuff that would decrease the sales tax and only allow income tax rates to decline if the state brought in sufficient increased revenue the year before to justify lowering the income tax. He also had some comments about the mortgage interest and property tax deductions. Tom Sawyer, however, had the best comments. He’s one of my favorite guys in Topeka, and thank goodness he is there!

    • Hee heee. Oh, boy. Can’t wait to hear Indy’s take on THAT!

      • indypendent

        Where’s the damn Pretty Hair Bow !!!……She’s already going to Hell……

        This is just my first thought that popped into my head.

        Just give me time….LOL

      • indypendent

        PP – you know me too well…….

      • I knew you would notice those two didn’t have hair bows! I almost posted it, and now I’m giggling out loud!

      • Maybe they were saving the hair bows until after the cooking was finished? Wouldn’t want to muss them…

      • indypendent

        A true picture of the Evangelicon’s verson of home life is this:

        The little lady in the kitchen, pregnant, barefoot and making her man’s favorite supper while her man has his fat butt sitting in his favorite recliner watching the latest erectile dysfunction pill advertisment and thinking…..yeah, boy, I’ve got to get me some of that….

        Stand back girls……..I know you all want this big hunk o’ man for yourselves – but that little lady has her pretty hair bow just waiting for the time her man says ‘come on, baby, do your God-mandated duty’.

        Yeah…….now doesn’t that sound like something a loving God would actually promote?

        Eww……now I’ve got to go and find that barf bag…..

      • indypendent

        fnord – you also know me too well….

        It’s been 38 years since that damn mandated Courtship and Marriage Class in that Fundy Baptist College and every time I see a hair bow on a grown woman – I just shudder……

        I ‘ve shared before about that horrid supervisor at the doctor’s office – she was a Betty Bible – the long hair and a different color hair bow for every day. Those bows were huge.

        She was barefly 5ft tall – so she was short to start with – and then to add that big hair bow on top of hat long hair – just made you think …WTF

        But I could take that if she had just been a nice person……She was such a horrid little thing….and always putting on her imaginary ‘Jesus’ hat when she started to preach down to others. She would actually go through the motion sof putting on an imaginary hat and tie it at under chin..

        She used to say that phrase all the time…….I just wanted to take that hairbow and shove it where only the good Lord could find it.

  3. indypendent

    Speaking of Jeb Bush and the Bush Baggage..

    Don’t fool yourselves folks – this is the role the Bush Family has decided for Little Laura to play to help Jeb become more palatable to the American Woman voter.

    Hey – Laura – those GOP candidates that frightened women were only saying outloud what the GOP Party Platform put into black and white.

    Earth to Laura and CONS everywhere – American women voters do know how to read – and make no mistake – every Democrat Woman will make it their goal to remind everyone of exactly what the GOP stands for……Groping Old Pharts…


  4. indypendent

    Ladies – I prefer Christopher Hitchen’s view of women – don’t you?

    • When you look at that petri dish in the thread header you have to stop and acknowledge that if the republicans have their way and that clump of cells turns out to be female the rights end at birth.

      Trotting out Laura Bush to lie that those few republican candidates who frightened women are rare just motivates me more. Women aren’t going to fall in the line republican men have drawn any longer, that genie isn’t going back in the bottle!

      Frightened. What kind of description is that? More of the idiot republican be afraid, very afraid? Does everything come down to fear in their tiny world? Sounds as ‘ladylike’ as wearing the hair bow (and as fake). Real people want real partners with brains to know they deserve equality.

      • indypendent

        Funny you should use the phrase – genie in the bottle..

        Remember the old t.v. show ‘I Dream of Jeannie”? I HATED that show…… I found it to be degrading to women everywhere.

        Even when I was younger (and less vocal and blunt with my true feelings) – I wondered why Jeannie did not just zap her ‘Master’ into oblivion. She was the one with all the power!!!

        And just the way Jeannie always wanted so desperately for her Master to love her……like a real woman.

        Please, just pass the barf bag now…..

    • Have I mentioned recently that more women than men VOTE? 🙂

      • indypendent

        The younger generatin of women need to be reminded (and some have never been told) of the struggles women in past generations went through in order for them to have their current rights.

        But…it is very hard to fight against these Evangelicon preachers who make the argument that women are risking their eternal souls if they dare to step outside of what God intended for women to do while here on Earth.

        That is a very powerful force to deal with…..and alot of women just don’t have the willpower, economic power or desire (?) to fight against that….

        That Betty Bible asked me repeatedly why I hated Jesus. Every single time I would respond – I don’t hate Jesus, I just don’t like some of those folks who use his name for their own agenda.

        But in American society where Christianity is the majority – being labeled a Jesus Hater is a hard thing to take from people – and some folks just don’t have it in them to dare to buck the system.

  5. indypendent

    I was thinking while watching all this mesmerizing media coverage of the 115 Cardinals and how the tradition of the Conclave has to be followed – etc.

    Here we have Paul Ryan – pushing the same budget that hurts the most vulnerable in our society – and he is a proud Catholic.

    But yet the Nuns on the Bus traveled around the country to protest Paul Ryan’s budget – remember?

    Wouldn’t the world be a better place if these Nuns on the Bus were the ones in charge of picking the next leader of their Church?

    Just saying…

    • Women recognize the little dracula boy playing big guy with his budget that hurts us, our children, our community, our schools, our country….

      And, we VOTE.

      We already voted against him and his budget, he just isn’t mature enough to have noticed that he lost. He’s still laying in the floor like a recalcitrant child trowing a temper tantrum. Women have seen this all too often from manchildren, we aren’t impressed.

      • indypendent

        Did you happen to hear where Paul Ryan told Chris Wallace on Fox News that ‘they won the senior vote’ – so they think they’re right about repealing Obamacare.

        This was after Chris Wallace dared to say that repealing Obamacare is not goign to happen.

        I’ll try to find that clip…

        I swear – is it a requirement for Republicans to live in their alternative universe?

        I wonder if I moved there – can I choose the pretty purple unicorn with the glitter horn? I’ve always loved the color purple and that glitter would help to showcase my pretty hair bow – cause they all have glitter on them, you know.

        It’s the the glitter the attracts the best Neanderthals……..didn’t you get that memo?

      • Paul Ryan was proven to be a liar while campaigning on the Romney / Ryan ticket. If he wants to believe he won the vote of old people, more power to him. They’re dying out.

        Obamacare isn’t going to be repealed. Every time the republicans in the House waste our money and their time on this, the more they convince us they have nothing — no ideas, no solutions, nothing but their worn out obstruction of progress. They lost the race for president, they lost Senate seats and House seats. They would have lost more House seats if not for gerrymandering. Americans wanted health-care reform, they’ve voted for it overandover. The only thing that’s going to happen to Obamacare in the future is that it will be strengthened.

      • indypendent

        When Paul Ryan says that doctors and hospitals will turn people away if Obamacare goes into effect – well, duh, some doctors will not take patients who have NO insurance. ‘

        Then Paul Ryan talks about this 15-board member health panel that will determine what benefits people will get if Obamacare goes into effect.

        Well….DUH…….what do you think for-profit health insurance companies do? They do the exact same thing…..THEY determine what they will cover and if you need something they don’t want to cover – then you’re shit out of luck.

        So, pray tell, Mr. Ryan, what’s the damn difference?

        And hospitals – the E.R. has to take everyone if they participate in any federal paymetn program – don’t they? And wasn’t that Reagan that implemented that requirement?

      • I speak with a doctor who practices medicine in Massachusetts, where Romneycare is the law of the land, very often. Obamacare is based on the exact same formula used by Romneycare. Paul Ryan is a liar, he exaggerates whatever he doesn’t lie about. Besides, he isn’t very smart, and sure can’t do math, he’s just a cute little boy in an Eddie Munster costume. He’s a joke as a legislator, but elected office is all he’s ever done so I suppose he’ll manage to live off the taxpayers for a long time. I think that’s the extent of what he will accomplish.

  6. indypendent

    I still remember that photo-op of Paul Ryan, his wife and kids donning those aprons appearing like they were washing pots and pans at that soup kitchen.

    Well – the rest of the story was…….it was reported this photo-op was done without the soup kitchen director’s prior knowledge, they came AFTER the hungry folks left and those pots and pans were already washed.

    In other words – Paul Ryan was holding up a clean pot and pan to appear like he was really doing his part to help the hungry.

    I call B.S.

    So……who the hell would believe anything this Paul Ryan said?

    I swear…..do REpublicans really believe all the American voters are stupid?

    • indypendent

      Well – I found this link to the infamous Paul Ryan soup kitchen visit – and the story had been updated that some dirty dishes were kept for Paul Ryan to wash.

      But – when reading the entire story – it is still nothing but a convenient photo-op for Paul Ryan.

      But……in the picture – don’t those trays next to Paul Ryan look mighty clean….I wonder, were they next in line to be washed -and if they were already cleaned, then why place them next to the soapy section of the sink…..to be contaminated again?

      Just asking….


  7. One of the reasons Obamacare is phased in is to make sure doctors are ready for the expanded number of insured people. Imagine? People who are finally able to go see a doctor because they are sick. People who are finally able to have health care (very different from emergency care) before it’s too late. People who can be more productive because they aren’t suffering ill health. People who can provide health care for their children even tho the only job(s) they work pay minimum wage and no insurance coverage is included.

    • indypendent

      I have to shake my head in embarrassment for these CONS who actually regurgitate their talking point that everybody who voted for Obama just want free health care.

      FREE…..where exactly is this free health care – I’d gladly go get some of that.

      Currently – the folks on Medicaid do get to see the doctor. It’s those follks that fnord spoke of – those working who cannot afford to pay for health insurance or their emplloyer does not offer it (even if they did offer it, could they still afford the premium?)

      I guess I just don’t understand these CONS who truly think that there is a bunch of people who are lazy and just want to take everything away from THEM.

      But….wait a minute….these same CONS are perfectly okay with taking my tax dollars away from me and giving it to the wealthy 1% or to those teabaggers who hate socialized medicine but yet are the first ones in line at the pharmacy to get their taxpayer-subsidized drugs.

      Oh, now I get it…..IOKIYAR

  8. I missed knowing this exact man, but can happily tell you I have known some that shared his fine qualities!

    This is an obit. An obit any great man would be proud to have written about him. The very best obit I’ve read in ages.


    • indypendent

      Kinda sounds like my Grandpa and this man would have been good friends.

      Of course – back then, there were all those places to get those foods he loved the most – because they were usually mom and pop stores.

      Now, everything is so corporatized that nothing is special anymore – nor appreciated.

      That is the saddest part – IMHO. For all this talk of free trade and capitalism – exactly where is all this competition and those independent stores?

      When the Huge Corporate Monster comes to town…….it gobbles up all the air..

      • The best thing is to make friends with a local gardener/farmer for produce, meat, eggs, etc. CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) people do subscription gardens where you get a box of whatever is picked that week, so it’s seasonal, but a bargain. You pay one price and then get what you get. Contact your local Extension office as I know they do a CSA program. Farmers Markets are good, but some are getting pretty commercial, too, and you don’t get quite the home grown quality, so vet your vendors if you go to a Farmers Market. In any event, Farmers Markets are great fun for entertainment and walking around food, and you always leave with a sack full of SOMETHING good to eat each week.

  9. indypendent

    I’ve been having an absolutely horrid past three few weeks – but last week, when I finally decided to take decisive action, I noticed there was a robin on my backyard deck off the patio door.

    This robin sat quietly on the picnic table – I tapped on the window and I swear this bird looked right at me and then continued to sit there quietly.

    The first thought that popped into my head was of my Grandpa. I rememer when we bought this house – our other house deal fell through due to that seller’s real estate agent being stupid and the seller not having her paperwork in order (in that case, the appraiser would not even do the appraisal on the seller’s house – it was a total nightmare).

    Anyway – that deal fell through and we found this house within a week – made the deal and everything fell into place (well, now we know why the FHA passed so quickly, but that is another story (LOL)

    But the strangest thing happened to me while I was settling into this house. As I was passing by this same patio door – I felt like someone was watching me. I looked up and for a brief moment – I saw my Grandpa in the backyard. He had his same ol’ work hat on that I remember from my childhood. He waved to me as if to say -it’s okay – then he disappeared.

    So – I’ve always felt like this was house was destined to be ours…

    So maybe this robin sitting on my backyard deck was another sign from my Grandpa? I remember he would also say that he liked the robins the best – the bluebirds and cardinals were pretty birds, but the robin was ‘his kind of bird’.

    Hmmmm…..and you know, after we heard what the appraiser had to say – I’ve not seen a robin on my backyard deck since. And this robin had something about him that was different…..it was rather ‘spooky’ – as my husband calls it.

    But – I do believe our loved ones are somewhere watching over us and that they can communicate to us – if we are only open and willing to listen.

    Anyway – I am still furious with what happened when people in the real estate world think they can play games with people….But maybe there is a reason (yet unknown) why we should stay in this house??

    I don’t know….. what is so weird about me thinking my deceased Grandpa is watching over me as compared to these 115 gold-blinged robed cardinals all filing into a seal room to supposedly select God’s choice to run their church?

    I’ll take my Grandpa’s advice over those men – even if they do have those golden slippers…..(hat tip to PP)

    • indypendent

      BTW – I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this – but I had a younger sister that died shortly after she was born.

      Her name was Robin….

      Maybe my sister that I never even met is somehow connected to my deceased Grandpa? Love is a powerful energy…

  10. Hi Indy–Lots of people would say energy is all connected and never goes away. They say it just morphs into different forms. My cousin in Hawaii was working on a bowl made from a rock he found near a volcano. He said he was really into it and looked up and there stood Pele, the goddess of volcanoes. Freaked him out. He said he recognized her from pictures. Native Hawaiians are very spiritual and so he checked with his buddies and sure enough, the way he described her, they said it was Pele or one of her sisters probably checking to make sure he was respecting the rock. You have lots of company in people who have seen visiting spirits.

    Just for your information, I had FIVE male robins in my yard this morning and a couple of females and little birds. They were hopping around and pecking away in the grass around my propane tank. It’s a little higher ground than the rest of the yard so it is probably warming up faster.

    I used to have a big male robin that “helped” me in the garden early each spring. Don’t know of course if it was really the same bird, but seemed like it. He just hopped around and watched me and bathed in the puddles. He was very friendly and seemed interested in watching me. Of course, there were always some fat juicy worms and bugs I turned up, and he loved the sprinkler when I had it going. I think he liked the mud, too. I always enjoyed his company, but haven’t seen him for years. Maybe he, like me, is tired of fighting the drought.

    • indypendent

      Native Hawaiians are very spiritual and so he checked with his buddies and sure enough, the way he described her, they said it was Pele or one of her sisters probably checking to make sure he was respecting the rock. You have lots of company in people who have seen visiting spirits.


      You hit the nail on the head – there is a difference between spiritual and religious.

      That is an awesome story about your cousin and the volcano rock. I really believe that Mother Earth, God, Goddess or whatever you want to call the energy source is really pissed with mankind because we do not seem to respect the earth and its resources.

      I watched the tail end of a Greer Garson movie this morning. She was talking to some daughter of a wealthy steel tycoon that was only interested in money.

      Greer Garson’s character was a maid in this house but she told the daughter that her father knew the secret of giving back in order to be able to give something to her when she grew up. (I paraphrased that badly). But – you get the idea.

      If mankind continues to TAKE-TAKE-TAKE – there will be nothing left to ake..

      Is it any wonder Republicans don’t think rape is a big deal?

      Isn’t constant taking from the Earth a form of raping? Nothing but a shell is left behind.

  11. BREAKING NEWS! Paul Ryan tells THE TRUTH!

    Paul Ryan: “This to us is something that we’re not going to give up on, because we’re not going to give up on destroying the health care system for the American people.”

    • Heheheheh. Was he drunk? Usually only drunk people tell that much truth. Must be making up for his lie about his running time.

      • indypendent

        Maybe he was talking out the other hole in his head – but this one actually reveals what he really thinks…

  12. Because laughter is healthy and we all need as much humor as we can find on a daily basis —

    There is talk among the right wing of Sarah Palin possibly challenging Hillary Clinton in 2016!


    • indypendent

      Oh, PLEASE, let this be true…. Do you think any sane Republican (is there one left?) would even allow this to happen?

      But…..that would be fun to watch.

  13. Wow! A concerned citizen against the Minnesota Marriage Equality Act speaks out about how sperm enzymes in the colon creates AIDs and how the vagina has a magical barrier that prevents these enzymes from causing this. Apparently, this must be the same magic powers that a vagina has to “shut down” that whole pregnancy thing when women are “legitimately raped.” Thank goodness we have Republicans to explain science to us! Face palm.

    • indypendent

      I may be naive – but hasn’t it been known that men can pass the AIDS virus to their wife through intercourse if that same man has had intercourse with an AIDS infected male?

      So—hypthetically – once again, if a Evangelicon male has dipped his pencil into an AIDS infected male well and then dips his same pencil into his woman’s well and she develops AIDS – then it is HER fault – because HER agina lost it’s magical powers?

      Wasn’t the fastest growing population of AIDS cases were these women who were infected by their male partners?

      • Or an HIV positive female as well. That seems to be the main vector in Africa, IIRC.

        I’ve always thought the greatest tragedy in the entire AIDs debate in the U.S. was the quick identification of it with gay men, even though it was established (again, IIRC) as a heterosexual disease in Africa at the time.

    • indypendent

      That good ol’ St. Ronnie Raygun had a lot to do with the way America handled the AIDS epidemic. And, of course, he kissed the lily-white butts of the Evangelicons – so the hatred of the gay community was intensified..

      Yeah….that Ronnie ….was a real weinee..

    • So, the way to “fundamentally transform the relationship between Americans and their government” is basically throw everyone Ryan deems ‘unworthy’ under the bus. Of course, no details so no one catches on that most everyone other than the uber wealthy will end up under that bus. He would make Ayn Rand feel proud! Too bad he lives in a novel.