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  1. I can’t believe changing the time stamp is truly this difficult. It must be something I make hard out of ignorance.

  2. Brownback administration pushes to repeal restrictions on corporate agriculture; opponents say family farms will suffer

    • indypendent

      IIRC – Brownback’s wife’s family has money… it in agriculture? Hmmmm…inquring minds should find out..

  3. When Ryan introduces the republican budget next week it won’t just include getting rid of the requirement to offer birth control as a part of health maintenance for females. Nope. It will include measures to get rid of Obamacare.

    That’s all the ‘progress’ republicans made after their loss of the presidency, and seats in both chambers of Congress. They’re going back to voting ad nauseam to repeal the law of the land — The Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act.

    How long do you think any American will allow the republicans to continue to try to protect the wealthiest while decimating the middle class and assassinating the poor? Their numbers were already small so these new moves, which are repeats of the old moves, should lock up the votes of those they already had and ensure never getting any more than that.

    Ryan: New House Republican budget includes ObamaCare repeal
    Read more:

  4. Badass Presidents by Jason Heuser

    Scroll from “IRON” Andrew Jackson Alien Slayer, FDR Battlemaster, to what I think is his masterpiece: Bill Clinton — Lady Killer. You may find a different favorite!

    My favorite — Bill Clinton Lady Killer — look at the detail! Sax slung over his back, trousers unzipped, alligator nuke with red button, Ronald McDonald joining the fray, the blue dress (stained?)… It goes onandon! What details do you see that I missed?

    Here’s a small version, go to the link to see them all in more detail —

  5. Once in a while we should stop and listen to George Carlin. He always made sense! He died June 22, 2008. I still miss his wisdom, and am thankful for what he left us.

  6. Another man I think speaks wisdom. Only one thing creates real jobs: Demand. Austerity kills demand, which proves that republicans Do. Not. Care. About. Jobs. They only care about boosting the wealthy, their owners.

    Robert Reich says:

    This week’s economic and political news will probably be dominated by Paul Ryan’s new budget plan, which aims to balance the federal budget in 10 years. It will use do what Ryan’s previous budgets have done, only more so: turn Medicare into vouchers, turn Medicaid over to the states, cut Social Security, and eviscerate spending on everything from education and infrastructure to child nutrition. It will also repeal Obamacare. It has no chance of passage, but it will give Republicans another hammer — and further frame the public debate around deficit reduction and so-called “fiscal responsibility.”

    The major challenge, though, is still jobs, wages, growth, and widening inequality. And despite the encouraging job numbers Friday, we’d have to have numbers like that every month for the next four years to get anywhere close to the level of unemployment we had before the Great Recession. But we won’t get there because of the austerity we began March 1, cutting $85 billion out of the budget over the coming year. Austerity economics — of which Ryan’s upcoming budget is the most extreme version — is a cruel hoax. Cruel because it hurts most those who are already hurting; a hoax because it doesn’t work.

    Analogizing the federal budget to a family’s budget — something Republicans always do, and too many Democrats (including the President) — have done on occasion, is deeply misleading. Families do have to balance their budgets. That’s precisely why the federal government has to be the spender of last resort when consumer spending falls short of boosting the economy toward full employment. The White House’s and the Democrat’s failure to reframe the central issue has legitimized the Republican frame and lead directly and logically to Ryan’s budget plan this week.

    • Turn this penchant of republicans to compare with family budgets back on them. Don’t the majority of Americans have a mortgage which is a long-term debt that is no different than that of the Nation? Families have long-term debt for much the same reason — to make large financial commitments in the short term and to pay them back in installments.

      There are many, many other logical explanations just in case you ever have the misfortune of speaking with one of the bots who parrot the republican talking points.

  7. indypendent

    Kudos to Christopher Kitchens…..

    But he left one important distinction out ……all these clergy that oppose women’s rights are the very same folks that seem to be bringing in alot of tax-free money….

    So – why not continue on their current path? Controlling women seems to be a profitable business – if you make all your women involved in those churches Stepford Wives

    • indypendent

      And – let’s not forget – wear that pretty hairbow ladies… would not want to disappoint your man, now would you?

      Because – if you disappoint your man, God will tell him it is okay to go out and screw anything that is not nailed down…

      So…..if your man wanders….it is YOUR fault…..

      Hey – don’t blame me, I read this in the Bible so it must be true.

      Dripping with heavy and cynical sarcasm////

  8. indypendent

    Correction: Hitchens…..not Kitchens.

    I remember being on a blog after Kitchens passed away. And the cruel things people actually posted were so obviously done by so-called Christians.

    The main theme was – too bad Hitchens did not accept Jesus as his Savior before he died…..because now he is in Hell for eternity.

    WHO in the Hell would post something like that on a public blog about a person they did not personally know?

    Furthermore – Who the Hell made them the Gatekeeper to Hell?

    Then these same buffoons wonder why people with one working brain cell want to puke up vomit from their toes everytime one of these so-called Christians opens their big fat mouth.

  9. indypendent

    I just heard how NOW where these Republicans are even saying they are in agreement (and always have been) with Democrats about we need to cut spending. And that NOW they feel Obama is truly ‘sincere’.

    So – Obama wines and dines these CONS at one dinner for the press to cover and NOW these CONS are being so nice when speaking of Obama?

    Oh, please, just pass the barf bag now….

    If this is scenario is true – then bottom line is this: CONS can be had for the price of a dinner?

    Isn’t that the same as being a prostitute ?

    Of course, there was dinner but we don’t know if any bodily fluids actually exchanged after dinner – so, maybe prostitute is too strong of a word?

    But…you get my meaning…

    Women everywhere should show these Republican CONS that they are the scum on the public restroom floor……and who the Hell wants that on them?

    • indypendent

      While praising Obama for being ‘sincere’ in reaching out to the CONS – will these CONS also remind the American voters of the numerous times Obama has invited these very same CONS to the White House for social gatherings and the CONS were the ones that did not show up?

      Yeah – CONS – they are snakes in the grass…….

      But now I guess they thought Obama was winning this sequestration battle – so they ran to Obama for political cover?

      I call B.S. on all these CON snakes….

  10. Even tho we all know that each religion is the one and only true religion, here is an interesting interactive timeline of Religion through the ages including dates, historical events, regions, similarities and differences. Seems all the world’s religions are ever changing (could we say evolving)?

  11. I read an interesting op-ed piece earlier this week that suggested The Roman Catholic Church could do well if the next Pope was a Nun. 🙂

    • indypendent

      It would certainly be doing more of what the Bible truly teaches Christians to do – actually helping people.

      I still remember the Nuns on the Bus during the presidental campaign – don’t you?

      They were all over Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney……


  12. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) stopped by Fox News Sunday to preview his new budget, which will be released on Tuesday. As it had the past two years, this year’s version will call for massive cuts to social service programs, including food stamps, job training, Medicaid, and Medicare. Host Chris Wallace challenged Ryan on the viability of these cuts, pointing out that in order to achieve the budget savings he wants, Ryan’s plan would need to repeal Obamacare.

    Wallace candidly pointed out, “that’s not going to happen”. Still, Ryan insisted that he and then-running mate Mitt Romney won the election on this issue because they “won the senior vote”:


    WALLACE: Are you saying that as part of your budget you would repeal — you assume the repeal of Obamacare?

    RYAN: Yes.

    WALLACE: Well that’s not going to happen.

    RYAN: Well, we believe it should.

    WALLACE: This was a big issue in the campaign between Romney-Ryan vs. Obama-Biden. They think they won and they think that’s one of the reasons they won, and there are, Congressman, a lot of independent studies that say if you put this into effect, the net effect will be that seniors will end up having to pay more of the share of their healthcare cost.

    RYAN: I would argue against your premise that we lost this issue in the campaign. We won the senior vote.


    They won the senior vote? I seem to recall they lost Florida, as well as the election in general. I guess people didn’t like their idea. Wake up! You don’t actually need to tune into Fox “News” to hear their delusional propaganda repeated again! THEY LOST, we all know it even if THEY don’t! More here:

    • Christopher Hitchens explains very clearly in the thread header why women will never vote for republicans. Senior vote? A dying vote that was too small to matter even in the last election.

  13. The clock was added in 1917, thanks to the generosity of the Rotary Club of Wichita, so we know this wonderful picture is pre-1917.

  14. Disgraced General David Petraus and Bush Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld have been directly implicated in overseeing torture centers in Iraq, as a result of a joint BBC/Guardian UK investigation sparked by documents leaked to Wikileaks by Bradley Manning. The torture included the torture of children.

    (FROM THE LINK): “I remember a 14-year-old who was tied to one of the library’s columns. And he was tied up, with his legs above his head. Tied up. His whole body was blue because of the impact of the cables with which he had been beaten.”

    • indypendent

      The sad part is – Petraeus’ is only disgraced because of his romantic fling with a woman not his wife….

      Even then – in certain ‘right’ circles – that is nothing to be ashamed of…

  15. Interesting. A bit of history and predictions hundreds of years old.

    Are cardinals electing the last pope? If you believe Nostradamus…

    • indypendent

      I dont’ know……..Maybe they’ll come up with a different system?

      I cannot imagine this bunch of wealthy and powerful robed men allowing all their power and wealth to go bye-bye…