Wednesday, 3/6/13, Public Square

Economic Downturn and Legacy of Bush Policies Continue to Drive Large Deficits



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  1. Yet another fact so often ignored —

  2. Jeb Bush following the normal route to announcing a candidacy “writes” a book (one btw he seems not to have actually read), seeks publicity and gets it, accepts invite to speak at CPAC… I heard someone say he was on the easily recognizable and classic “paint by number” route to announcing.

    Can the republicans find someone willing to stick to a principle? Why, yes, I think they can! Santorum seems stuck on stupid and I don’t remember that he ever wavered from that position. He wants control over women, he wants his brand of religion to be the law of the land and the form of government for our country, he hates gays and wants everyone else to hate them as badly as he does. I didn’t mention Santorum’s hypocrisy in getting his wife an abortion while wanting no other woman ever to have that life-saving procedure available because it seems to me HYPOCRISY is a requirement for republicans.

    I’ll reword the question. Can the republicans find someone electable who is willing to stick to a principle? Christy? I think it’s possible. That brings us to another question. Can the republicans nominate someone who is electable?

    Maybe Jeb is a different sort of Bush than W? Maybe. Maybe he has different backers and supporters? Maybe. I’m not willing to chance it in my lifetime.

  3. The intro graphic demonstrates what we all know. Those who should become aware of it won’t, and if introduced thereto, will either ignore, or deny its credibility.

    I’m to the point of expressing my utter dismay over the continued purposeful ignorance of necessary facts (on both ends of the spectrum) to all, but I refrain, as it wouldn’t do any good, and I’d just continue to be angry. For now, “a pox on both their houses”.

  4. See the dude with the bow tie? Could have been me 40 years ago.

    BTW, other than PP, really doubt the topic/discussion will “light your fire”.

    • Wow. That was one hammer that hit the nail squarely on the head!

      • Lessons there. Guess you’d have to want to learn them.

        “Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not.” (Jer. 5:21, King James version)