Saturday, 3/2/13, Public Square



by | March 2, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. rick liebst

    At times I wish I was just as mindless as some people on facebook. I read comments about how the President is ploting to distroy the country by the economy. How he is wanting to take away their S.S. and their food stamps?
    The same people that often will complain that both programs are being too liberal?

    • It’s pretty awful, isn’t it, Rick? There was a time when Americans were proud to be the model form of government everyone looked up to. We were Americans first and everything else like republican, democrat, white, black were all part of what made ours the best way to run a country. We showed pride in our diversity and our ability to compromise for the best of all.

      That was before the Tea Party and Evangelinuts!

      Now, everyone who has a memory that didn’t begin on January 20, 2009, knows the majority of our debt is from two massive tax cuts and two wars, plus an unfunded expansion of Medicare — all Bush policies. We all also acknowledge the truth that federal taxes are at their lowest point in over 50 years, and that President Obama has spent less than any president since President Eisenhower. We’re able to look at austerity programs in Europe and recognize their abysmal failure.

      We need jobs! Jobs was the promise that got many of the ‘problem children’ elected to the House in 2010. Once elected they set out on their destructive agenda of making President Obama a one-term president — which failed. Now they seem determined to make sure they shrink government to a size that will easily fit in a woman’s vagina, and protect their wealthy donors. Taking our country down, along with the world’s economy, doesn’t seem to be too high a price to pay to accomplish their selfish goals. In my family we called what the republicans are doing “cutting off your nose to spite your face.”

      A large majority of women, adult men, minorities, all people capable of thinking have a challenge ahead of us. I’m betting we can make a BIG dent in this challenge at the 2014 midterms. You see, all of us have intact memories!

    • Rick — want some backup? I sent you a request a while back.

  2. For some historical context, Rep. Peck was the guy who said a few years ago that the solution to the immigrant problem was to shoot them from helicopters like “feral hogs.” Since redistricting, his district now includes much of Butler and Cowley Counties.

    Rep. Virgil Peck, R-Tyro, was the only House member last week who voted against a bill that would compel Kansas public schools to forbid bullying of students by teachers or parents. “The bullying legislation has always been a top priority of the homosexual group,” he said. “I’ve never been a fan.”