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  1. You remember the insurance salesman (Producer) from TBTSNBN? Paul was his name, if I remember correctly. He was also once hauled into federal court for his part in abortion protests. You know who I’m talking about, don’t you?

    Well, read this and smile, it’s short and an easy read. Karma. đŸ™‚

    Health Insurance ‘Producers’ About to be on Life Support

  2. wicked

    I know, I’m not around much these days. It’s been crazy. But I wanted to comment on one of prairiepond’s comments yesterday, where she said:

    Any one else think Bennie is getting out of Dodge just in time? Rumor has it (and it is just a rumor) that the reason they are building him his swanky cloister INSIDE the Vatican is to give him immunity from prosecution from the many pending cases around the world as regards abuse by church clergy and affiliated employees.

    Not only do I think the reason to keep Benny close is because he’ll be impossible to get to, I’m totally convinced. Even before becoming Pope, he was the keeper of the pedophilia secrets. Yes, there were those under him (no, not in that way!) who did the footwork and collected the secrets, but it was Benny’s job to keep them locked away where no one but he could get to. One good reason to make him pope, right? I have no doubt he still has full access and will still be in charge of the files and files and files, kept in a locked vault. After all, these secrets must be kept hidden. If not, the Catholics remaining might flee the church, as millions before them have already done. Even the brainwashed have their limits.

    • What’s the weird deal with him keeping his secretary at night? Did I hear correctly that his secretary will ‘serve’ the new Pope in the daytime but go back to Benny each night?

  3. You heard correct, Fnord. And Andrew Sullivan, a conservative Catholic blogger, and also a gay man, swears Ratzinger is gay. He does not know or speculate if the former pope has acted on his orientation, but he says you only have to meet the guy once to know. I’m not a big fan of that kind of speculation. I don’t see a queer under every tea cup, but I think in this case, it’s all kind of funny and in good humor. Anyway, I think the pope is frail and infirm enough that he probably can’t stay by himself overnight, and this guy has been his closest personal aide for many years, so it makes sense he would stay with the pope at night.

    But…hee hee heeeeee, Sullivan sure raises interesting questions. There was a local priest here who, after retirement, came out as gay but also as having never acted on that any more than most hetero priests don’t act on their orientations. It’s helpful when someone as widely respected as Father D comes out and makes note that even queers can control themselves when needed. I didn’t always agree with him, in fact I rarely did, but i do respect his integrity.

    • Yep! People are people are people. There are bad apples in this basket of people. There are batches of kind, compassionate, trying-their-best good apples too.

      Until the racists, homophobes, sexists… get to the point where human rights are available to all humans we aren’t the people we should be striving to be. I don’t expect biases and prejudices to ever be eliminated but I have high (apple pie in the sky) hopes that all humanity can someday be treated with the same level of dignity.

    • When we finally stop struggling to reach this simple concept will be a good day for all of us.

  4. (from the link): Small-government advocates often claim that high taxes hold the economy back. But a new report finds that states without a personal income tax have experienced slower economic growth than states with high income tax rates.

    That may be inconvenient news for several Republican governors, who have recently proposed cutting or eliminating the personal income tax in their states. Louisiana and North Carolina have proposed ending their state’s income taxes, and Oklahoma and Kansas are considering cutting theirs.

    States Without Personal Income Tax Experience Slower Growth: Report

  5. In Blind Poll, Republicans Choose Progressive Budget Solutions Over Their Own Party’s
    Of three major proposals, majority of voters choose one least discussed amid “sequester” madness

    (from the link): “To describe the poll’s approach, the Insider explains: “Surveys have found that asking people about just titles of plans or telling people who proposed policy, changes the results, so the point of this poll was to see what people thought of the plans when they were fully explained, but also stripped of partisan labels.”

    In fact, without the proper labels, the poll found that a majority of Republican respondents rejected the official plan put forward by the House GOP leadership.

    So what crazy, socialist, and destructive ideas did these self-identified Republicans endorse?”

  6. rick liebst

    LOL reading the quotes and watching the talking heads of Fox News reminds me of the ole saying about keeping one’s mouth shut and appearing to be foolish is better then to open one’s mouth and leaving no doubt! Just the picture of Bachman reminded me of it then I read the comment..

  7. Jeff Nguyen

    As they say in America, the s–t just got real.

    • Hi Jeff, welcome to Triple PS. Yes. America was built by diversity which meant we not only listened we respected differences and made decisions based around what was best from all the ideas. It worked well.