Monday, 2/25/13, Public Square



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  1. wicked

    How soon they forget.

  2. Ya know, it’s one thing for politicians and other assorted big money idiots to have selective memory. Lots of things disappear down the memory hole.

    But, HOW TF do majorities of voters in many states lose their collective minds and memories? HOW do they not see the lies, the twisting of the truth and the rewriting of history. Are we, as a nation, that god damn stupid?

    Apparently so. And Kansas seems to be the dumbest of the dumb. The governor’s budget director makes a huge and material lie, and it’s passed off as a mistake and mistakes happen all the time?

    And these are the ass wipes we are entrusting with the state’s future fiscal health? These are the incompetent liars we are allowing to experiment with our tax system, our education system, our judicial selection process and our health care? And we vote them in, year after year, and give them ever more power? When they are clearly liars, thieves and incompetent shills for big money?

    Do I have to say it?

    Jesus wept.

  3. Talked to some of my pals in Texas last night. Both work for federally funded programs in the state’s health department, whatever the agency name du jour is. Between Rick Perry and the sequester cuts to federally funded state programs, the state’s entire health care program is on the verge of collapse and thousands of state jobs are in jeopardy.

    Anyone who thinks Grover Norquist is a washed up, irrelevant has been is kidding themselves. The beast is being starved. Government is shrinking so rapidly that there will be no need to drag it into the bathtub and drown it. It’s going to starve to death right on the living room floor. Thomas Frank was oh so correct about the right not only defunding the left, but defunding government in general.

    And Democrats keep going right along with it, all in the spirit of compromise. They are going to compromise us right along the Republican plans to, after all these years, FINALLY kill the social safety net and drive a stake through Roosevelt’s heart, no matter that he’s been dead for all these decades.

    We need to remember that right wing reactionaries have long memories. Except when they don’t. See: GWB.

    • I saw a figure sometime recently of the percentage of voters who call themselves republicans. It was in the low 20s. And I know each and every one of the people who make up that number want revenge and want to kill government even if they don’t understand the effect it will have on them personally. They really are that dumb. I predict they won’t recognize the truth even when it slaps them down hard. Their excuses will be pathetic and everyone but them will recognize them as nonsense.

      But the good news is their numbers are very small. Due to redistricting they’ll probably do fairly well in House races for a few more years, but they’ll continue to lose Senate seats and have zero chance of winning the U.S. presidency.

      The state level is where a lot of the action is going on. We in Kansas have a front row seat. I fully expect the majority of Kansans to fall in the camp of not recognizing the truth. There will be a long list of excuses and none will come close to identifying the problem.

  4. The snow has begun here on the East side, with very strong gusty winds. Everyone stay safe.