Saturday, 2/23/13, Public Square

min wage


by | February 23, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. Bob White

    Not “just!” The worst part of this fact is that he doesn’t even try to earn any of it. Being “elected” means one is privileged, not worthy.

  2. Someone has probably done the math to figure out what these yahoos earn per hour. Even if the figuring was generous in allowing they earn for time they are fund raising I’m sure it would be a high number.

  3. After 50 Years, the Voting Rights Act’s Biggest Threat: The Supreme Court
    One of the most popular and successful federal laws in America survived decades of partisan congresses and administrations. Next week, the justices may finally dismantle it.

    (from the link): Nearing its 50th birthday, the act has become a part of our national lore. One of the crowning achievements of the civil rights movement (and of the Johnson Administration), it was designed by its creators to finally give meaningful legal remedies to minority citizens — blacks, mostly, but not exclusively — who for generations had been precluded from voting (or from having their votes fairly counted) by a dizzying flurry of discriminatory state practices.

  4. G-stir

    What really amazes me about Boehner, and toad-face (Mcconnell) is that these 2 clowns were running the Congress from 2000-2006 during the age of Shrubbery. They couldn’t spend our money fast enough- 2 wars on a credit card, tax reductions for the 1% (paid by the 99%), etc……

    Now these clowns come back and say they have gotten “enlightenment” and now “see the way”.

    I would like to see someone on national TV ask them where the get the nerve to show their faces in DC after what they did to our country, and where do they get he nerve to cash their unearned pay checks!

    • wicked

      Don’t you mean turtle-face? McConnell truly does look like the cartoon with the tortoise and the hare. I wonder if he’s hiding one of those little tails under his suit coat?

    • They don’t remember anything that happened before the world began on January 20, 2009. That memory loss seems to have spread throughout the entire Republican Party! It’s pathetic.

      • G-stir

        What’s even more disgusting is that they think that domineering the middle class, the people that pay the bills, is going to change things for the better.

        Citizen evolvement and term limits. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Here is my philosophical problem with term limits. Simply, the lack of experience in Congress, e.g., further empowers the professional bureaucracy, which is a) unelected and b) pretty darned powerful as it is. From a theoretical perspective, I totally agree; it’s the practical effects that concern me.