Friday, 2/22/13, Public Square



by | February 22, 2013 · 6:00 am

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    • Hello, Bob. Hope you’re doing well, digging out and that you and yours are warm, safe and well fed. 🙂

      I just finished the big ole driveway, and cleared grassy areas front and back for my Ginger girl. She was pretty miserable and needed some grass in order to ‘assume the pose.’

      • Bob White

        I’m both apologetic and embarrassed to admit this fact to all of you, but during the winter months I’m a seasonal resident of Ft Myers, FL. Please don’t tease me about it! And, I missed the big snow which is part of my motive. Obviously, I still follow the bloggers I like.

      • I think you’re the smartest one here! 🙂 And it makes me tickled pink that such a smart blogger keeps looking in here!

        The next storm predicted to bring *signigicant* snowfall isn’t supposed to arrive until late tomorrow. Currently we’re in a WINTER STORM WATCH and they’re predicting a blizzard by Monday early morning.

        I went to the store again even tho I still have both bread and milk from the last time I stocked up in advance of a storm. I have enough food to feed an army, the pets won’t worry about being hungry either. The next twenty people who go to the bathroom could choose their own private roll of TP. I even have an extra tube of tooth paste for EACH bathroom, and extra tooth brushes.

        I consider this overkill to the Nth degree so surely that will ward off any storm!

      • I forgot to mention those sadistic people doing this weather predicting are saying we will see 30 mph winds with this next storm.

  1. From our dear friend, Mr. Witt:

    BREAKING NEWS: Kansas Supreme Court upholds right of same-sex couples to enter into co-parenting agreements. From Frazier v. Goudschaal: “The coparenting agreement between the biological mother and her same-sex partner contained no element of immorality or illegality and did not violate public policy.” More info to come later.