Tuesday, 2/19/13, Public Square



by | February 19, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. Another winning graphic that says so much. And I love the Rosebud Red note. Good job, Fnord!

  2. Good morning, Pond. I had a good rest, ready for a new day. 🙂 Today everyone will be doing what needs to be done in preparation for winter weather. Sounds like the northern part of the state could get bunches of snow, and the southern parts ICE (see me cringe). Oh well, we’ll take any moisture with thanks and remember that storms at this time of year rarely last long.

    • Yeah, I have to go to town today to get ready. The last time we had this much snow, 8-12 inches, I couldn’t get out of my yard for almost 10 days. Cat food, apples, oranges, onions, dog cookies, bread, eggs, etc. All the things we need for the next ten days plus my well stocked freezer.

      They are predicting ice here, too, and 22mph winds, and that is when the power goes out. I hope the predictions are wrong because I don’t have an alternative source of heat and water, nor am I capable of managing a generator and fuel when things are icy. Just lots of quilts and hope the power isn’t off for a week! I’ll fill the bathtub and all available containers of water and we’ll cross our fingers and paws.

      I know we need the moisture, but I’d rather have ten days of rain than this. Again. I’ve had my fill of snow for the winter.

      • wicked

        I’ll keep you and the weather in my thoughts and prayers and hope the storm isn’t as bad as predicted. Sometimes the weather guys/gals make mistakes. We were lucky on the farm. Although our heat came from an old floor furnace, we could override the thermostat and keep it burning low during those power outages. I remember one year during a blizzard that my dad, 15 miles away and just outside of town, had no heat. I remember calling him to make sure he was okay, and he said he’d decided to stay in bed for the duration, with a ton of blankets on top. If I recall, it lasted over 3 days. Here’s hoping yours doesn’t last more than 1!!

    • wicked

      I noticed the Arkansas is up. Still too many “islands” in it, but more water than there was a few weeks ago. I’m not looking forward to the winter weather, but shouldn’t be surprised. Maybe March will usher in the warmer weather we’ve been teased with. Then again, it’s Kansas, land of loonies (Brownback et al), with weather to match.

  3. From what I’m reading the teapublicans will force the “sequester” so they can protect the wealthiest people in our country while trashing everyone else and the economy. Of course, it goes without saying they will blame it all on President Obama and they’ve still got Fox “News” to help spread the lies! Then, shortly after they throw the country back into choas that could easily have been averted they’ll introduce a bill to address only the cuts to defense. Thus, they hope, getting democrats to vote against it so they can trash them as being weak on defense.

    I have confidence the evangelinuts will find time to introduce bills sticking it to women even while ruining the economy. They’re on auto pilot on women bashing bills.

    • Speaking of lies, can you believe how blatantly Brownback and his little dog Anderson have been lying about state spending, budget, etc? WTF? I guess they think we are all so stupid we won’t notice? I went to college with Anderson and sat next to him in many classes since we were both finance majors and his grandparents were from WaKeeney. I’m ashamed to say we had the same education. I guess I just chose to use mine for good and not evil.

      What a bunch of lyin’ bastards. Good for the Wichita Eagle for unraveling the lies and then publishing the truth. Sorry to say, though, the people of Kansas will swallow any lie as long as Pastor Sam or any Repuke is telling it.

      • wicked

        I have no doubt that Brownie said Anderson would take the fall for this one. Not that those who have brains believe any of their b.s.

  4. Today is the 19th of February. Congress has worked a total of 15 days this year.

      • wicked

        While at the skating rink yesterday evening, I saw something on CNN that proves McCain has gone off the edge and into pure insanity. And he’s STILL a flip-flopper.

        McCain: ‘We have had a massive cover-up’

        (CNN) – Sen. John McCain said Sunday that he is still looking for answers to what he called “a massive cover-up” in the aftermath of the attack on the U.S. diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya, in September.

        “The information has not been forthcoming,” McCain said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “I know that it hasn’t, and I will be glad to send you a list of questions that have not been answered.”

      • Uh huh, McCain and Lindsey Graham are still trying to figure out why there was confusion during the confusion.

        I don’t remember ever witnessing a more vindictive person in my whole life than McCain has turned out to be.

    • Probably a good thing. They do less harm that way. Too bad they can’t work for the common good. Then we’d wish them more days of work. I do think they should get paid by the day, not the year.