Monday, 2/18/13, Public Square



by | February 18, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. A thought: once upon a time, both Lincoln’s Birthday (2/12) AND Washington’s Birthday (2/22) were celebrated. Now, a “unified” day. Thinking that two days off is better (long term) than one, even if such is frowned upon by many.

  2. Can’t wait until we have President Hillary Clinton national holiday….

  3. Is everyone watching Rachel host the “Iraq War Lies” special tonight? Don’t forget, MSNBC at 8pm our time. Probably nothing we don’t already know, but it’s always nice for Americans to remember what happened and why Shrub, Condi, Rummy and Darth Cheney, along with John Yoo and others, should be tried for war crimes.

  4. Others = George Tenet and added assorted administration criminals like Dan Senor.

    • I’m not just watching but recording too, so I can go back to anything I want to hear again. Looking forward to it! Yes, Americans must remember and we must do what is in our power to keep anyone from repeating these atrocious acts again!

  5. In honor of Presidents Day, Harvard University tweeted a link to a new version of Kennedy’s inaugural address–a video released two years ago celebrating the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s legacy. Titled “Let the Word Go Forth,” the video, produced by the Harvard Kennedy School, commemorates the Kennedy presidency and recreates his inaugural address featuring many familiar faces and voices.