Sunday, 2/17/13, Public Square



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  1. Here’s some of what I’ve been reading and finding very interesting —

    This one is a couple of days old, but stocked full of valuable information!

    The best reason to worry about the deficit


    This one is a blog post and because we’re all looking forward to the new documentary, “HUBRIS: SELLING THE IRAQ WAR” that will air beginning tomorrow night at 8 pm, I thought it would be a good idea to remember what went on, refresh our memories, revisit…

    Iraq: Was it Worth it?…Are You Kidding Me?


    And finally, Mother Jones has a piece about that Iraq documentary too:

    “Hubris”: New Documentary Reexamines the Iraq War “Hoax”
    An MSNBC film, hosted by Rachel Maddow and based on Michael Isikoff and David Corn’s book, finds new evidence that Bush scammed the nation into war.

    • When you hear the neocons banging the drums of war, remember John McCain singing, “Bomb, bomb Iran,” and remember how they lied us into war last time — a war that killed so many, injured so many, didn’t make anyone safer, and we’re still borrowing money to pay for! It’s easy to put unpleasant things out of mind, but we can’t forget. We owe our soldiers at least that much. It will happen again if we don’t keep these memories alive.

    • Bob White

      Yes, it might be art in the eyes of some and he is correct it won’t work so it shouldn’t be taken seriously. Of course, we could just move toward a simple majority rule and let every vote cast count equally; national for national, state for state, county for county and city for city, etc. Then, the GOP could become constructive or simply ‘go-away’: except for, “What’s The Matter With Kansas!”

  2. (from the link): Republicans have long sought to dismantle government to hand it over to privatization and enrich their corporate donors, as well as to advance the notion that government services are failures and cannot succeed unless they function under the private control of free market capitalists. What rankles Republicans more than anything are government programs that are popular, successful, and self-sustaining, and it explains their decades-long assault on the Social Security Trust, Medicare, and recently, the Postal Service.

  3. He sure turned out to be a weasel. One of the leaders of the clown troupe they call the Republican Party.

  4. WOW, talk about turning your spears to plowshares…

    From Mozambique: an Ak-47 turned into a saxophone

    Transforming Arms into Tools