Sunday, 2/3/13, Public Square

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  1. Yes, I’ve posted it before, but “Pick and Choose” is always worth a listen and a laugh. Get past the brief ad in the beginning which annoys the hell out of me, but at least it’s only a few seconds.

    Love Jack Black as Jesus. Makes a great point that Christians “pick and choose” the parts they want to put in the constitution.

  2. Now, to be fair, I think not all Christians do this – it seems to be these Fundamental Evangelical Mega Churches that do the most picking and choosing.

    I also believe this is more of a strategy to get the sheeple into the Us vs Them mentality. And when you belong to their group – then you are always in the right and those folks ‘over there’ are always wrong.

    And, of course, your reward will be you get to go to Heaven and those ‘over there’ will go to Hell.

    That’s pretty powerful enticement – and a powerful strategy to keep the sheeple following their Pied Piper without thinking for themselves.

    Bottom line – though – that Us vs Them mentality is a very good way to raise funds – ie tax-free dollars flowing into the Mega Church’s collection plates.

    Ah-Hah… you think I have hit the nail on its head ?

    The only true God these Corporate Mega Churches worship is the Almighty Dollar.

    But these false prophets know that a picture of Jesus and a Golden Cross will bring in the sheeple faster than if they erected a statue of their real God – a Dollar Sign.

    Back to my original statement – I do think there are some Christians who truly do try to live by the teachings of Jesus – compassion, empathy, loving others as they love themselves .

    But the fact is – these true Christians are a rare commodity.

    And another sad fact is – most of these true Christians are not in a church somewhere – they are usually people like my Grandpa. Quietly living their lives and trying their best to do what is morally right – even when people are not looking.

    • And, of course, your reward will be you get to go to Heaven

      Now I ask you – what is the difference between that belief I stated above and these Radical Islamists believing they will be rewarded with 40 virgins for doing Alla’s work?

      It’s all in perspective folks….

  3. The basis of religion is fear, and fear is the republicans stock and trade. Be afraid, very afraid. The basis of Christianity is love.

  4. Isn’t Sunday the big day for organized religion? It’s payday! Hand over the bucks.

  5. Igby peru

    This should provide me some amusement. fnord is not a word according to spell check.( I hate those glaring squiggly red lines messing up my master pieces.) Consider the possibility that every thing we know is based on belief (A synonym for personal preference). Belief frees an individual from fear and therefore perpetuated and embellishes. Questions about a belief require circular logic answers so as not to expose the original fear. Small minds can easily be trapped creating derision responses. fnord has been trapped by derision organized religion and I have been trapped by fnord.

    • Hello, Igby peru.

      Amusement is always encouraged here. I can’t think of anyone except yourself who thinks of a blog post as a masterpiece.

      fnord is a word used in Robert Anton Wilson’s trilogy, The Illuminati Papers. In Wilson’s trilogy, truth is revealed to those who know where to look. The enlightened can see fnord in the empty spaces between unjustified columns of text in newspapers and magazines. Called sticky spots, these spaces are not really blank, but contain fnord.

      Synonyms for belief: acceptance, admission, assent, assumption, assurance, avowal, axiom, certainty, conclusion, confidence, conjecture, conviction, credence, credit, deduction, divination, expectation, faith, fancy, feeling, guess, hope, hypothesis, idea, impression, intuition, judgment, knowledge, mind, mindset, notion, opinion, persuasion, position, postulation, presumption, presupposition, profession, reliance, supposition, surmise, suspicion, theorem, theory, thesis, thinking, trust, understanding, view

      Personal preference is also encouraged here.

    • There is another comment pending. The email address is very slightly changed from the email address used by Igby peru, but using a different nic. I read between the lines and decided not to approve that pending comment until you decide what nic you wish to use when posting at the Triple Ps blog.

      We’re very peaceful here but additionally pretty picky about who joins us. We have rules and we enforce them.

      “Nic switching and trolling are not acceptable. If that is your game, go elsewhere.”

      • We have not picked up a troll for a very long time. Congrats, Fnord. They love you, don’t they? Good call waiting on the approval. Now that TBTSNBN has a paywall, I hope we don’t pick up more.

      • Perhaps fnord hit a raw nerve when organized religion is NEVER to be questioned?

        Or – maybe – the money vendors dont’ like it when the average people can see right through their empty souls and know what game they are playing?

        God – I wish Jesus would come back soon and clean out his Temple again from all these money vendors and false prophets.

      • Igby peru

        The problem is not the problem. It is your attitude about the problem that is the problem.

        Guess who meme: Hint ….. not mine ……. not mine ….. not ……….

      • If I could buy Fundy Christian Republicans for what they are worth and sell them for what they THINK they are worth – I could pay off the national debt, have enough money to give every American a living-wage job and still have money to give these Fundies a run for their tax-free money.

        Yeah – that’s right….I would build a bunch of churches that preach AGAINST these Fundies and get just as much tax-free money as the Fundies are currently raking in..

        Only difference will be – MY churches will actually be mandated to do some good in the community – not just TAKE-TAKE-TAKE and to make sure the preacher has a bright new shiny luxury car to go cruising for his hot dates..

  6. Now that TBTSNBN has a paywall, I hope we don’t pick up more.
    You know CON leeches never pay for anything – they just TAKE-TAKE-TAKE and then bitch and moan about how persecuted they are…

    Their act is getting very old….

  7. The problem is not the problem. It is your attitude about the problem that is the problem.
    Is this your justification for being the problem? Sure sounds like you have printed up a bunch of those Free Passes and are now professing God and the Bible have given you a free pass to do whatever you want.

    That’s not true Christianity – or faith of any kind. That is just nothing more than a CON game…