Saturday, 2/2/13, Public Square

Weather-predicting groundhog declares an early spring



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  1. My three pets, two cats and one dog, are way ahead of schedule on the spring shedding. The cats love to be brushed and I’ve learned over the many years that in the spring they lose hair by the bunches and gobs. That has already started. I’m pretty sure none of them checks a calendar so I’m going with early spring…

  2. I sure hope that early spring comes with a bunch of spring rain. The NWS says it won’t, but hey, everyone can be wrong sometimes. We need rain more than I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.

    • I watched a two-part series on The Dust Bowl that PBS aired a month so ago. It’s impossible to get those images out of my mind. And I’ve read several reports that today’s drought is second only to The Dust Bowl. Scary stuff that!

  3. (from the link): “He said companies ask the foundation to help state officials pass laws and regulations that make it easier to expand charter schools, require students to take online education courses, and do other things that could result in business and profits for them.”

    E-mails link Bush foundation, corporations and education officials

    • Corporate Schools – Corporate Prisons – Corporate Churches – Corporate Health Care – Corporate Military – ‘Corporate Politics

      Did I leave out anything? – Oh yeah, we have a Corporate
      Church (Catholics) buying up all the hospitals and health care clinics) – that is a double whammy of Corporate Crappola.

      Is this the America that claims to be the land of the free? Is this really how the guaranteed right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is accomplished?

      Exactly – how is corporate profits before people going to help out country remain strong?

      As we’ve seen – the rich get richer, the poor get poorer and the middle working class gets to pay the bill – while seeing their paychecks shrink and their benefits taken away.

      What really galls me is when these Corporate Church preachers then get on their political stumps and screeches about how their religious freedom is being threatened and how the country is a Christian nation.

      Which brings up another guaranteed right – the freedom of religion.

      Hmmm….what if I choose to be a Muslim – how do you think those Corporate Churches are going to feel about me?

      But….but…I have the guaranteed right to choose my religion – don’t I?

      Yeah, sure…….but don’t ever turn your back on those Corporate Church people….they’re salivating for their much-desired Holy War where the Christians get revenge on all Muslims.

      • “Corporate Schools – Corporate Prisons”

        The owners don’t care if children fail in the corporate schools because that helps ensure they will add to the profits of the corporate prisons.

  4. wicked

    There’s an abundance of robins each day in my backyard, and while a Google search leans more towards them not being a sign of spring, I’m looking on the bright side.

    Also super-enjoyed the cardinal I could hear but not see in the neighbor’s yard when he decided to come perch in the tiny tree by my shed to say good morning. I’m a sucker for cardinals.

    • When we moved here 23 years ago we had eight ‘evergreen’ trees, cedar and pine, that are gone now. Ice storms, disease… killed them. We still have cardinals but not nearly as many as when we had their preferred nesting places spread all over the yard. I’m a sucker for cardinals too. 🙂