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  1. I watched as a bitter, old man and a big fat sore loser, John McCain showed a former Senator – and by accounts a good friend of McCain’s – total disgust and total dishonor and contempt.

    And McCain thinks he is going to leave a legacy to be proud of?

    I call B.S. on that idea.

    McCain embodies everything the current GOP has become – old, bitter, angry white males who think their God has given them special privileges to be dictators of the rest of us. And the more wars they can start – the better.

    I call B.S. on this curent GOP and it needs to be fumigated from the likes of McCain and his other BFF – Lindsay Graham.

    I did some research on Graham and I learned that Mr. Lindsay has stated – several times – that he is a Gulf War Veteran.

    It’s been reported that Lindsay’s Reserve unit was called up and some of his unit did deploy to the Gulf to do actual combat.

    Lindsay, however, never left the safety of America’s borders – he was processing wills and paperwork for the real veterans.

    Now – shall we ask Lindsay if he is wrong for claiming to be a Gulf War Veteran?

    Technically – LIndays is a Gulf War ERA Vetetran – he never saw combat and he never left the safety of our shores.

    As for Johnnie McCain – he is a decorated Vietnam War Veterand and former POW. I don’t doubt his military service.

    But wait a minute Johnnie – back in 2000 you stated that Chuck Hagel would make an excellent Secretary of Defense.

    Here’s a direct question to you – Johnnie – were right or wrong in 2000? Come on – it’s a direct question and I expect a direct answer.

    Just let these Republicans keep showing their poop-filled Depends to the American voters. And let them keep screaming to go to war – and let’s not forget McCain was salivating at the thought of bomb, bomb, bomb Iran back in 2008.

    It appears this old bitter war mongerer has still got that salivating problem…

    • Be very leery of any person so willing to send your loved ones into actual combat for their much-desired wars.

      Wow – for being known as God’s Party that values the sanctity of life – these Republicans sure do treat fellow Americans’ lives as nothing more than chess pieces when it comes to doing the actual dying and fighting for their wars for profit.

    • Standing ovation, Indy. That was a righteous rant! Worthy of four bangs.!!!!

    • McCain sure wants someone to tell him he has been right about all those hawkish war decisions, and he isn’t giving up or facing facts. Most people are like Hagel and see the complications, the disastrous results, the loss of lives as reason to reevaluate and learn lessons that will be helpful experience to draw on for future decisions.

      bomb, bomb, Iran — ’bout wraps up the neocon McCain on foreign affairs.

      McCain may have suffered more injuries during his service to his country than are being acknowledged. That’s sad, because I don’t think help is possible until you admit to needing it.

  2. The GOP needs to listen to some Bob Dylan. “The times they are a changing” sort of thing. The majority no longer has an appetite for war. The country sees how they were duped into squandering blood and treasure in Iraq and Afghanistan. The country sees the effects of income inequality and bankster fraud. The GOP may do some damage and utter some last gasps until the next census seven years from now, but people may need that long to take in the damage being done at the state level. And then? The GOP needs to be very afraid. The states will also either right their ships or sink, depending on how quickly and how well they boot their destructive GOP majorities. I have no idea if Kansas will save itself or not. Its slavish devotion to the R may be the final stake through the heart for the People of the Wind.

    • I don’t expect the Republican Party to last seven more years unless some hard facts are faced and the evangelinuts along with the tea baggers are kicked to the curb. The tea baggers will die of old age, and the evangelinuts need to go back to their respective churches or form their own party for nut cases who want America to be a theocracy.

      Then there are the Libertarians. They’ve always been a small minor group of well-armed nuts . I was reading something about one of them wanting to buy Detroit. Maybe they’ll all make their own AynRandland and live happily ever after showing off their guns to one another.

      • You know that old saying……the size of a man’s gun equals the size of his _____.

        Do we really need a mental picture of these Republicans doing that ?

        Seriously……If these Republicans are so upset and fearful so much – then why not just leave the country? They are free to go where they choose….or can I choose a place for them to go?


        I choose Iran – and then that would be the one time I would say – Israel, go get ’em.

  3. Let’s see …..the DOW hit the 14,000 mark…

    Now what were these Republicans yammering about how the black man in the White House was out to destroy America?

    Besides that – if this was under one of their boys in the White House – every one of these Republicans would be dressed in their finest tu-tu’s and be prancing all over the place …..

    Yeah, I said tu’tu’s.

  4. I don’t know how many still receive the Eagle, but the piece by Thomas Friedman in today’s paper rang true to me in very many ways. He concisely articulates many of the thoughts I have had over time, and occasionally tried to pass along.
    The most striking point he makes is one I have held for quite a while, to wit: even though it has been a long held principle of economics that with an increase in productivity, the economy grows, ultimately benefitting everyone, there is no economic law that holds technological progress has to benefit everyone. This is exactly what has been happening after the “Great Recession”. Productivity has increased due to technological progress, but it has not benefited everyone. Thus, the new order requires that it is not sufficient to be a hard worker; it is additionally necessary for the worker to be better educated in the “right” way, so the skills developed will be complementary to technolgy,rather than nes that can be easily replaced by it.
    The point is, to me, that instead of waiting for “all the jobs to come back”, it is necessary to understand that to return to reduced unemployment, new products and services need to be created, so that these workers, who also have the obligation to relearn, have the opportunity to be employed.
    I have shorthanded this quite a bit, but the core is above. What this means is obvious, there must be better provision for education, rather than less; there must be a change in education, such that there is the foundation laid for lifelong learning, rather than specific skills training; and, the prospective worker must accept the need to continue to learn. In other words, everything Sam the Sham and his henchmen are doing in this area is the opposite of what needs to be done, AND the policies of our local officials to retain aircraft employment above everything else is shortsighted and grossly negligent.
    What say you, fellow PPPers?

    • The secret to success is being willing to learn, unlearn, and relearn.

      I don’t know who said the above or I would credit them. It’s always been the truth, but is now also mandatory. It’s even mandatory for an old woman like me who isn’t productive, isn’t contributing, isn’t interested in employment. In order to communicate with my family and friends I must endeavor to keep up or be satisfied with pleasantries that don’t measure up to or replace the ability to communicate.

      • You’re not old; you’re productive (but, as am I not as efficient), you’re contributing (just ask your family), and, OK, you’re not interested in emplyment. All that said, all of us must be willing to learn, unlearn, and relearn, or be consigned to the slag heap of oblivion. I’ve likely said this many times before, I love to learn. It just doesn’t (didn’t) pay very well.

  5. On a completely different topic, I have been “diagnosed” with cataracts on both eyes. One, I knew was there; the other came as a surprise. Waiting for the next step.
    I guess this explains why my vision has gone bad lately. Once the surgery is done, and recovery is through, I’ll likely be able to participate more than I’ve been recently. It’s difficult to keyboard when it’s a bit difficult to see well. I am missing the temporary improvement that accompanied the dilation; for a few hours, my overall vision was better than it had been for the past few months. Sigh.

    • Sorry to hear this news 6176…….here’s hoping the next step goes well..

      and you’re back on the keyboard just as bright-eyed and bushy tailed as before.