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    • This guy was wonderful.

      And Gabby Giffords was mighty wonderful her own self. Loved her passion and how she was not self conscious. Such a miracle that she lived and recovered at all, much less to be functioning, even if she needs help. She’s an amazing woman.

      • This guy summed it up so well……we need to get our priorities straight….

        I wonder how long will it take before he is harassed and is getting death threats?

        Just like that neighbor guy that took in those scared 6 kids that morning while their school mates were being murdered in their school?

        How can any person think that harassing a guy that helped to keep 6 kids safe is the monster?

        This society is F__d up – and where are the church leaders in this debate?

        Did I miss the day when all these religious leaders came out against all this gun violence and easy access to human-killing weapons?

        I don’t know -……maybe I missed them all getting it into their heads that Jesus never carried a human-killing weapon – did he?

        Oh, I forgot, maybe Jesus had a loaded assault weapon in his manger on Christmas Night when he was born- it was right next to the damn Christmas tree – that these Fundies claim only belongs to the ‘real’ Christians.

        I call B.S. on all this crappola…

      • Yeah, the conviction, the mannerisms, it was completely her. Only her speech, her vision, and one arm have been affected.

  1. ROFLMAO at the graphic today.

  2. The NRA has released a list of organizations and individuals that have “lent monetary, grassroots or some other type of direct support to anti-gun organizations.” An “enemies list” of sorts. This list is quite amazing and includes:

    American Medical Association
    American Trauma Society
    American Federation of Teachers
    American Association of School Administrators
    American Bar Association
    American Counseling Association
    American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
    American Academy of Pediatrics
    American Nurses Association

    Apparently the NRA thinks the medical community is out to get them! I suppose the folks who spend their days patching up victims of gunshot wounds probably don’t have much love for the NRA?

    The list includes companies, associations and individuals (some of whom are no longer living!) This organization gets creepier by the day. Do their members now have to boycott hospitals and doctors and nurses?

    • Maybe hospitals, doctures and nurses should refuse to treat any NRA member?

      Then watch these piggies squeal…..

      Putting out a list like this sounds eerily similiar to the same type of enemies list these Fundy Anti-Abortion creeps put out…..and we all know what happened to DR. Tiller – don’t we?

      How many years of harassment did that poor man, his family and his staff and their families have to endure – and I wonder, was it because their names were on some damn enemies list?

      These people are dangerous…

  3. If you listen to any of the Hagel confirmation hearings, listen carefully to the war mongers who oppose both Hagel and Obama. I’m pretty sure you’ll hear some war drums being pounded and also be able to easily hear who thinks beyond sending other people’s children to die in unending wars.

    Just as there are people so poor that all they have is money there are people so bereft of humanity that war and killing is their solution to disagreements.

    • Republicans have always loved wars – because they are profitable to all the ‘right’ people.

      Funny thing though……for all their screaming and yelling for wars – I sure don’t see their lily-white butts doing the actual fighting – nor do they send their kids into harms way.

      It’s always the ‘other guy’ over there……

      That former friend of mine – the devout Catholic, Conservative Republican who is so damn proud of the Republicans because they give the military all the funding they want (and then some – ie Romney’s $4 trilllion additional money) – has a son and a son-in-law in the military.

      Both of these guys were in the military under George W. Bush’s years – the Iraq War Years.

      Neither one of these guys ever left the safety of America’s borders. While I had family and friends in the National Guard being called for multiple tours in Iraq – neither one of her family members ever got their butt sent to Iraq.

      So – you see – how easy is it for that former friend of mine to sit and bellow on and on about how great Dubya and the Republicans were during that war. She had no skin in that game……literally.

      She did not really care …because she did not have it come to her front door – the fact that real people have to fight those damn wars Republicans start just because the certain ‘right’ people want to make money…

      I consider this person a former friend – she is also the one that kept sending me those ridiculous, hateful and gossip-filled emails about how Obama is destroying America.

      From what I’ve sesen – GWB and GOP Gang did more than fair share of F__king up America – but yet not one word of demonization from her about those war mongerers.

  4. Just as there are people so poor that all they have is money there are people so bereft of humanity that war and killing is their solution to disagreements


    Sad to say – but these so-called Religious Right Republicans are the first ones to call for going to war so we can kill all those Muslims.

    I’ve seen these Fundies in action….they are some of the most hate-filled, nasty and downright mean people you will ever want to meet.

    Just imagine – these folks are also those who feel it is their God-given right to own as many guns and ammo as they can get their hands on……

    That is a scary thought…

  5. 10 Pro-Gun Myths, Shot Down
    Fact checking some of the gun lobby’s favorite arguments shows they’re full of holes.

  6. (from the link): Here’s the deal. Banks don’t commit fraud; they are used as weapons for fraud by the top bank management to commit fraud. Those in the top management of the megabanks are the ones who are committing the fraud. The banks are just assault rifles, harmless when left in the locked closet. They become dangerous only at the hands of the Hanks, Bobs, Jamies, and Lloyds.

    • While this case is downright scary……let’s not forget who the Newtown shooter was – he was a young male who was a part of their community. He attended the same church as 8 of his young victims. He was from a wealthy, white family. And his own mother bought the guns that he eventually used to kill her.

      All I ever hear from the NRA is how ‘bad guy’s are the enemies. That makes it sound like there is a bunch of bad guys living in the woods nearby and they are the ones we are supposed to be afraid of – which is why we are go buy as many high-powered human-killing guns and as much ammo as we can buy/carry.

      As from this article you posted – this was a young guy with a known history of gun violence – and he was able to amass quite a large arsenal – wasn’t he?

      But the Newtown mass killer was not a person who was on record with any violent past nor was he ever diagnosed with a mental illness (IIRC) and was knwon to the police as a threat.

      What made that Newtown killer dangerous was the fact his mother – a legal gun owner , and by all accounts a law-abiding gun owner – brought human killing weapons into her home that she shared with this troubled young man.

      THAT is a very big factor in the Newtown case…..and any reasonable, rational and caring NRA gun lover would have to concede that fact.

      Let’s just change out the high-powered assault weapon and high-capacity ammo rounds with a handgun with the capability of shooting 6 bullets. Do you think that this Newtown shooter would have been able to kill 20 1st graders and 6 adults in that school if he would have had less lethal firepower?

      That is at least one area where most of the Americans can agree on…..I would hope – and I think the latest polling shows this to be the case.

      So why are these NRA gun lovers and their Pied Piper – Wayne LaPierre – fighting so hard against changing or even looking at changing the current gun laws?

      Could it be that the NRA is more concerned about their members’ profits than the possibility of another mass shooting of 1st graders in some school somewhere?

      I’ve said this before….I am convinced that Republicans are incapable of feeling shame or embarrassment – or else they would be trying to help curb this violence and not stand in the way with their calling for no gun laws at all…..that just does not make any sense.

      • And I sure as Hell do not want any volunteer Teapublican in my granddaughter’s school with a loaded assault weapon.

        These folks cannot even spell – do you really think they can aim a damn gun?

    • Hmmm. Well, it doesn’t seem racist, it does seem silly. Sometimes ads are catchy and this one isn’t. That’s the only opinion I have.

      • That’s about what I concluded…..maybe people on all sides are guilty of this perceived persecution complex?

        There is rarely a Super Bowl ad that I do find catchy or even that well done in recent years.

        But, then again, I am not their targeted audience…

  7. Remember all the reports of how rude and disrespectful McCain could be back when he was a presidential candidate? His treatment of females was reported to be especially egregious. Today I saw that rude, disrespectful man. All because he and Hagel don’t share the same neocon hawkish opinions of war. Few are as hawkish as McCain, and he was a bully today. America certainly is blessed that he never reached a position of greater authority.

    • The country dodged two bullets in 2008 – McCain being president and Sarah Palin being Vice President.

      Can you imagine our country if those two had been in control the past four years?

  8. The republican dominated Kansas legislature is pulling out all the stops in their efforts to destroy our public education system.

    APNewsBreak: GOP plan would amend Kansas Constitution to thwart education funding lawsuit

    (From the link): The education article says that the Legislature shall “make suitable provision for finance” for the state’s “educational interests.” The proposal would add a new sentence saying, “The financing of the educational interests of the state is exclusively a legislative power” and “shall be established solely by the Legislature.”–Kansas-School-Funding

    • I’ve said this before – I truly believe Republican Far Right Wingers are incapable of feeling shame or embarrassment.

      These bullies do NOT care about anything but their 3 things:

      1) Money
      2) Their government-issued check and taxpayer-funded health insurance.
      3) Did I mention Money?

      There is a running theme – don’t you think?