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  1. I think we all know were we stand as a people after yesterday’s shameful heckling of one the the Newtown parents who testified about losing his son in hearing conducted by their state legislature.

    What kind of monsters would do that, would heckle that poor man? They have a right to give opposing testimony, but not to heckle him for his testimony, which, from what I read, was not offensive in any way. He questioned why any human needs assault weapons. And for that, he was publicly heckled.

    I think that about says all that can be said for this debate. It isn’t a debate. It’s a mob of fearful, blood lusting potential insurgents bullying reasoned people trying to curb violence.

    • Do you think some of those heckling the Newtown parent yesterday were also a part of this onslaught of harassment….


    • This is why responsible gun owners are joining in and adding their voices to those who know the time has come for reasonable regulations to curb gun violence.

      Remember the republican debates of a year ago. When did the crowd cheer and when did they boo? There were audiences cheering Texas Governor Perry because his state had put more people to death than any other, at the prospect of somebody dying because they don’t have health care and booing a service member in Iraq because he was gay. These are mean spirited people, and it’s no longer a fringe group of one or two, but has reached the levels of mob violence. Their goal seems to be overthrowing their government.

  2. PP – perhaps this is why we have mobs of people who think bullying is the answer to everything?

    We have way too many people – with way too much time on their hands – and way too much ego-tripping going on……..

    I guess now one has to prove your faith – is that anything like a long-form birth certificate?

    These Fundys are getting out of controll…


    • You know, every year there is anti-bullying legislation introduced in the Kansas legislature. And every year, the Kansas Equality Coalition supports it, and every year, it is defeated by the evangelicals, the catholic church, and other assorted fundy groups.

      Why, you might ask?

      Because they say it infringes on their religious freedom. Their religion DEMANDS the right to be able to bully kids for being gay. They say they are evangelizing and helping those poor queer or questioning kids to see god’s will.

      The rest of us? We call it bullying that’s protected if not outright encouraged by both church and state.

      Do I have to say it? Jesus wept.

      • We’ve got a controversy going on right now in our little town about bullying. I don’t know why the kid in question is being bullied, but it’s an all out assault. His dad is a teacher at the local high school and has resigned so he can move his family. The principal who supported him and tried to stop the bullying has been fired by the school board and replaced with the football coach. Apparently the boys instigating the bullying are athletes. And the supposed ringleader? Oh yeah, his parent is on the school board. Another of the ringleaders has a dad on the county commission.

        See the pattern here? Bullying sanctioned by both church and state and even local school boards. Teachers and principals fired because they tried to stop the bullying. And I heard that over the weekend, local officials like cops, EMS, etc. were called to the home of the boy being bullied. No explanation yet about why or what, if anything, happened.

        I swear to god I have no idea why I continue to live here….

      • I have no idea why this kid is being bullied. But, frequently, straight kids are accused of being gay and bullied for it, and gay kids are routinely bullied in schools all over the nation. I suppose it will take more than just a few dead kids or queers to get anyone to realize bullying is not religious freedom. It’s frequently murder.

        “NEW YORK, April 29, 2011 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Teens who self-identify as homosexual are five times more likely than their heterosexual counterparts to attempt suicide, according to a study released last week.

        The study, published in the journal Pediatrics online on April 18, was conducted in order to determine whether living in a gay friendly social environment affected the risk of a teen identifying as homosexual committing suicide. It found that teens in “unsupportive” social environments were 20 percent more at risk of attempting suicide than those in “supportive” environments.


        The study gathered self-report data from nearly 32,000 grade 11 students in Oregon. The findings also revealed that 21.5 percent of the gay teens surveyed reported suicidal tendencies, while only 4.2 percent of straight teens did the same.”

      • At least some people are trying to do something about the epidemic of suicide among LGBT youth.

        The It Gets Better Project was created to show young LGBT people the levels of happiness, potential, and positivity their lives will reach – if they can just get through their teen years. The It Gets Better Project wants to remind teenagers in the LGBT community that they are not alone — and it WILL get better.

        What is the It Gets Better Project?

        In September 2010, syndicated columnist and author Dan Savage created a YouTube video with his partner Terry Miller to inspire hope for young people facing harassment. In response to a number of students taking their own lives after being bullied in school, they wanted to create a personal way for supporters everywhere to tell LGBT youth that, yes, it does indeed get better.

        The It Gets Better Project™ has become a worldwide movement, inspiring more than 50,000 user-created videos viewed more than 50 million times. To date, the project has received submissions from celebrities, organizations, activists, politicians and media personalities, including President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Adam Lambert, Anne Hathaway, Colin Farrell, Matthew Morrison of “Glee”, Joe Jonas, Joel Madden, Ke$ha, Sarah Silverman, Tim Gunn, Ellen DeGeneres, Suze Orman, the staffs of The Gap, Google, Facebook, Pixar, the Broadway community, and many more. For us, every video changes a life. It doesn’t matter who makes it.

      • I just want to put my arms around all these poor kids and give them a big hug. As someone said to me last night, “I wish that little boy knew that his bulliers will never amount to a pimple on the world’s ass, but he will eventually be just fine.”

        If you have a little spare cash, a contribution would be appreciated.


      • PP – as you have so eloquently pointed out….bullying is now seen as some badge of honor or some sick logic that the bully is only helping the poor lost sinners to see Jesus…

        I call Bull Shit…..

        It is bullying….for the pure pleasure of being in control….

        That is all this crappola is…

        I confess I am very cynical of organized religion – but until the Catholic Church leaders and their bullying partners – the Fundy Christian leaders – start to act like decent and law abiding folks – I will continue to be cynical.

        There is not a damn word any of these false prophets can say to me to make believe their religious freedom is being threatened.

        Especially not in my neck of the words – like I posted yesterday about those damn signs…..where is my freedom from the religious bullies?

        I don’t see any of these false prophets giving two cents worth of horse shit about my freedom and rights….

      • Shades of Stuebenville. And I know the mentality, but as Neil Young once plaintively wailed, “How long how long”?

  3. There is a cancer going through our society. Sad to say – I believe the carriers of this cancer are these false prophets that profess to love their God and Jesus so much – that they would rather destroy our country than to acknowlege the guaranteed right to – freedom of religion.

    But the feeders of this cancer is the non-stop 24/7 cackling and gossipy so-called news journalists on the Foxxies in the Hen House and that damn Hate Talk Radio.

    That much hatred is not good …….

  4. We can’t ignore that the type of people who feel they require a rapid-fire killing machine with a foot long banana clip to feel safe are gun nuts. These aren’t sane people. Furthermore, we can’t ignore the faction of Americans who are armed and ready to make war against the American government — to overthrow it by force and violence. Because that’s their interpretation of their beloved Second Amendment (written in a time when the greatest weapon any civilian or soldier had was a one-shot musket). I think these fantasies of insurrection are shared and encouraged by the NRA board and many of their members. I also think the proof of their insanity is that they honestly think they’re capable of overthrowing our government.

    • Hmmm….let’s see….

      Government has drones that are quite accurate.

      Gun nuts have their guns and ammo……

      What happens when all the ammo is used up?’

      Wow – these gun nuts are not too smart – huh?

      Maybe they’re all from the Deep South Confederate States that put all their cannons on top of the mountains during the civil war – and then wondered why the Union Soldiers could just jump off to the side while the cannon balls rolled down the damn mountainside.

      There is a reason the Southerners are stereotypes as ‘not smart’…..

      Am I being too kind in that description?

  5. PP posted: His dad is a teacher at the local high school and has resigned so he can move his family. The principal who supported him and tried to stop the bullying has been fired by the school board and replaced with the football coach. Apparently the boys instigating the bullying are athletes. And the supposed ringleader? Oh yeah, his parent is on the school board. Another of the ringleaders has a dad on the county commission.

    Now, everyone knows, that the football coach is God’s right hand man – and is to be obeyed at all costs. As you pointed out – apparently the boys instigating the bullying are athletes…..In this current society – athletes come first – they are put on that pedestal and NOTHING – repeat NOTHING – will ever happen to them because they are above the law and rules.

    Dripping with sarcasm ///

    When we hear about gang rapes in these schools – who are the usual suspects? the athletes – the jocks (as we called them in myh day)

    There is something very wrong in our society – it’s that cancer I was referring to earlier.

    A mob-mentality, cancerous heart and soul and this sanctimonius religous cloak of Godliness makes any group dangerous.

    But….never fear….there is a huge Corporate Church near you where, for the price of a silver dollar (think Judas’ 30 pieces of silver), – you too can purchase a fake cloak of Godliness that must be pretty magical to make the sanctimonius P.O.S. wearing it to not feel shame or embarrassment at anything they and their bully friends do – and all in the name of their God.

    If these fakes are representative of their God and they profess to be evangelizing – then who the hell would want to know their damn God?

    • PP – when my son was in 8th grade (he is 32yrs old now) – his favorite teacher resigned and I asked the teacher for the reason when I had our last conference with him.

      This guy told me that one of the girls in the class was a spoiled brat, started trouble every day, cussed him out in front of the class and then was threatening him with ‘getting him into real trouble’ which he took as a threat at some sexual harassment charge….

      So he resigned…..this guy was a wonderful teacher, really cared about the students and each he wrote up this spoiled brat girl and sent her to the principal’s office for discipline – she got out of trouble because ‘daddy’ was on the school board.

      Sad to say – that principal did not have the backbone of a jelly fish – let alone a decent man.

      I thought this incident was just something that happened and was not the ‘norm’…..but I think in today’s world – that spoiled brat girl in that 8th grade class is now the ‘norm’ and not the exception.

      And God help us all if the offender is an athlete…….especially football players. What is about the football that seems to breed this behavior?

  6. Please don’t misunderstand me – I like football as much as the next guy – but I put sports into a category that should be a privilege and not a right – while you’re in school.

    I was raised in the 50’s and 60’s – our school would not let the boys play on the sports teams if their grades fell to a C.

    Hell – if they even fell to a B – there was a warning given.

    Not everyone can get straight A’s – but our school did give some leeway and only demanded an A average.

    Even then – the parents also took this serious and set the bar high in order for the kids to achieve their academics first – and then they earned the privilege to play sports.

    Maybe we – as a society – stress the imporance of atheletes too much? And we seem have to dumbed down the academics ….

    I don’t know the answer…..

  7. President Obama is so smart! He tells America that it sure looks like both parties are willing to work together and get this done. He compliments Congress and encourages them to do this good work. And he tells them if they can’t get it done, if they can’t be legislators and do their jobs, he’ll send his bill over and request an up or down vote. Of course, he wouldn’t get that vote. Of course the Senate would filibuster it and Boehner wouldn’t even take it to the floor.

    President Obama would then truthfully tell people of America the republicans wouldn’t even vote on solutions to our immigration challenges. Wouldn’t even vote to help Latinos and other immigrants.

    How long would the Republican Party wander in the wilderness in a country that is close to being majority brown and black, minority white?

    • Do you think these Teapublicans realize what they are doing? Or do they even care?

      These folks remind me of Charlie Sheen when he infamously went off the deep end and yammered endlessly how he was ‘winning’ – and yet making the biggest fool of himself – remember that?

      Teapublicans are making themselves look to be the biggest fools but yet they still think they are ‘winning’?

      I just don’t understand that logic..

      • To refresh your memory – Charlie Sheen infamously ‘winning’…..

        Now just picture Charlie with a hat with tea bags stapled around the rim….and carrying a misspelled protest sign demanding the government stop socialized medicine but yet with the the words – don’t touch my Medicare.

        Yeah – these folks are ‘winning’…….LMAO