Monday, 1/28/13, Public Square

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  1. Ezra Klein: “[T]he sequester doesn’t touch Medicaid, Social Security or Pell grants. It exempts most programs for low-income Americans, like food stamps. Veteran’s benefits are home free, as are federal retirement benefits. Medicare providers see cuts, but Medicare beneficiaries don’t. And fully half of the cuts come from the military — a huge reduction in defense spending that Democrats couldn’t dream about achieving any other way.”

    Republicans think the sequester gives them leverage. They’re wrong.

    • Let’s remember – the sequester was put into place because these Republicans refused to compromise with Obama on anything…..

      So, now when Paul Ryan and his Gang of Bullies try to whine and cry about how they don’t want the sequester automatic cuts – let’s remind them as to how we got these sequester cuts in the first place – shall we?

      Paul Ryan could tell me the sun was shining and the temperature is 110 degrees and I am sweating from direct sunlight – and I would STILL not believe Paul Ryan.

      That is how much I trust Mr. Paul Ryan to tell me the truth.

  2. Love the graphic today, Fnord. That is a very good question, isn’t it? Ditto with the war on drugs and especially the full legalization of marijuana. Laws won’t eradicate drugs, but they will eradicate a naturally growing plant? WTF?

    Paul Ryan says if he’d be VP right now the sequester wouldn’t be happening. File that under :”Well, duh. No shit.” The MIC would be well protected and fattened even more.

    • Yesterday on Meet The Press Paul Ryan sounded reasonable while criticizing everything President Obama is, does, proposes, accomplishes. He scrunches his forehead in that “trust me” seriously, leans forward and gets closer and peppers his conversation with, “Look…” He makes it all sound very serious. If you close your eyes and don’t see the scrunched forehead and serious face, only hear the words, they’re empty of any ideas, any solutions, any proposals. He criticizes calmly and says nothing of any substance. He’s also good at waffling — if asked about any statement made earlier, he’ll muddle that up so well you have no idea what he really thinks.

      Snake. In. The. Grass.

      Women recognize them, we’ve run into a few over the years.

      • But….but….Paul Ryan is the Fundy Evangelical Male Republicans poster boy…….and that is good enough for me!

        Never mind that he can sit and look at you straight in the face and lie through his teeth…..

        Dripping with heavy sarcasm///

  3. You know how we’ve all been talking about Ashley Judd maybe running in Kentucky, and just maybe challenging Mitch McConnell? Now I’m reading the TEA PARTY is also upset with him and planning a primary challenger. Oh my. Maybe those teapartiers will mange to nominate the 2014 version of Todd Akin or Richard Mourdock and take out Senator McConnell at the primary level! The stuff dreams are made from. 🙂

  4. I heard a radio commercial to not let our governor get away with taking our mortgage deduction away for Kansas tax purposes – because it will raise our taxes and drive home values down.

    Hmmm……aren’t these the same folks who voted for and love-love-love Pastor Sam for cutting that budget to the bare bones?

    Teapublicans……you just cannot fix stupid!!

  5. Conservatives should also acknowlege that access to birth control is a huge prevention of abortion.

    But what do we hear from these same CONS about birth control – just the same old tired crappola..

    These people are not Pro Life – they are Pro Birth – and that should be pointed out each and every time one of these Pro-Lifers start yammering…

    • This morning – I passed by a Catholic School and in the front yard – there was a group of white crosses with a sign that read ‘pray for the healing of our nation’.


      Where was all this desire for healing of our nation’s young boys that were molested by priests – with the knowlege of the Catholic Church leaders?

      That issue has not been resolved – as evidenced by the recent uncovering of another CAtholic diocese in Los Angeles who actively covered up child molesting priests. IIRC – the article I read concerning this diocese is that they actually relocated the molesting priest out of the jurisdiction in order to protect their precious priest –

      I guess they did not want to interrupt that flow of all that tax free money – huh?

      And then this church has the audacity to put out a bunch of white crosses and pretend to pray for the healing of our nation?

      I call B.S……..

      • I also hate to see these signs in the Catholic yards that say they pray for religious freedom – or something to that effect.

        Oh yeah?

        What about the religious freedom all Americans – especially those who do not believe in organized religion?

        Is that also something these CAtholics pray for ?

        But…..I remember how these same folks who pray for religious freedom were also some of these Pro-Lifers that harassed Dr. Tiller and his staff for years.

        Even to the point of one of these Pro Life fanatics walking into Dr. Tiller’s church and killing him in cold blood.

        Is that also something these CAtholics pray for?

        Something is very wrong in this warped world of organized religion – IMHO.

  6. Now this is funny……serves her right, but why give her a plea deal?

    Throw the book at her ….and if voter fraud is a felony – then wouldn’t she also lose her right to vote in the future?

    • In person voter fraud doesn’t happen, no matter how much republicans want to show it does they’re never able to come up with any support for their allegations. Where voter fraud is a problem — in the counting of votes and programming of electronic machines and disenfranchising voters — republicans define those areas as tools to help them win elections.

      • I have to laugh when I see these Republicans lowering themselves to having to manipulate the voting districts to what will help them to win elections.

        Can you imagine the outrage and gnashing of their teeth if this was Obama and Democrats doing this B.S. just to ensure a victory at the polls?

        All Hell would break loose – wouldn’t it?

        What does the Ten Commandments say about lying, stealing and coveting? Hmmmm….

  7. When Conservatives stop making profit off gun sales is when they will want to regulate the guns.

    One thing that I don’t hear much about with all these proposed gun law changes is what do we do with those who have no problem selling guns to anybody that walks up with the cash in hand to buy the gun?

    I just wonder how many CONservatives are knowingly selling guns to cross the border into Mexico – and these same CONS are demonizing Obama for the violence at the Mexican border?

  8. This is the real Paul Ryan……..

    I have one question for Mr. Ryan – when you talk about sanctity of life – does that also mean you are concerned about the protection of life – such as the protection of young boys from pervert priests?

    Just asking….

    • If one was to be very cynical – one might get the perception that Catholics are against birth control because they need a constant flow of more children to enter their doors?

  9. Wow. Paul Krugman calls out Kansas, Nebraska and Louisiana for their efforts to eliminate income tax and replace it with sales tax. Says there is no excuse for putting the burden on lower and middle class other than “we like rich people.”

    • I was just reading about Paul Krugman…….I just wonder, how many ‘rich people’ do we have in Kansas?

      The two billionaire boys don’t live in Kansas – do they?

      • Yes, they do. Now, Charles (at least) has another “place” in Texas, but both are (last I looked) Kansas residents.

      • Bob White

        I believe Chicken-S***-Charles is the only one who actually lives in KS and it is my understanding that Wisconsin Gov. Walkers personal friend F***-Face-Fred lives in NY. Why is KS’ image stuck with those two? The other two brothers seem to be decent persons and maybe that is why we do not hear about them all the time. Bill even sued C-S-Chas. & F-F-Fred. And Bill lost which is no surprise when dealing with fraudulent cheaters, and the high-courts in this USA. Justice in the USA only applies to the ‘small crimes!’

      • Didn’t one of the Koch brothers have a son that hit a young boy on Rock Road and the boy was killed?

        God…that was years ago when we first moved to Wichita..

      • Maybe the place of residency depends on which state will give them the best ‘incentive’ to enable the rest of us peons to bask in their brilliance?

        Now, I am just being downright mean……

      • Did further research. Charles lives here. David (friend of Walker) apparently lives in NYC, as does Fred. Bill is the other child. Bill and Fred sued their brothers over what was going on in Koch Industries, which carried over into the Probate of their mother’s estate. Fred, interestingly, is the only one not a MIT Engineering grad, was a humanities grad from Harvard.

        The Koch fortune(s) go back to their father, Fred C., a big supporter of the John Birch Society.


    It’s all politically driven, with an eye squarely upon 2016 (if not 2014), but something may well come from this, in a positive way.

    • It’s the right thing to do and I’m excited America is still a nation of immigrants and we value diversity! And congress critters are working together! See me smile BIG! 🙂

      • Didn’t Reagan give amnesty to illegal immigrants? That is one part of Reagan’s myth that Republicans will criticize their St. Ronnie – but they always add this part – the Democrats made him do it.

        Kinda like when Ronnie raised taxes………it’s always their perceived ‘enemy’s’ fault -..

    • IIRC – it is the Fundy Evangelicals and Teapublicans that want all illegal imigrants deported immediately.

      The Chamber of Commerce Republicans have always loved the illegal imigrants so they can exploit the cheap labor.

      Wonder which side will win in the upcoming Civil War within the GOP?

  11. This is interesting. Seems the idea of awarding electoral votes by district was a suggested tactic a long time ago. John Jay, then serving as Governor of New York, protected his own reputation by blocking a Federalist Party plan to rig the Electoral College in 1800. In so doing, he left a lesson for today’s Republicans, which might be called “How Not to Panic as Your Party Seems to Be Collapsing.”


      See this especially the one paragraph dealing with Maine and Nebraska. I recall the watch on Nebraska in 2008 to see whether Mr. Obama would carry the district around Omaha, gaining one Electoral Vote as a result.

      • I’d like to see a history going back several elections and what effect, if any, this system would have made. I rationally know that’s impossible because of redistricting. What might have been back when isn’t what is now.

        I know how the people in states where most of the populous is concentrated in a few areas would feel — exactly the same way I feel when I vote In Kansas. I know all six electoral votes from Kansas will go to the candidate with the “R” after his name. Has Kansas been gerrymandered to the point that Douglas County (Lawrence) wouldn’t have a chance of going blue? I know we only have four districts so it seems unlikely that any one of the four, including the one containing Lawrence wouldn’t remain reliably red.

      • Unless it’s changed we’re always going to have a redistricting potential when the census numbers come in, and we aren’t going to always have the effects of the 2010 midterms. Some census years the democrats will do their own gerrymandering if they can.