Sunday, 1/27/13, Public Square

separate but equal


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  1. Isn’t it telling that the ones who are yelling the loudest against gay marriage are usually those who have proven they, themselves, cannot keep true to their own marriage vows?

    The world would be a much better place if everyone would keep their nose out of their neighbor’s backyard and concentrate on cleaning up that stink from their own backyard.

    But – hey – if these Fundy Mega Church Preachers followed that rule – there would be no more collection plates full of tax-free money to fight the ‘good’ fight for God – you know, to label gay marriage as the biggest sin of all.

    And meanwhile – the Catholic Church is recently being investigated – again – for the crime of covering up child molesters.

    Hmmmm…..child molesters vs gay marriage between two people making a commitment to stay with another for their liftime…

    Which one would Jesus condemn?

  2. Sad commentary – this same picture could be from our history’s past before Civil Rights was enacted.

    Simply change out the words ‘marriage’ and ‘civil uions’ with ‘Whites Only’ and ‘Colored Only’

    I’ve often wondered – if the Southern people truly believed that blacks were inferior and not worthy of being with the whites – then why did so many married white women have black women to raise their children for them?

    And to take this one step furher – if these same married white women were of the belief that children are a gift from God – then why on Earth would these white women be handing over their white children to the black mammy?

    Then it it hit me – these married white women did not have time to put in the work of raising their children – they had to be pretty, dressed up and ready to make their man feel special any time he demanded it – so, there was no time to be with the children that the man helped to create?

    It truly was a man’s world back then – and I shudder to think that we still have Neandethals (and the women who blindly serve them) in the Republican Party that actually want to return to those days?

    Count me as a …….Oh HELL NO vote….

    • One correction – the caption from the picture will also have to be changed – because our society was not – separate but equal – by any stretch of the imagination.

  3. This is a good read.

    Are Republicans the ‘stupid party’?

  4. Grins and giggles! 🙂

    • rick liebst

      I am drunk… so drunk… even sober I could not line dance so I must be drunk all the time!

      • I agree! They would find a bunch more “drunk” drivers using this sobriety test! And everyone seems to be having so much fun — whether participating or just watching. 🙂 It would take a truly grumpy person not to at least grin while watching.

  5. Corporate Land Grabs Reveal a Hidden Agenda: Controlling the Water
    The food crisis and recent droughts have confirmed that controlling the source of food—the land and the water that flows under or by it—are equally or even more important.

  6. This is another interesting piece. There are certainly no lack of worst-case scenarios! A dysfunctional Congress would hinder progress on most of these initiatives, no matter who was in the president’s seat.

    (from the link): From North Korean aggression to an immigration-reform Willie Horton, there’s plenty that could haunt the White House. David Freedlander asks the experts for their worst-case scenarios.

  7. Libertarians can sometimes be nearly as dangerous as republicans, because of their deceptive image (to the uninformed) of being self-reliant, peace-loving, sensible folk. Problem is, many of them have plenty of money and resources, and they have no worries — or plans — for those who have nothing. Except to bury them. If you’re any type minority — poor, gay, black, Latino, woman… — you are to compete with all those who have unfair advantages and expect NO slack! Luckily, all of us who are a minority have proven to be up to the task, they haven’t been able to kill us off and the last election proved that fact.

  8. Nearly three years ago, on May 28, 2010, Badbiker posted a thread titled, “The Progression of a Society.” It’s a well written, thoughtful post and relates to today’s thread header visual on gay marriage. It also is “the” old thread getting “hits” today. It’s well worth the jog down memory lane. I miss Badbiker’s posts! They were always good!

  9. For the evangelinuts who think every word of the Bible is the inerrant word of God —

    Here’s some simple math:
    God gives Noah detailed instructions for building the ark:
    “And this is the fashion which thou shalt make it of: The length of the ark shall be three hundred cubits, the breadth of it fifty cubits, and the height of it thirty cubits.” ~ Genesis 6:15
    A cubit is the length of a man’s forearm.
    The largest cubit rod found is 20.8 inches.
    20.8 x 300= 6,240 inches. That is 520 feet or 170 yards.
    There are approx. 1,589,361 known species.
    So, 3,178,722 creatures fit within a boat that was smaller than 2 football fields & lived within walking distance of his house?
    … & you still believe this story is true?

    If there are more species alive today than in Biblical times, a Creationist would have to admit that evolution is a fact.

    Math: 1