Saturday, 1/26/13, Public Square

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by | January 26, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. The day any Republicans acknowledge the fact that their clueless leader – George W. Bush – sent fellow Americans into that Iraq War to die and be wounder under false pretenses is the day I will believe one word they say….

    And that prospect does not look like it is going to happen any time soon….

  2. IF government was really transparent the republicans would complain about that too. Our ‘enemies’ (they’re BIG on enemies) would be given blueprints… You’ve heard it all. They’re the party of hell NO and nothing more. So, complaining is all they’ve got.

    They’re falling all over themselves for the Ryan Plan which has been proven (with arithmetic!) to increase our debt and do nothing for our deficit. They’re sure they need to change their messaging not their message. However, they also need to cheat harder by rigging the electoral college in their favor as a backup. Sounds like they aren’t so sure about that improved messaging doing the trick!

  3. The republicans were whining loudly about the Benghazi tragedy when hurricane Sandy hit.

    I remember thinking at the time how the story changed about Sandy as the devastation unfolded. During the actual hurricane everyone was concentrating on survival and helping others to get out of harms way. There were erroneous news reports that were later changed, clarified, corrected.

    During any tragedy there is no one standing idly in the middle of those happenings making an accurate recording of everything going on. The truth as well as can be is pieced together later as facts become available. With Benghazi, and with Sandy, and with…

    The republicans look very petty when they concentrate on who said what and when instead of what can be done to avoid a repeat, to minimize the devastation, to protect others in the future. It’s easy to see through their agenda of hate.

  4. When George W won the electoral college and not the popular vote…There was no problem with the system.. But now they are all “UP IN ARMS” after loosing the last 2 Presidential elections to that “Kenyan, Marxist, Muslim, Nazi, Communist” Barack Hussein Obama.

    Do republicans think everyone has as short a memory as they seem to have?

    • When I first saw this, I thought the left panel was from 1968.

      • The more things change…

        That war didn’t make sense either.

        This past week when Senator Kerry was being questioned as part of the confirmation process my thinking took a walk back in time. It wasn’t better from a further perspective. It also made me sad to remember how Kerry was attacked by republicans in 2004 during his bid for presidency for telling the truth when he testified before Congress in 1971. And, I’ll never understand when any veteran who served honorably is denigrated.

  5. Identify the Gun-Control Quote: Obama, Feinstein, or Reagan?

    (from the link): Firearm sales across the country are booming as America’s liberal politicians plot how exactly to go about trampling on the Constitution in the wake of the Newtown massacre. Apparently, they don’t understand that any new restrictions on gun use would be a direct attack on the Second Amendment — nay, on freedom itself. In the following quiz, see if you can tell whether each pro-gun-control quote belongs to Dianne “Let’s Ban the Most Deadly Guns” Feinstein or Barack “I Agree, Let’s Ban Them” Obama. (We also threw Ronald Reagan in there as the third choice, just so the quiz wouldn’t be too hard.)

    Good luck.

    See quiz here —