Got Snow?

Going to class in the snow.


by | January 25, 2013 · 5:33 pm

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  1. How I don’t miss going to class in the snow.

  2. I read today (paraphrased) — Oh how I miss hating the too hot summer days.

    Winter (as we know it in Kansas) seems to be a thing of the past.

    I did talk with my sister who lives in Charlotte today. She was cranky! Sleet, ice was piling up, in the mid 20’s (in the mid afternoon). She was just about as pissy as the weather.

  3. I heard on the news tonight that Chicago got an inch of snow and it had been more than a year since they’d had that amount of snow. WTF? And the South is freezing and NY/NJ are having hurricanes? And the drought is projected to continue for at least another six months?

    Climate change anyone?

    • Yes, it’s happening. Anyone who looks can see. There are those who refuse to look, and we suffer.

      • In order to see – one has to be willing to look….

        Santorum said during the GOP primary that God gave Man rule over the environment to use anyway he saw fit to use it.

        Hmmm….Do you think God also gave Man a brain with which to think?

        And do you suppose God also just assumed that Man would be smart enough not to continue taking and raping without giving one thought to conserve or preserve for future use?

        Well – that does take us back to that Fundy Evangelical doctrine of how it was Eve’s fault that Adam ate that damn apple. Man is never at fault -are they?

        There is ignorance – but these Republicans seem to be proud to display their ignorance……that is dangerous – IMHO

  4. Just think…..climate change could open up an entire new industry for America. We could be on the cutting edge of new technology whch would create jobs.

    So – wouldn’t any ‘real’ Republican support the science of climat change – if just based on an economic factor?

    Just do some research around the globe – America is being left behind in the coal dust and the oil drip of the dinosaur age.

    I like Rachel Maddow’s commercial where she at that wind farm and she is talking about how our nation needs ‘big thinking’ to accomplish things. And she also said that these jobs that wind energy will create are jobs that cannot be outsourced – so they help the American economy.

    Maybe that is really what is at the root of the Republicans’ anti-alternative energy stance and their denial of climate change?

    These buffoons do not want American jobs – they only want jobs that can be outsourced so the US tax system can continue to reward the fat CEO’s with all those special tax breaks and government subsidies?

    • I think I heard that today wind generates about 6% of our nations’ energy, and with good planning and infrastructure (read JOBS!) we could increase that to 20%. That 20% is the same percentage we currently generate from nuclear power plants.

      The deniers are on the wrong side of history again. But you can’t fix stupid.

    • I think those the buffoons you speak of can’t see beyond their obsession and hate of President Obama. They’re not looking at what might be best, they’re looking for cracks they may exploit to take him down.

      I’ve never seen such sore sore losers.

      • Sad to say, I have seen such sore losers – and mean-spirited people.

        To add even more sadness is the fact that those mean-spirited people I am referring to also professed to be such good Christians.

        Hey….wait a minute – alot of these Republicans also profess to be such good Christians – do you think there is a connection there?

        Through my sarcasm above – what I am trying to say is – when people get it into their heads that ‘they are right and the other guy is wrong’ – nothing much will stand in their way of total destruction – if that is what it comes down to.

        But to add a cloak of self-righteousness by implying that God is only on the Right side of the political spectrum – just adds more of that nonsense we keep hearing from the Republicans.

        There is nothing more evil than a self-righteous person who is totally committed to completing his ‘mission’ under the name of their God – these folks will eat their young and step over their dead mother’s body – if they have to..

      • My assessment of the Far Right Wingers also leads me to conclude that this is why these same folks continue to push this nonsense that Obama is a Muslim that is out to destroy America.

        Let’s review –

        1) Birthers and their nonstop nonsense about Obama not being born in Hawaii.

        2) Teapublicans who call Obama a Socialist, Communist or pick whatever scary ‘ist’ word you can find – even when Obama is more centrist in politics than even alot of Progressives would like to see (I suspect)

        3) Obama does not kiss the Fundy Evangelicals lily-white butts. Okay – I will give the Fundies this one – but then again, why should Obama kiss anyone’s butt? Especially when that group has been the most vocal in demonizing Obama? If I were Obama – I would tell them to STFU..

        Obama should be president of ALL Americans – not just those who think their shit don’t stink and they’re God’s favorites.

        4) Obama has said war should be the last resort – well, any good Republican knows that wars are the most profitable. So what’s the big deal if 4,000+ Americans died in the Iraq War – GWB made himself look good flying in on that jet to stand under that stupid banner – Mission Accomplished.

        But – since Obama hates war – this somehow makes Obama the one that hates America and is weak on foreign policy? Oh really – ask Bin Laden how weak Obama is on following through with a mission. Oh yeah, that’s right, Bin Laden cannot speak because he is DEAD (no thanks to GWB and his GOP Gang)

        There are alot of reasons Republicans hate Obama – because Obama is a man that gets things done……..

        But the fastest way to bring down Obama is through trying to paint him as some secret Muslim – that nasty smear gossip has travelled around the world faster than the truth gets its sneakers on…

        What a sad, sad commentary on these so-called Fundy Evangelical Christian leaders…….so many lies, so much hate and so much disgust for the American people.

  5. This is really long, but addresses some of the same points you make above. It kept my interest, made some good points I agree with. I often find I don’t need to agree with everything to easily identify some points I do agree with. I think that’s how you actually get to a compromise, and today’s politicians of all ilks seem to have lost the skill of respecting one another and listening for the points of agreement so they can build from there.

    It’s a reader comment to this link —

    As sometimes happens I went to the comments after reading the linked piece and found more info in the comments than in the piece itself. This reader identifies as ‘jernigc,’ lists party affiliation as Independent, and says:

    “I’m a lifelong fiscal conservative who use to believe that the GOP coalition formed under President Reagan was the correct political formulation. I no longer think so. Rather than wisely using the combined strengths of the fiscal (small government) conservatives, social conservatives, and security conservatives to manage the federal government in ways that would actually advance each of their agendas while simultaneously helping the nation return to its Republican roots (as in Republic, not party), it choose the opposite path and elected to grow government and undermine our individual freedoms and liberty.

    The GOP came to this sorry state of affairs quietly and quite naturally because it allowed two progressive elements into its ranks, subsequently gave them power, and incrementally became the Democrat lite Party. These two elements were: first, the social conservatives who wanted to and did push their desired social agenda at the national level; and second, the neo-conservatives who *******ized the concept of defense by driving a change in focus from defense to nation building in order to fill the perceived mission vacuum created when the Soviet Union fell apart. The fall of the Soviet Union created a vacuum into which the neocons inserted a fallacious strategy–nation building.

    Both the social conservatives and the neo-conservatives were willing to and did successfully pursue their agendas to the ever lasting harm of the nation because they helped to institutionalize the concept of a large intrusive federal leviathan at the expense of limited government that is centered close to the people–i.e. a Republic. This activity progressed largely unnoticed because the country was weary because of the cold war and eager to ignore government and get on with their lives.

    Because of this inattention to detail we are in deep trouble; however, don’t despair, there is a way back. In order to correct the mess our politicians have made of things we must first remember that the legitimate function of the federal government is limited to protecting the property rights and commercial interest of the nation’s citizenry, limiting its involvement in criminal code as this activity is largely the province of the States, and concentrate on deploying a foreign policy built around expanding and maintaining our commercial interest. For at least seven decades the nation has been going in the opposite direction with the help of the Republican Party.

    The first step in righting our ship is to kick the neo-conservatives to the curb and drive them out of the Party–there can be no compromise with this group. An active nation building approach, favored by neocons will not work. It alienates potential allies, it has a debilitating national impact because it takes capital resources from the people in excess of their legitimate defense needs and, steals from them, and it psychologically weights on each citizen because, under the neo-conservative world view there is no end to our struggle for the hearts and minds of others. For them nation building is a reason to exist. These are thieves who steal our capital and put it to poor uses, they undermine individual freedom and liberty by taking from us in excess of our need, and they encourage a federal bureaucracy that is antithetical to a small limited government.

    As an insular nation we can easily defend our interest with a much smaller force structure than we have today, one built around air and naval power and a robust special operations cadre. The military aspirations of other possibly hostile states can be contained with these resources while the other elements of our national power–diplomatic, information, and economic–are first used to isolate them and subsequently change their behavior. Essentially this is a Twenty-first century equivalent to Kennan’s containment strategy.

    The second step needed to change the fortunes of the Party is to convince the social conservatives that their interest are better served by helping the Republican Party renew its commitment to individual freedom and liberty, in restoring our Republican form of government, and refocusing on limiting the of the federal government and the resources it consumes. Social issues should not be worked at the national level as the very concept of what is or is not socially acceptable varies from State to State. This was so in the beginning and it is so today. By trying to force a one fits all solution to social issues at the federal level the Republican Party has and is alienating a large number of voters who would otherwise find the message of a small limited government appealing. This type of action violates the very concept of a Republic.

    Establishment Republicans either can’t or don’t want to understand that in order for the concepts and principles of conservatism to survive the Party must change. In fact, if it did change by taking the actions I laid out it would thrive once people understood that the change was for real. This is true because there is already a very large contingent of libertarian conservatives knocking at the door. they’re called the Tea Party, and an even larger untapped group who think this way in the independent ranks. The Republican Party does not need the neocons in order to survive, and can frankly get along without the social conservatives as well if need be by taking the actions that I described. What it can not do is survive by staying on its current course.

    In fact, because of the influence and actions of both the neocons and the social conservatives a vast majority of voters, myself included, think that the Republican Party’s statement that it favors a small limited federal government is a lie. What’s now viewed as a lie must become known as the truth. A conservative party can not survive when two of its three elements are actually progressive mutations. That’s why the party is declining today–it has been a traitor to it’s own core belief.”

    • Excellent comment, and one with which I agree for the most part.

    • I guess the above could be shortened to read that republican policies are flawed. As long as they prove they aren’t the party of small government by continuing their push to rule the world militarily, and only shrink government until it fits in a bedroom, they’re toast. The way they ‘message’ their flawed policies won’t improve them!

      Another reader comment from the same link:

      “Are they kidding??For 45 years, I was a card-carrying Republican until about six years ago. I liked the premise of smaller government and less taxes. However, the Republican Party’s definition of ‘smaller government’ made it only small enough to fit in my bedroom. By then I’d had all the strict conservative right thinking about family values (only within their strict definition of “family”), women’s rights (only if they can tell me what to do with my body) that I could stomach. Until the Republican Party addresses brings their social policies into the 21st century they will continue to lose the vast majority of women. And until their economic policies address caring for the ill, elderly, and infirmed they will continue to lose anyone with a heart.”

      Read more:

      • What jumped out at me from the article was – Republicans want to serve those who agree with their policies.

        Earth to Republicans – not everyone in this country agrees with your policies – and yet we are still Americans with the same guaranteed rights as every Republican likes to ram down my throat.

        That’s called governing – what the Republicans advocate is political good ol’ boy system – and if you don’t like it – then tough on you…..

        That’s not the way our system is designed. The majority should not have the power to run over the minority. Every person has their right to their opinion. – it’s called the frickin vote…

        But – isn’t it telling which political party was so hellbent on denying their fellow Americans their right to vote by making it harder – and now by gaming the electoral college vote system.

        Yeah – if the Republicans think they have such a winning hand – then why don’t they believe they can win without all the lying, cheating and stealing of votes?

  6. The pond in The Boston Public Gardens is frozen solid! I received movies today of my kids ice skating where we normally ride the swan boats. Boston finally has winter — just now, btw. Their ‘normal’ winter used to start as early as September and it wasn’t at all unusual that the green grass would be covered over with snow that stayed until May — the next snow came before the prior was gone…. When the snow finally all melted they had that same green grass that had been well insulated all those months.

  7. Just one question – how can any Republican keep a straight face while they’re whining and demonizing Obama for the massive federal spending when these same GOP buffoons supported and voted for Romney to spend $4 trillion in additional military spending – on 15 new warships a year no less.

    Why the hell more warships? Like Obama said in that debate – we use fewer horses and bayonets…..

    Get with the times Republicans – ….

    But…but….the military indusrtrial complex that builds those warships were salivating at the prospect of that $4 trillion….

    Woo-Wee….that’s alot of money – but one might get the impression from these Republicans that $4 trillion is nothng – as long as it is their boy doing the spending… and the ‘right’ boys getting that taxpayer-funded money….

    I call B.S. on all these Republicans…..