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  1. I think I read sometime recently the governor of Nebraska has now said okay to the Keystone Pipeline coming through his state. I haven’t even tried to stay up on this subject so I don’t know what else, if anything, needs to happen to make this whole project a fact. I suspect whatever needs done will be and we will have this pipeline go through our state, endangering our water supply further. Someday someone will say, “if only…” Yes, if only we hadn’t wasted this precious resource, if only we had made better decisions, if only we had the water needed to sustain life.

    • I still say Obama’s cooling of support for Susan Rice, and her eventual bowing out of consideration for SOS were related to her and her husband’s dealings with Keystone Pipeline. But of course, when she bailed and Obama bailed on her, it ensured that we will never know.

      Still a shamful sexist episode. I mean, it’s not like any male cabinet members have any financial conflicts of interest. (Sarcasm off.) But they get appointed and confirmed anyway. Just another case of where women are held to a higher standard than men. We always have to work harder and perform better just to get the same rewards.

  2. There are many stories and pieces all over the net about the upcoming changes many states are planning in how they award electoral college votes. Most of the stories are accompanied by maps showing how Romney would have won if these new proposed laws had been in effect for the 2012 election. They all show how it would be next to impossible for a Democratic candidate to win in those states once their republican dominated state houses get the fix done. I saw many a mention these state legislatures had been red since the 2010 midterms. Both in state legislators and governorships that 2010 midterm stacked the deck. Republicans worked hard to get that done and accomplished a great deal. Democrats sat that election out, stayed home, rested from their 2008 victories. Oh what a difference an election makes.

    • The national Democratic Party has generally been the party of “me, me, me” and has largely ignored the state houses. The DNC makes an effort in a few strategic U.S. Senate races, but other than that, the state parties are left to fend for themselves. And, as you can see, that strategy has not worked out very well.

      The other thing to remember about this is that Howard Dean, the great DNC chair leading up to Obama’s first victory, built the party on a Fifty State strategy. That was quickly abandoned by the DLC types, including Obama, left standing after the 2008 victory. When Tim Kaine took over the DNC, the 50 State Strategy was officially murdered and buried, never to rise again. Once again, the DNC was all about “me, me, me” and the states were left to fend for themselves.

      I like Debbie Wasserman Schultz, but she is a DLC’er and following Obama’s strategy of suck the money and talent out of the state organizations and send it all up the food chain to the DNC.

      BRING BACK HOWARD DEAN!!!! You’ll see some of these state houses at least turn purple if not blue again. OF course, never in Kansas, but in some saner states, the Democrats could regain some ground lost since Howard Dean was banished to the political wilderness.

  3. Too bad for the republicans they didn’t get all their ‘fixes’ to the electoral college done in time to make sure they could have the greatest impact on The U. S. Supreme Court. Had Romney been president now he would have indeed had potential for changes to the Supreme Court that could have made the teavangelicals very happy.

    I suspect Ruth Bader Ginsburg will retire during President Obama’s second term, ensuring it is he who nominates her replacement. It will be interesting, as it always is, to see what legacy this president leaves on our highest court.

  4. Speaking of judges and what effect they can and do have —

    From post on Sam Brownback Sucks Facebook page:
    Charmarose Shiroky Craven
    You all need to know about this:Mtg tonight:Former JoCo Senator & Judiciary Chair Tim Owens now speaking.Owens is a Republican & has been part of Repub governor administrations. Has never seen Gov so focused on changing KS Constitution.Owens says Brownback wants to amend Constitution so he can pick judges he wants bc he’s unhappy w court decision on school finance.Brownback told Owens that he wants this change 2 the Constitution bc he wants to pick judges that will make decisions the Gov wants. Owens says pay attention, tell your friends: the “Brownbacks” are coming…overt attempt to move to dictatorship in KS.

    • Well, this relates to my post above about the DNC coup with Obama’s DLC pals and leaving the states to fend for themselves.

      It’s exactly the strategy I warned and ranted about for years and it was perpetrated at the state level by Sebelius. In 2003, Kansas Democratic Party insiders were whispering that when Sebelius ran, she sucked all the money and talent up in the state and there was nothing and no one left to work on things like Kansas House and Senate races. And when Sebelius got what she wanted and was finished sucking dry the corpse of the KDP, she blew out of Kansas never to return. She got hers, the rest of us left behind could just go pound sand. The result is that no Democrat has won a statewide race in the last two elections, and our congressional delegation, which was 2 D’s and 2 R’s when she was here, is now 4 R’s, with no change in sight for at least a decade.

      The backwash from that Sebelius Rape and Pillage strategy is in full view right now. The KDP, as so often mentioned here, could not find it’s ass with a flashlight, a map, and both hands. With, what, 6 or so Democrat Kansas Senators and a handful of Kansas Democrat house members, and NO moderate Republicans except for a few dinosaurs that could be counted on one hand, indeed, the Brownshirts are coming for everything in Kansas.

      Perhaps, if Sebelius and her cronies had not left the KDP in shambles, and perhaps, if the remaining sane and progressive Democrats in Kansas would find each other and organize ( or reorganize as the case may be) some headway could be made. But such political turnarounds and building from scratch (hell, in Kansas, building from a hole!) take time and money. It can begin, but will not bring about a viable KDP in time to stop Sammy and the Church ladies before Sam has ruined the state and served out his full two terms.

      Word in Topeka is real Republicans are scared to death. They see the lynched bodies of their fellow moderates swinging from the trees as an example to them of what will happen if they utter a peep. No one is challenging the great and powerful OZ from within the repuke party. And, face it, there is no Kansas Democratic Party. Ass, flashlight, both hands, remember?

      This is often said as a joke, but truly, many Kansans are looking to leave the state. Between the drought, water shortages, the gutting of education, and Sam’s utter destruction of the Kansas economy, a lot of people who have the option are seriously looking to leave the state.

      And that brain drain, people drain, money drain, is the thing Kansas can least afford. Bitter fruit indeed, but the KDP has no one to blame but itself. They are completely neutered and can no mount a credible challenge to Pastor Sam, even if Kansans wake up and want to oust him after one term.

      Who would the Democrats run? Anthony Hensley? HAHAHAHAHAHAH! Paul Davis? HEHEHEHEHEHEHE!

      It’s so funny I want to cry……

  5. price fixing, avoiding taxes and preventing any regulation should get the job completed… ALL the money will stream to the top.

    • Reminds me of the old joke about Ph.D’s who know more and more about less and less until they know absolutely everything about nothing.

      Same with economics. They can have more and more of less and less until they have absolutely all of nothing.

      I frequently say that about Hays. They get more and more of less and less money and people in the regions. Here shortly, they’ll have 100 percent of nothing in western Kansas.

      I wonder if they think that killing all the small towns and taking their water was worth it? Or will the rich and powerful behind this scheme simply take off for their warm weather retirement homes and leave an empty shell of western Kansas behind?

      I think we know the answer.

  6. I predict another day in Kansas, and too many other states, where people who don’t read at all WILL listen to the same talking heads and think only what those talking heads want them to think.

    • Well, if they’d all come to PPP for their daily dose of sanity, information, and intelligent conversation peppered with solutions, they’d be better off! HA!

    • Wow. Aint that the damn truth!

    • Sad commentary…..add a gold-blinged robe on the man wearing the suit – and you’ve got what we have today – Corporate Churches/Clergy…

      And I am not just talking about the Catholic Church here – just take an objective look at these mega Evangelical Churches and their huge monuments adorned with all those tacky golden crosses – they cost alot of money to run those corporations.

      Can we say – money vendors? I know we can….

      My salute to Mr. Rogers…..Now – there was a good Christian man. We need more folks like Mr.Rogers and his neighborhood.

      • I was searching for the background of Mr. Rogers – because IIRC , he was a minister – wasn’t he?

        Then I found this Snopes rebuttal of some very nasty rumors circulated about Mr. Rogers.

        Well – it seems even back several years ago – people just could not stop themselves from spreading gossip and nasty rumors about someone who was a good role model for kids?

        Kinda like these Gossipy Old Church Women in the Foxxies Hen House – these old cacklers cannot let anyone do anything good without trying to make something sinister or nasty out of it….

        It’s a wonder we have any good, decent and real family values polticians want to jump in and try to goven our country to make it better.

        Maybe that’s these Republicans’ goal – to run off all the good people and then we are left with only those the GOP finds ‘worthy’ – yeah, all those family values men who spew nonsense 24/7…

  7. Ya know, for quite a while, Sam the Sham has been obviously ignored on the national stage. His support of governor goodhair Rick Perry and his big prayerfest with Perry begging god for rain, kind of pushed him off the state and he had no, and I mean NO role in the RNC convention this year. HIs presidential aspirations are nothing but a wisp of smoke these days.

    However, he’s still desperately trying to turn Kansas into Kochland, like Disneyland for Plutocrats and wingnuts. It’s the only way he hopes to get any national attention. But even with all his arm flailing and “look at me I hired Arthur Laffer” activities, he’s still been studiously ignored by the RNC and the national media.

    Until now.

    He’s so crossed the wingnut sanity line, (and it is a very thin red line) that he’s getting national attention, more and more the last few weeks. But, unless you are of the “any attention is good attention” school of thought, this can’t be considered “good attention” For exapmle:

    I’ve seen articles like this all over the national media lately. I think it generates a yawn amongst the media and political elite, but people are noticing. Just what Kansas needs. A spotlight on just how damn stupid we can be. Between Hueslkamp, Brownback, and the ever popular drunk skinny dipping Kevin Yoder, these asshats are reinforcing what people already think of Kansas.

    That we should be burned down and the earth salted so nothing ever rises or grows here again. And just for good measure, maybe they will pave over us with asphalt and put a big electrified fence around the state with a big sign that says, “WARNING: Contagious stupidity lies here. Enter at your own risk.”

  8. This comes from Kansas Democratic House leader Paul Davis. I don’t know anything about the man, but he says, “Kansas is one of only two states in the entire country facing negative revenue projections in 2013. Revenue growth is generally a good gauge of the strength of the economy as incomes rise and consumer purchases increase. As everyone else recovers from the Great Recession, Kansas is back in the red because the Legislature pushed through a tax plan where the workers pay taxes but the bosses do not.”

    What’s Up With State Tax Collections?
    For the third consecutive year, state officials have forecasted higher tax growth compared to the previous year. But the growth has been slow since the end of the “Great Recession,” and projections for FY 2013 reflect a continuation of that trend. Officials in 45 states and the District of Columbia expect total tax collections to be higher this year, although the vast majority of them expect only modest growth of 1 percent to 5 percent. Only Alaska (oil prices) and Kansas (enacted tax changes) anticipate total tax collections to decline by at least 1 percent. Predictably, the forecast for individual tax categories mirror the trend of measured growth found in the total or aggregate forecast. Personal income and general sales and use tax collections, which represent about 66 percent of all state general funds, are projected to increase in nearly all states that levy them. But again, most states anticipate growth of less than 5 percent. States also rely on a variety of miscellaneous taxes — on oil and gas production, real estate transfers, tobacco, restaurant meals and hotel rooms, insurance premiums, gambling, estates and others. The forecasts for these vary, although there is a common theme: State revenue continues to improve, albeit at a leisurely pace.
    —Todd Haggerty

    Click to access SL_0113-Budget2.pdf

  9. Sam’s idea is that if we become a plutocrat paradise, more plutocrats will come and bring their businesses.

    But, we all know, no one wants to live in a shithole. Especially plutocrats. They will not live here, bring their money here, or educate their kids in our crappy schools, private or public.

    It’s all a fantasy. Just like the Laffer Curve worked out so well for St. Ronnie Ray Gun. Brownback is only 30 years behind the economic times.

    • Guess all these many businesses will have to rely on the internet to provide their services or for sales of their products. Because you’re right, they certainly aren’t going to move here or bring their families here.

      How long will it take before no one is able to ignore Pastor Sam’s abject failures? When will the news ask us to remember the experiment going on in Kansas and report how badly it failed?

  10. Ok, am I the only one who thinks this is hysterically funny? This is their legislative agenda for this year.

    “TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — This year’s legislative agenda for the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism focuses heavily on boats and boating.

    The department says on its website its legislative initiatives this session include a proposal that would phase out the property tax on boats.

    The proposal calls for reducing the tax from 30 percent of appraised value to 20 percent in 2014, 10 percent in 2015 and zero in 2016.

    The agency also wants to bring laws on boating under the influence in line with those for driving motor vehicles, and require people 21 and older to take boater education before operating without supervision. Kansas currently exempts people 21 and older from having to take a boating course.”

    WTF? With all of Kansas problems, with all the tourist “attractions” that need money, with all the wildlife problems related to the drought, with all the deferred maintenance at all the state parks, and besides that pesky fact that Kansas’s lakes and rivers are all going dry…

    These asshats have, as their legislative agenda, shit that lowers taxes and regulates BOATING? BOATING for phuck’s sake? In KANSAS, the land of no water?

    Jesus wept!

    • A friend of ours would prefer to always be fishing if he had his way. Oh, he works, has a family, does all the responsible stuff, but he wants to be fishing and that’s what he does as often as he can. He told us the drought-caused fish kills in Kansas are very serious.

      Yes, last I heard boats need water to be any fun. I guess you could sit in one out in the yard or on the driveway, but fishing, water skiing, water boarding, diving off the bough of the boat for a refreshing dip… still require water.

      • Ya know, Fnord, I love to fish. My Dad and I, sometimes with Mom in tow, used to go fishing almost every evening. It’s where I learned to love Downer Creek. I used to rough camp on the creek almost every weekend, Friday night through Sunday night, when I was in my 20’s. I’d live out there on that creek with a simple pole, a campfire, my Coleman stove and lantern, an ice chest and my chuck wagon box. But these days, I can’t find anyone to go with me and do rough camping. All my pals are too old and soft to sleep on the ground, under the stars, and I’m too old to manage the gates and the load ins and load outs without some help. Damn, gettin’ old aint for sissies.

        But to your point, Downer Creek is waaaaay down. But not so much for lack of rain, which plays a part. But Downer Creek is clear and cold and spring fed from underground water that’s being sucked up by irrigation. The creek is always up in the winter and spring, and down in the summer and fall because that’s when the big rigs operate. The drought is a factor, but the rise and fall of the Downer was going on long before the drought. It started when irrigation became ubiquitous.

        Last year, many of my fishing holes were over grown with cat tails as a result of being dry part of the year. And once that happens, it’s hard to get the hole to come back. But, I don’t need a boat to fish on the Downer, so at least I’ve got that going for me…..

      • PP – my grandpa’s only dream for retirement was to be able to fish every day. Sadly, he died at 64 yrs old – a few short months away from his 65th birthday.

        I remember one summer when I was probably 10 or 11 yrs old. My grandpa wanted every one of his kids (six of them) and all the grandkids to go camping. We found a great spot – down in this little valley with the river going past. I can still remember hearing the water fall down the way and all the crickets chirping. We spent about 3 days there and my grandpa was smiling from ear to ear. He was having the time of his life. IIRC – this was his birthday wish……

        My Grandpa was the one in the family that held everyone together. He was one big ol’ bottle of family glue……LOL. Family meant the world to him..

        As I recall – we always had fish for cooking – but we did bring food from home (just in case) and back then – some of the kids would rather eat a hot dog than a fresh-caught fish.

        I can still see the campfire glowing as the whole family gathered around -and we toasted marshmallows for those s’mores. Aint’ nothing better than a toasted marshmallow, chocolate and graham cracker – huh?

        But what I remember the most is how my Grandpa seemed so relaxed and happy. He was always a quiet man – and a busy man – because he was just a working class guy that did not know what life was like if it did not present challenges. My grandparents lived through the Depression and they both came from poor families. All they knew was how to work hard…….

        When you were talking about your Dad, Mom and you rough camping….that brought back some good memories for me.

        Thanks ….Prairie Pond……it sounds like you had a good family experience also…

        After my Grandpa died, we had alot fewer family get togethers – and in today’s busy world, I suspect that is true of most families……

      • Yeah, Indy. I may have been a lonely only out here in the country, but I had the best parents in the world. Just for example, my Dad actually HATED to fish. He said he had enough fishing and camping when he was in the Army, ya know, WWII, the Big One as Archie Bunker said.

        But… almost every night during spring and when he wasn’t busy in the summer, he’d load things up in the truck and take me fishing. He’d just sit, or maybe throw a cane pole and hope nothing bit. Most of the time, Mom went along. She liked to fish, but I think mostly it was just getting away from the work and the house and enjoying some time together. Sometimes my little friends would come out to spend a night or two at the farm, and he taught all of them to fish. He even taught a couple of them to drive a stick shift in the pasture while I was busy fishing. My pals were soon bored with fishing, but never bored with my dad and his chats. He taught some of them to ride horses, too.

        Later, when I was an adult and started doing all the rough camping, my dad built me two big, heavy boxes. One was just a box with a lid to put sleeping bag, lantern, other stuff, just to keep it together and clean. The other was a very cool chuck box, with a drawer for utensils and shelves for flour, oil, seasonings, coffee, anything that needed to be dry. It had a fold down front to be used as a prep table, and even a place for the Coleman stove. All his own design. It was really cool and built to last. I still have those boxes even though I’m way too old to use them. And he never once used them. He just built them for me.

        Sniff. I miss my daddy….

      • Indy, I bet my dad and your grandad would have gotten along just fine. Let’s hope they are “whistlin’ and fishin’ in heaven.” Even if Dad didn’t like to fish, he’d probably sit and chat with your grandad while he fished.

      • Sounds like your daddy was one in a million……glad you have such special memories to share with us here on the PPP blog.

      • Yeah – PP – I would be guessing your dad and my Grandpa would be good friends.

        Hope your dad liked to talk – because my Grandpa could talk to anyone and within 5 minutes, they would be talking like long-lost friends.

        My Grandpa had that special connection with people. I think his secret was – he was a listener and did very little talking that was not needed for the conversastion.

        He was not real big on fluff…….but real strong on substance.

        I can recall only a few times when I saw my Grandpa really angry – and that was when the person was being intentionally cruel or mean-spirited to someone else.

        Then – the whole block heard my Grandpa. And you did not want to be the one Grandpa called by your full name…..because that meant you were definitely going to hear a lecture -and real soon.

        My Grandpa never spanked his own kids – nor any of his grandkids. Just the thought of disappointing Grandpa was enough to make you think twice before doing something wrong.

        But mean-spirited and cruel people was one thing my Grandpa could not and would not tolerate.

  11. Goddam. You just can’t make this stuff up about Kansas.

  12. I’ve always wanted to ask you a question, PrairiePond, and finally it pops in to my feeble brain while you’re around.

    On I-70 are there any signs that Rock Castle is a few miles south? Do any tourists see this marvel of nature? Or do they just keep trucking all the way across because the view from the highway indicates nothing to see?

    • There are signs along I-70 near Quinter that say “Gateway to Castle Rock.” But the rock and formations are not visible from the highway or any real road. There are signs on the country roads that will direct tourists and strangers, but it isn’t very accessible. The last time I was there, a few months ago, the trail that leads to the rock was very rutted and washed out. In fact, I was afraid to drive right up to the rock like we did. The ruts were so deep I was afraid we’d get high centered. And, as I pointed out, it’s rattlesnake infested so we really didn’t want to walk too far in the tall grass.

      But, the road leading south out of Quinter is called “Castle Rock Road” and you can find the rock and even more impressive bluffs by following the signs.

      I do, however, still recommend you let me be your guide. It’s always better to have a local along for the ride just in case you run into trouble. 🙂 /End blatant pandering for a trip to Castle Rock!/

  13. You know what they say, the only thing that can stop a bad masturbating tv crasher is a good man with a gun. 🙂

    • OMG. He was probably born in Kansas, educated in our schools, and brought up in some Fundy church.

      • Well – he was a carnival worker – maybe he was in training for some Fundy Church ffundraising work – such as those old time Revival tent meeting barkers used to do?

        Seriously – I had to laugh at the category Huff Post chose to put this article in – Weird News…

        Aint’ it the truth?

  14. Yesterday we talked about the teabagger from new Mexico (GOP Repesentative Cathrynn Brown) who introduced legislation which would require a rape victim to carry any child resulting from that rape to term and could be imprisoned for three years for “destroying evidence” if the woman sought an abortion. Today, another teabagger, this one Georgia Republican state Rep. Bobby Franklin, has introduced a bill to change some language in Georgia law. This idiot has decided that there is no such thing as a rape victim and wants to change the term “victim” to the term “accuser.” You can have burglary victims and assault victims but if he has his way, rape victims will become “accusers” because, you know, a man is innocent until he is proven guilty. At least where rape is concerned.

    • It all goes back to that damn apple……Eve is to blame ……….never mind that Adam had his own mind but I guess he was too stupid to use it?

      I wonder why that part is never brought up by these Fundies?

  15. I’m glad we’re hearing about these teavangelicals around the country and the kinds of legislation they are introducing in their respective states. I’m sure they would rather keep their actions quiet. Thankfully someone is finally paying attention and what these idiots do is shared all across America. A bunch of bloggers and tweeters and many people on Facebook also pass them along. Maybe more voters will see what they do after they talk big about fiscal problems and then immediately after being elected forget all that ‘talk’ and get on with the agenda they wanted to be elected to pursue.

    Many of the teapublicans elected in those 2010 midterms are very dangerous. Let’s pass along every bit of legislation they introduce.

    Oh, and if any of them actually do introduce legislation to improve our economy or help the jobs market, let’s make note of that too. I predict those kinds of bills won’t be as numerous even tho it’s what was promised they would be doing if elected.

  16. Ok, this is ROFLMAO funny. I laughed until I cried. These girls ROCK! If you need a laugh today, click on this. You won’t be sorry.

  17. Look at this! Wichita / Hutchinson, KS made number 18 on the list!

    Anyone else think Providence, RI / New Bedford, MA sounds like a great area to live!

    • I was thinking Portland/Auburn ME as another alternative.

    • Why am I not surprised Chattanooga, Tennessee is 3rd on the list of Most-Bible-Minded cities?

      Also to note – isn’t the Deep Southern region well represented in that same chart?

      Well – I have nothing against the Bible – because I do think we can all learn quite a few valuable lessons from it’s contents.

      But I do have a problem with those folks who twist the Bible into their own special interpretation and then try to ram it down my throat as ‘God’s own words’.

      Actually – the only part in the Bible that is said to have been written by the Hand of God were the Ten Commandments.

      And, as I have pointed out many times, where in the Top Ten List of Sins does it say – thou shalt not be Gay?

      But it does have several against lying and coveting…..both of which I see displayed routinely by these so-called religious leaders who try so hard to stir up hatred against those folks who are gay.

      What a shame….do you think Jesus is weeping somewhere or maybe he’s so mad that he wants to just throw out all those money vendors – again ?

    • Let’s go through that list and see how many of those states are ‘takers’ – according to the GOP’s own standards – shall we?

      Somehow – I don’t think Republicans want that certain details be known…

  18. Because we’re all fans of Ezra Klein and none of us have much confidence in any of Paul Ryan’s ideas, I didn’t want anyone to miss this —

    Paul Ryan Breaks Down Under Wonkterrogation

  19. Two antiscience bills, Senate Bill 758 and House Bill 1674, have been prefiled in the Oklahoma legislature.

    Creationists will stop at nothing in their attempt to turn the USA into christpocrisy where only their idea of god is allowed.

    • It doesn’t surprise me, but the politicians need to face facts: geeks are geeks and they share and learn from one another and advance new ways to use this tool we call a computer. Thank goodness! Wouldn’t it be such a world if we could approach all knowledge as something to be shared!?

      Anonymous to the rescue?

  20. Good gawd, the stock market closed ABOVE 1500 today. I haven’t paid any attention recently so when I heard that on the news just now I was shocked. And a little nervous. You know that saying about the harder the fall…

    • Notwithstanding my belief the market is overvalued by 30-40% based upon the fundamentals, I don’t see the Wall Street types allowing the GOP to muck this up; too much money is being made.

      • You got that right – 6176.

        When it comes to money – even the Wall Street Puppet Masters are not going to allow their puppets to do anything.

        But – then again – these Wall Street Puppet Masters will never cut those puppet strings – will they?

        You never know when a Wall Street Puppet Master might need their dummies on strings…

    • lol

      They’re already seeing 47% show up too often. That fraction doesn’t bring up good memories.

    • The thing is, the Constitution explicitly states that the manner of choosing electors is left to the States. Thus, Maine and Nebraska have adopted a proportional (kind of) way to allocate its electoral votes. The other 48 are “winner take all”.
      I’ve no doubt that the courts would take a “hands off” stance on any state changing its current method of awarding electoral votes. So, caveat emptor.

      • And this is why the Republicans are so gung ho on changing the way state do their electoral college. But, just wait until the next time that their proposed way will go badly on their party- and then they will want to change back to what we are doing currently. Right now – the majority of states are Republican controlled.

        But – in all seriousness – just the fact that Republicans are bringing this up – and with their argument that Romney would have won – doesn’t it smack of sour grapes and big fat losers whining and crying in their beer – so they are reaching out in anger and trying to figure out a way to ‘game the system’?

        IMHO – this is what will sink the Republicans even further into disapproval ratings. The GOP is already known as the Party of Oh HELL NO on everything.

        The GOP is known to be anti-women, anti-minorities, anti-science, anti-labor, anti-middle class – what group is left to piss off?

        But this most recent plan to grab power at all costs and the appearance of gaming the system – will backlash on these elephants (again).

        I swear – why can’t these buffoons just do their frickin jobs in Congress and start to govern – which means compromise….

        I know, I know…..the Teapublicans and the Fundy Religious will not allow the word compromise to be said …..EVER…