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  1. Reading some history and this date amazed me. We have come a long way, and in a short time.

    (from the link): 1972: The Supreme Court legalizes the use of birth control pills for all women, regardless of marital status. Before the decision, only married women were able to receive the pill through a doctor’s prescription.

    Before and after Roe v. Wade

    • The biggest threat to the loss of women’s right to reproductive health care is not just these Republican males are trying to pass their anti-women legislation – it is the fact that our younger generation of women may not know – or forget – how things ‘used to be’ for women in this country.

      I strongly beleive the 2012 election is proof of that – just look at the numbers of women that came out in support of Obama.

      I have to wonder….was that a result of the likes of Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock showing their true colors and exposing the Republicans’ Anti-Women views?

      I shudder to think what could have happened if women had not gotten their backs up and loudly said – Oh HELL NO, to these Republican males.

      Let’s not forget – it was not just Akin and Mourdock – Paul Ryan (the GOP VP choice) was right there with the same anti-women beliefs.

      The election of 2012 is just anoher a reminder – women should never take anything for granted. And we need to speak loudly and speak often because I think the current GOP is still in their Neanderthal stage of political life.

      • Yes, absolutely the overreach of elected republicans, especially at the state level, woke up women. Older gals like myself had relaxed and younger women who never knew what it was like when we were young took their rights for granted. We’re awake now. We’re not finished either! I noticed the republicans have learned NOTHING and are back to their sameosameo. Women will get rid of them!

  2. One of those ‘would be funny if it weren’t so true.’ Hey let’s laugh at those gun nuts anyway — even if we’ve been taught to NOT laugh at the mentally impaired (their impairment is their choice).

  3. So, we have Newt Gingrich saying that Obama’s speech was not liberal.

    But we have other Republicans whining about how Obama did not reach out to Republicans enough and to promise to work together. John McCain, of all people, should not be listened to – by anyone.

    God….the current GOP must be in a total shambles if Newt Gingrich is the only one making any sense…..

    I, for one, hope these current Republicans keep up on their whine-song of how they are being so persecuted. This will assure a Democratic majority of the House and retain the Democratic majority in the Senate come 2014 midterms.

    The more Republicans like McCain whine and call Obama a bunch of names – the more the current GOP will sink into their abyss of hate-filled rhetoric.

    And, hopefully, if these buffoons fall into their own abyss – they will not rise back up to cause any more problems.

    It’s time the GOP put on their big boy pants and simply GROW UP..

    • BTW – I wonder where the Republicans had their dinner last night to – once again – plot how to bring down their president?

      They had a similar dinner in 2009 on Inauguration night – remember?

      Hmmm….maybe that dinner should be called – the 30 pieces of silver dinner?

      Maybe it’s just me….but on the very night the president is inaugurated, isn’t it rather in treasonous taste to be actually plotting to bring him down?

      And then…..to continue to try to paint Obama as the one who refuses to work with them is almost laughable….if it weren’t so sad, but yet true.

      Republicans are so filled with hate they cannot even see what is in front of their lying eyes……..

    • Republicans seem to whine at everything. I’ve accepted that as their normal behavior. I think it was telling about just how deep the problems in that party are when Romney didn’t participate. In fact, other than some silly statements soon after his well-deserved loss he’s disappeared. Who do they have speaking for them? Is there any clear message? The only thing I’ve heard, other than whining, are mumblings about reducing the deficit and lowering taxes. No details, no plan, no vision. You think everyone else hasn’t noticed what is apparent? Those old pale men and the women who do their bidding aren’t getting younger and nothing they’re doing is appealing to younger people, strong women capable of thinking for themselves, or minorities.

      • Let’s not forget – as I posted that article yesterday about that certain drug manufacturer’s benefit included in the fiscal cliff deal – these same Republicans who are whining and mumbling about the deficit must think that their ‘certain lobbyists’ are essential to our government spending?

        McConnell, Baucus and Hatch are just one example of how these elected Congress Critters are nothing more than bought-and-paid-for puppet politicains.

        Why should I believe anything these three say about Obama spending too much when these three are involved in bloating up that govenrment spending?

  4. A little more from our recent history, this time from Mother Jones.

    When Women Used Lysol as Birth Control
    A look back at shocking ads for the popular, dangerous, and ineffective antiseptic douche.


    • What is even more sad about this ad for Lysol is the fact that Republicans (especially the Far Right Religious) is actually advocating to return to those days…

      As someone pointed out this morning on the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade – if these anti-abortion supporters are truly concerned about abortions being performed – then why are they also against access to birth control?

      Wouldn’t it make sense to prevent unwanted pregnancy in the first place?

      Sadly – this GOP-sponsored push against acess to birth control and anti-abortion is not really about killing babies (as they claim). It is about the control of women – by men who seem to think their God has given them that ultimate authority.

      Kinda like Rick Santorum said during the 2012 primary campain when he said that God gave man the resources on Earth to use as he saw fit.

      Hold on there Bucko……..did God really think Man was stupid enough to pollute the clean air and water?

      I don’t know about Santorum’s God – but my God gave me a brain in which to think and to have the good sense to listen to scientists……

      • P.S. – when I talk about scientists – I am also referring to the science of medicine – which has made access to birth control widely available…..

        We need more science and less false prophets who call themselves religious leaders….IMHO

      • You nailed it! Men wanting to control women. There isn’t anyone who could honestly say that making abortion illegal would stop abortions. And, the measures being passed nowadays are all about control rather than repealing Roe v Wade. Make standards that make it impossible for a doctor to perform abortions in the state, require invasive medical tests of women seeking an abortion, and onandon. All any of this means is that only the women with the money to ensure a safe procedure will have abortions in a clean place with a skilled person attending. Everyone else will have to do what women through the ages have done — resort to lysol, coat hangers, back alleys, etc. And some of those women won’t make it so these laws will actually kill more than they save. But, just like you said, it isn’t the abortion it’s about control.

        Exactly the same way rape isn’t about sex, but is about control.

        These are evil men and women who want to control others!

      • Todd Akin opened alot of eyes when he infamously said those two words – legitimate rape.

        That not only called into question as to why any politician would put himself into the position of defending a rapist ….but it also put a bright spotlight on this idealogy that Far Right Wing Republicans seem to have about women.

        It MUST be the woman’s fault if she is raped – because, after all, God has given man the ultimate authority over women – if we are to believe these Far Right Wingers.

        And, let’s not forget , it was Eve’s fault for making that big, strong man of hers to eat that damn apple…….

        heavy sarcasm dripping……

        CONTROL is what Republicans are truly seeking……..and nothing less will satisfy them. I think this is one reason these buffoons are still trying to paint Obama as the one who refuses to work with them…..

        You see, it’s Obama’s fault (just like Eve’s and every other woman). It’s not the buffoons’ fault – it is always the other guy – over there.

      • IMHO – Religious Right Republicans profess to believe in the Rapture. Judging from these folks’ past behavior – if and when Jesus does decide to descend down to Earth, I fully expect to hear these false prophets to ask Jesus – what took you so long?

        These folks are truly those buffoons that even Jesus could not please……

      • Since men have no control of their actions? Says a lot about men when they assert it’s what she asked for before forcing themselves on a female…

      • I thought I heard Chris Matthews say last night that the repukes were having some retreat where they were going to get “schooled” on how to talk about rape? WTF? I may have not heard that correctly since my hearing is starting to go, but I could swear that’s what I heard him say. Again, WTF? What is there to be “schooled” on? No means no. I’m not so sure what is hard to understand about that. And no woman should be forced to carry her rapist’s child. That’s just sick. If she chooses to do that, fine and I’d support her in doing it. But… it should be HER choice. Her rapist should have no say in it. Just keep his ass behind bars and tell him to STFU. And I’m not talking about “stand the floor up.”

    • Wow, I’d never heard that Lysol story before. That’s crazy. And so sad. A woman would really have to be desperate. I should consider myself lucky not to have ever been in that circumstance. OMG.

      • There was a GOP conference held last week (of which I wonder why taxpayers are paying for these asses to be at a GOP conference when they should be in their Congressional seats working….??

        But I digress……

        I heard where Frank Luntz (GOP political strategist/guru) was there and was telling them how to stop talking about rape because they are getting hammered for their anti-women stances….

        Duh….do you think so Franklie?

        I agree with Prairie Pond – WTF..?? Rape is rape and NO means NO.

        At least – in my world – that is true. Obviously in the GOP FantasyLand – those folks ‘over there’ believe something else??

      • Control is what rape is about. Period. Thus, we can see one of the reasons for the attitude of several Republicans towards it, right, indy?

        PP, I ran across an old Lysol package insert when in grade school extolling the benefits of using Lysol as an appropriate solution for douching. Armed with a dictionary, I figured out what the insert was addressing, much to the dismay of my parents. . . (yes, I had to ask).

  5. Bob White

    For me, non-violent protest actions have been demonstrated to be better than “treason,” but with the violence by state and local police used to “put-down” even non-violent protest actions, we cannot rule-out treason. If citizens were ‘well and accurately informed’ and ‘willing to use their vote’ treason would be out of the question.

    • Did anyone else hear that asswipe repuke on TV last night who said he firmly believed that if MLK were alive today that he would be in favor of everyone being armed and having guns? That he would say maybe if African Americans had been armed that slavery might not have been a part of our history?

      Jesus wept.

      First off, I guess he never heard MLK believed and taught non-violence? That pretty much rules out the use of guns.

      Second, did he think as the slaves were led off the boats, fresh from being taken against their will from Africa, they should have been issued guns? WTF? Did he really think the slave catchers, transporters, and mongers would allow that? Did he really think slave owners would just let the Africans keep their boat-issued guns?

      OMG. Did I already say “Jesus wept?”

      Wow. Ron White is correct. You really can’t fix stupid.

  6. When talking about the Republicans and their message of anti-women, rape , access to birth control and pro-choice – let’s not forget wehat Bobby Jindahl said after Mitt Romney lost to Obama (rather decidely, I must say).

    As this article points out – Jindahl is not really saying the GOP needs to change their message – they simply need to change the way they are delivering that message.

    Once again, these Republian males (and the women love blindly follow them) really show their disgust for American women by assuming we are stupid enough to fall for a new P.R.-driven message of how much they hate women?

    Women are not stupid…….if we were, Sarah Palin would have been in Joe Biden’s house these past four years.

    Think about that….another big bullet this country dodged in 2008….huh?


    • Since the Republican Party began shrinking they have become irrelevant in national elections. Maybe they won’t look at reality for several more election cycles. Their problems begin with the fact that those candidates who pass their tests for nomination don’t appeal broadly enough to win the election. From there their problems only grow worse because of their policy stances, and lack of a plan. They identify problem areas, whine about them and throw around a bunch of accusations they never can support, but don’t offer a solution beyond do it differently than the democrats. At some point they’ll need to do more than say no and talk about cutting taxes. We’ve all pretty much recognized that they talk about solving financial woes and are only able to muster legislation that further restricts women’s reproductive rights.

      • In other words – Republicans have very big mouths and can yell the loudest (or whine, whichever mood they’re it?)

        Then these buffons wonder why so many people have tuned them out….

        PP is correct…..Jesus wept

  7. I sincerely hope he has a strong opponent in 2014! Go, Ashley Judd! 🙂 I think the whole country, not just the state of Kentucky, would be very interested in a race between McConnell and Judd. Probably send money and all that — BOTH sides. I’m reminded of the losing opponent the Republican Party fielded against Harry Reid (who I agreed shouldn’t be reelected). The Democratic Party would have a strong opponent to McConnell is Ms. Judd!

    Ms. Judd is well educated (She graduated from the UK Honors Program and was nominated to Phi Beta Kappa with a major in French, and minors in Anthropology, Art History, Theater, and Women’s Studies; she graduated from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government with an MPA. Amongst other achievements at Harvard, she was awarded the Dean’s Scholar Award for her work in the Harvard Law class, Gender Violence: Law and Social Justice). She is intelligent, well spoken, an advocate for women’s rights, environmental issues, the DREAM Act and others.

  8. I just listened to NRA leader Wayne LaPierre ramble on and on about how Obama is out to take guns away from all Americans.

    Oh – also – to tax those same guns…

    I suspect Obama has touched another nerve of the NRA to ruffle that many feathers of the great and powerful Wayne……(don’t look behind that green curtain – it’s only a mere mortal who is of no importance)