Monday, 1/21/13, Public Square

Inauguration 2013

The theme of the 2013 Inauguration is “Faith in America’s Future”


This year is the 50th anniversary of the Martin Luther King March on Washington and 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation.

The U.S. Constitution requires that the President of the United States must be sworn into office by noon on January 20.  January 20 fell on a Sunday and an inauguration cannot be held on a Sunday.  So the 2013 Inauguration will be held today, on a federal holiday, the birthday of fallen Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr., making January 21 a doubly special day as the first African American president is sworn in for his second term.

President Obama will use three different Bibles for his oaths. For the private ceremony on Sunday, he used the Bible belonging to Michelle Obama’s family, the Robinsons.  It was a gift from Michelle Obama’s Father to her Mother on Mother’s Day in 1958.

At the official inauguration today, the President will put his hand on two Bibles, stacked on top of one another, the Lincoln Bible he used four years ago and one that belonged to the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The King Bible is known as Dr. King’s traveling Bible that he used as inspiration for sermons and speeches when he was on the road.

The Lincoln Bible is on loan from the Library of Congress and was purchased to be used in 1861 for Lincoln’s first inauguration. An ornate Bible, it is bound in burgundy velvet with a gold-washed metal rim and the pages are gilt trimmed.  In 2009, President Obama was the first person sworn in as president with his hand on the Lincoln Bible.

At the end of this day President Obama will have taken the oath of office four different times.  In 2008 Chief Justice Roberts scrambled some of of the words of the oath so it was redone later.


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22 responses to “Monday, 1/21/13, Public Square

  1. To paraphrase the good Dr. King, “Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty we are not swearing in Mitt Romney!”

  2. What a very different country we would have if Dr. King had lived a long and full life into old age. I mourn the country we did not achieve even while I am happy Obama prevailed in the last two elections.

  3. Here’s a happy piece from Mother Jones.

    Yup, Ashley Judd Sounds Like She’s Running for Something

  4. The Democratic Party continues to add strong, intelligent, capable women to elected office.

  5. Inauguration Speech: Obama Starts Second Term With Remarks At U.S. Capitol (FULL TRANSCRIPT)

  6. I must confess, I just got up an hour ago. I took some sinus medication and it knocked me out. I hope it is my sinuses and not that dang flu…..

    I turned on MSBC and Rachel Maddow was laughingly saying that Michael Steele was the only Republican that will talk to her (or something like that).

    But then I heard Michael Steele say – shame on those Republicans who left the city and was not a part of this event.

    Isn’t that very telling? That sounds like some junior high school Mean Girls Club. The spoiled brats…

    But….then I remembered the story about how a group of leading Republicans had dinner in Washington on the night of Obama’s First Inauguration and their topic was how to bring down Obama…

    Well – maybe it’s a good thing the vultures did leave town – rather than sitting around a fancy restaurant’s table – filling their stomachs on the fatted calf – and all on the taxpayers’ dime?

    I’ve often thought – what if this story had been the Democrats sitting around and plotting how to take down George W. Bush. Or the fact that alot of Democrats refused to come to the Inauguration or even refuse numerous invitations to the White House to state dinners or even to watch a sporting event – just because Geroge W. won and they lost?

    I am so sick and tired of this particular GOP group of Mean Girls Club. It’s time this country grows up.

    I’ve told my kids – I don’t care how you feel about someone personally and you have the right to feel that way – but when it comes to being in the same room or event with that person – you act like a civilized human being.

    Maybe that’s the problem? The current GOP are not civilized or human beings? Neanderthals, maybe??

  7. I wonder how many rude comments we’ll hear from the disgrunted Republicans over Beyonce’s version of the Star Spangled Banner?

    I bet that made some teapots explode…..

    • She did a great job! Difficult to execute our national anthem, but she did it very well!

      You know, those who hurl hurtful, angry and disrespectful comments are telling you a lot about themselves.

      • I think she did a great job also – and that particular song is very hard to sing…

        But, as was stated by someone on the news coverage, the entire Inauguration was definitely had the tone of progressive and diverse people.

        You know how those two words can ruffle the white feathers of the Cackle Hens at the Foxxies in the Hen House.

  8. I feel so good for America. We have at least four more years of adult supervision.

  9. Remember the names – Mitch McConnell, Max Bauchus (sp?) and Orrin Hatch.

    So the next time McConnell scrunches up his face and tries to pretend he is so worried about the out-of-control government spending……please, remember this article. I suspect this is the true McConnell..

    • Max Baucus has long disgraced Montana and the US. He’s a bought-and-sold shill for power, and I’m hoping he has a primary challenge in 2014.

  10. I just returned from shopping errand and turned on the coverage of the Inaugural Parade.

    President Obama looked like he was having fun. He was smiling, laughing, waving and – for the first time I can remember – he was chewing gum.

    I did wonder about that – because I cannot recall ever seeing Obama chew gum. Then Chris Matthews explained – President Obama is chewing Nicorette gum ……so, I give kudos the president for doing something positive.

    have family and friends that are current and former smokers. I also know how difficult it is to break this habit.

    So – then I got to wondering if the Foxxies in the Hen House were covering the Inaugural Paraded – so I turned over to their channel.

    And what I saw and heard only confirmed what I’ve been saying about these folks – they are nothing more than a Bunch of Old Gossipy Church Women who love to cackle 24/7.

    There was a group of five of them and they each picked their favorite past inaugural moments. Two of them – picked Reagan – and, of course, it was the time Reagan infamously said that government is no the solution, goverment is the problem.

    To which the Gossipy Church Women cackled and then proceeded to feast on their president’s flesh and bones as to how Obama is the totally polar opposite of Reagan.

    Yeah, sure. Keep it up Cackling Hens – keep it up. The more you cackle – the more you will lose come 2014 (hopefully).

    • Does anyone remember how MSNBC covered both of the inaugurations of George W. Bush?

      Did their hosts sit and cackle like a bunch of gossipy old church women?

      I just don’t remember that happening….

      But – hey – Mitt Romney did not attend the Inauguration (which Dukakis did not attend when he lost to George H.W. Bush) – but Romney took it a step further when he announced that he did not even plan to watch it.

      Wow – is there sour grapes with that rancid tea?

      • Like Lawrence ODonnell said – who would have even known if Romney watched it or not?

        Just the fact that Romney felt the need to say that shows exactly the character of that man

        Thank God, the country dodged a bullet with Romney losing…

  11. I’m sure we’ve all seen the video footage of President Obama taking one last look at the cheering crowds when he was walking back into the Capitol after taking his oath and giving his speech.

    He said that he wanted one last look because he will not get to see this again.

    He then took the time to actually look at the crowds – even while people behind him were walking past him to get into the building. Obama even stepped further to the side to let people get past him…..

    and yet he still took the time to take in that moment….

    I noticed his eyes – they were serious, grateful, humble and – maybe, just maybe – he was thinking of his mother, grandmother and grandfather who raised him in his humble beginnings. And now they are all passed and could not be there to celebrate with him……

    No matter what Obama was thinking at that moment – I was touched by his gesture because we got to see a glimpse of a man who is truly a good man, a humble man and a man who knows what it is like to start on the bottom and rise to the top…..

    Can you imagine Mitt Romney taking this moment to savor? I cannot…..nor any other Republican who truly believes they are ‘entitled’ to all they take….

    I am more hopeful now for our country than I have been in the past four years.. I think we truly have a real ‘human being’ sitting in the Oval Office.