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  1. But while coming for my social security check – their privileged few 1% will continue to be leeches on our society -and take-take-take…

    • Yes, it does seem they want theirs as much as they want to make sure those they deem ‘undeserving’ don’t get any.

    • Laura

      Good point. They actually love welfare- as long as it’s corporate welfare and not social welfare.

      Nice blog, by the way.

      -Laura at Liberal Values Voter

      • Hi, Laura, welcome to Triple Ps.

        You’re right. We all know government produces no income, they take our money and spend it. If it’s the republicans doing the spending it’s given to those who don’t need it. There was a time when the “job creators” both created jobs in America and valued their employees. Those days are long gone. All they’re interested in today is more money.

        It’s very difficult to understand why any regular Joe or Jane would approve of giving their money to those who have more than they’ll ever be able to spend. But some still do and cast their votes for republicans. Luckily, their numbers are growing smaller each year and unless they face that reality and do something to change it they’ll go the way of the dinosaur.

  2. I know that getting meaningful legislation to curb gun violence through Congress doesn’t have great odds of success. I think many of our congress critters are cowards unwilling to even take a chance that fundraising or reelection chances could be harmed by taking a stance for reasonable ideas that might have a positive effect on the epidemic of gun mayhem in the U.S.

    It makes me very sad.

    I can’t wrap my mind around the person who would think they need a rapid-fire killing machine with a foot long clip to feel safe. I can’t imagine target practice, skeet shooting, hunting or anything other than inflicting the most damage in the least amount of time would require such a weapon. But I acknowledge there are many people who fervently want the ‘right’ to own that killing machine. It seems to me their ‘right’ is much more important than anything else and they’ll happily step all over my rights to safety to keep their precious killing machines. When a person thinks the answer to gun violence is more guns I have to admit there is no way to reason with the unreasonable.

    I heard somewhere a suggestion of ‘references’ being required for the person buying a gun or large quantities of ammo. I like the idea. People who know you would know whether you’re capable of accepting the responsibilities of gun ownership. They would know if you were in control, or not. They would know if you seemed to have changed and stop to think about any change as part of considering whether they would agree you should be able to make this purchase. Would this be a step in the right direction of keeping guns out of the hands of those who aren’t sane?

    • The problem with references – you don’t always know the relationship of the person giving the reference.

      For examples – a potential employer calls every phone number listed as a reference – how do we really know if that person picking up the phone is not some friend of the job applicant – who is willing to say anything to help his friend out?

      In today’s world of cell phones – it is not always easy to match up phone numbers with various businesses or organizations (as proof you’re actually calling the named source of reference). Unless it is landline and can confirmed to be a business listed in the Yellow Pages – what proof do you really have that you’re talking to someone other than a personal friend?

      • That’s all true. But giving a perspective employer a reference doesn’t carry the potential danger that allowing someone to have a gun who shouldn’t have one carries. Wouldn’t every sane person at least think about a gun in the hands of this person they’re vouching for? Would a person who isn’t sane only know scums who wouldn’t give it a bit of thought? Would people like gang members or criminals want their name on anything that might end up in the hands of law enforcement? Wouldn’t they decline to be a reference rather than chance the person using the gun for harm, then the investigation turning up their name as a reference?

        I just liked this idea and thought it should be included in the conversation our country is having. Instead of hearing people say they thought that person was a weirdo after they’ve done harm with a gun, maybe we would hear it before the harm was done?

      • I agree – we should try anything and everything to curb this senseless gun violence.

        And if requiring references is one place to start – then so be it.

        Besides – why would any ‘good’ Republican object to providing references to buy a gun – when these same folks put in a requirement to show a photo I.D. to cast a vote?

  3. David Wheeler, father of Benjamin, a victim at Sandy Hook Elementary, said, “Just keep talking. Have the conversation.”

    Every right is accompanied by responsibilities and we should do what’s possible to keep weapons in the hands of those who are capable of accepting the responsibilities that go along with the right to own guns, and out of the hands of those who can’t or won’t be responsible. I’m tickled Vice President Biden and President Obama have begun a rational discussion about what might curb gun violence since it’s apparent doing nothing isn’t a solution. And those that aren’t capable of a rational discussion aren’t doing gun owners any favors with their irrational talk. I don’t expect instant solutions, but I expect reasoned discussion will offer suggestions rational people can agree about.

  4. How can one have a serious discussion when a leader in the Far Right Wing of the GOP says something like this?

    Seriously – so God is so hateful and vengeful that he sits back and watches as 20 young 1st graders were mowed down? And by a person who attended the same church as 8 of them?

    Then these Far Right Wingers wonder why I do not want to know their God? I want nothing to do with that type of God. That is not unconditional love – which is what the King James Version of the Bible says about God.

    God is Love.

    Love one another, as you love yourself.

    Whatever you do to the least among you, you do to me.

    These Far Right Wingers Fundy Christians are nothing more than the money vendors inside the Temple – and we all know what the Bible tells us Jesus did with those CONS….


    • I think these Far Right Wingers need a ‘come to Jesus meeting’ and stop all their nonsense and spreading hate.

      I find it ironic that this self-righeous Bryan Fischer stated that God does not go where he is not wanted..

      Oh really, God is omnipotent (at least that is what the KJV Bible says) – so doesn’t that mean God is everywhere?

      But, putting that aside, it also true that if God is pure Love – then how can God be around people with so much hate in their hearts, words and actions?

      Love cannot be around hate………

  5. Grins and giggles. đŸ™‚

  6. I would like to ask a question of the NRA – when their goal is achieved and we are all rmed with assault weapons – what’s the next step? Rocket grenade launches, drones, tanks?

    Where does all this mandess stop – Mr. Wayne LaPierre?

  7. I read where Ann Coulter thinks we have a -demographics problem’ when it comes to gun violence – not a gun problem.


    Let’s review the mass shootings in the last few years – how many shooters were angry white men?

  8. One factor in trying to curb this violence (gun and otherwise) in our society is not getting much media time – it is this mentality of it is okay to do whatever it takes just to win.

    Look at the two top sports stories in the news this week:

    1) Lance Armstrong confessed to doping after lying for a long, long time.

    2) That Notre Dame football player and his bizarre tale of the dead girlfriend that was a big hoax.

    Both of these men – and their handlers, money supporters – went along with all the lies.

    Just like Jerry Sandusky and his molesting boys while at the Penn State football program. University officials knew it and looked the other way.

    Just like the Catholic Church – they looked the other way while covering up for their child molesting priests.

    Politicians lie all the time.

    Preachers lie all the time.

    News jounalists lie all the time (some networks more than others).

    Everybody is lying and nobody seems to care any more.

    Whatever happenened to consequences when people do wrong? Whatever happened to the capacity to feel shame and/or embarrassment?

    Our society is sick with a cancer that believes in this idealogy that they can do anything they want – so long as they are seen as ‘winning’.

    With a cancer-riddled society like ours – the last thing we need are more guns on top of the millions of guns already on the streets.

    • BTW – dont’ get me started on the Wall Street and their Vulture Capitalists…….

      talk about there are no consequences for when people do wrong….

    • That whatever it takes to win attitude is a sick one, but what bothers me even more is the people who can’t be satisfied with a win – win. Nope, winning isn’t enough, there must be a loser. A compromise is out since even if they get some of what they want, so did their opponent.

      • You’re right….do you think it is because of that Us versus Them crappola?

        I always hated it when George W. Bush would say – bring it on. It sounded like juvenile and too much of being a bully

        But – I’ve noticed in the television programming. I like to watch the Foot Network and they have competition shows.

        I’ve noticed that with every preview of the contestants – they have these people facing the camera, with a menacing look on their face and their arms are crossed and they take this stance like GWB saying ‘bring it on’.

        It is so intimidating and bullish to me…….and that bothers me alot.

        But I do have to say – there was one Chopped episode on Food Network. It was a show where losers from a previous show was invited back to try to win this time.

        It came down to two contestants – a woman and a man. The woman was a foreigner and the man was Asian but born here in America. The man worked at some Christian retreat place and he would say little things about how God was good to him, etc. My first thought was – oh, great, another Holy Roller.

        When asked what each would do if they won the $10,000 prize money – the woman said she would use the money to fly back to her homeland and see her grandmother, which she has not seen in many years.

        To tell you the truth, I don’t remember what the man said he would with the money.

        The final cookoff was dessert and this woman had even cut herself pretty badly during the previous round – but she kept on cooking, after being attended to by the medical team.

        The man ended up as the winner…….as the judges were telling her the reasons they ‘chopped’ her – this man spoke up and said – he wanted to give the woman the money so she could fly home to see her grandmother.

        NOW that is Christian love – IMHO. This man is a professing Christian that backs up what he preaches by his actions.

        So – there is hope for our society. Not everyone is out for just themselves and to see their perceived enemies destroyed.

        Maybe I am naive – but I hope there are more people like this professed-Chrisitan man on that cooking show. There is compassion. There is empathy. And there are people who will do the right thing – even when nobody is watching?

        I don’t know…..I certainly hope and pray I am not being too naive.

  9. Did you hear about the school security officer at a K – 8 charter school in Michigan who left his gun in a student bathroom? No one was hurt. Thank goodness.

    • Wasn’t this predictable?

      I heard an FBI retired agent say that even a highly-trained law enforcement officer can have trouble taking down an armed shooter with these assault weapons.

      I just don’t think we should be putting armed guards into schools when they are not highly-trained or as-little-as-possible training.

      What’s next ? Some GOP-loving corporate CEO wanting to pay these armed guards minimum wage and give them as little training as possible and then turn around bill the taxpayers billions for their services?

      I suspect the NRA and their puppet politicaisn would love that bloating of govenrment spending – huh?

  10. For those who believed it was a fluke when just before the election Ben Stein went on Fox News and said there was little correlation between taxes and economic activity, it was not.


    Ben Stein Says as he is constantly interrupted:

    Charlie with all due respect there is no data, no reputable study showing that raising taxes on rich people inhibits growth.”

    Charlie Gasparino injects:

    “Nineteen eighties, Nineteen eighties, cutting capital gains.”

    Ben Stein retorts through continuous interruption:

    “sir from 82 to 88 every year Mr. Reagan raised taxes.”

  11. So republicans in the House have agreed to vote on a bill to raise the debt limit for three months. I’m so tired of these children!

    • Why, pray tell, are we taxpayers paying these Republicans to go their GOP retreat the past few days? This Congress just got into office and how many days have they taken off?

      GET to WORK….

    • I received an email about this……but did not have the time, at that moment, to go into and see what it is about.

      I will need to find that email again and do something positive.

      I did notice the flap in the media yesterday about Michelle Obama having bangs now…..and she was wearing that same dress. So, I guess that is really the only thing the media picked up on? – a different hairstyle?

      No wonder we’re in such sorry shape..

  12. I’m sure every CONservative, George W. Bush supporter, Republican is loving this news about the former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin.

    I’m glad to see there was an investigation and an indictment brought – if he did do these things.

    But – while these CONservatives are jumping and hollering with joyous delight – why don’t they do the same celebrating when their own fellow Republicans are not only indicted – but convicted – of the same type of corruption charges. BTW – haven’t heard about Tom DeLay lately….have we? Is he still awaiting his conviction appeal?

    Tommy is just one of the several questionable Conservastive Reublicans that need the same investigations done into their actions.

    • Me too. I don’t want anyone to be above the law, and I would like justice to be fair and equitable. By that I mean you can’t be so wealthy or well connected or ______ (fill in the blank) that you would be treated differently than another person. But, I’m not naive enough to believe that’s the way it really works. I’ve seen too many people buy their way out.

  13. The author of this op-ed piece points out that an astonishing 4 out of 5 white men voted for Romney in the last election and Obama still won. It’s a very interesting piece, entertaining too. I was especially entertained with the descriptions of republican women.

    Do white men still matter?
    The far right: Pale males and the women who emulate them

    • I heard a pundit state Romney won the same percentage of the white vote that George H.W. Bush won – but Daddy Bush won by a landslide against Dukakis.

      That shows just how important the non-white voters are – IMHO.

      This is a demographic problem for the GOP – but do they believe it? I suspect not – they’re too busy being lulled into their idea of white entitlement over on the Foxxies in the Hen House.

    • I loves me some Ezra Klein. If being a wonk like Ezra is wrong, I don’t want to be right!

      • PP – thanks for putting that country love song into my head – IIRC, it was Barbara Mandell – if loving is you is wrong, I don’t want to be right?

        Damn……now that tune is looping in my brain……..

        BTW – I agree about Ezra Klein – he is one smart cookie……