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  1. The Dumbing Down of America started with Ronald Reagan – IMHO.

    But, hey, Reagan actually tried to classify ketchup as a vegetable for school lunches.

    Maybe Reagan and his Gang did not know they were dumbing down? Maybe these buffoons really thought they were the smart ones? That explains alot – doesn’t it?

    Doesn’t excuse the damage Reagan did to our country – but it does explain alot of shit.

    • rick liebst

      There does seem to a considerable confusion within the current edcation system. I will admit though there was quite abit when I was in school too.
      A level of what is called, “SWAG” (Scientific Wild-Ass Guessing) in the ways and thoughts of the whys and hows of things. Trying to fit a problem into a solution devoid of the problem.

      • IIRC – you said you have a grandson in the special needs program and only one school location has the program?

        My daughter worked for Rainbows United for a long time – and sometimes kids get labeled with the special needs tag – but without much thought into what to do with the kid after the labeling.

        But….of course, there is more funding that comes with that special needs label?

        So – I wonder – how many times are these kids really true special needs or how many times has the issue of more funding (money) prompts that labeling?

        It’s like our health care system – why cure someone when the doctors and drug manufacturers can keep milking the patient for more and more money?

        Please do not misunderstand what I am trying to say – if any kid needs special teaching/classes – then I support that 100%.

        But, I have to wonder, are some kinds tagged with that label simply because the first teacher does not have the patience – or the desire – to effectively teach in a way that child needs?

        I remember when my youngest nephew was in high school. He had Turret’s Syndrome. My sister-in-law received a call from the high school counselor that her son was dropping out of school and there was nothing they could about it beause he was legal age – he was 16 yrs old at the time.

        My SIL begged the counselor to keep my nephew there at the school until she could come down and talk with him and the school authorities – and the reponse she got was – we don’t interfere with the kid’s rights. If he wants to drop out – then we let him walk out the door.

        My nephew’s previous years from 4th grade until that day in the high school office were horrible years. He was transferred from teacher to teacher and some tried their best and others just threw up their hands and wanted nothing to do with him.

        You see, my nephew had a different way of learning – instead of just being told to read the book and take the test – he had to read the book, have the text read to him and explained to him. And, of course, the Turret’s Syndrome had its own challenges – with the tics, shaking of the head and if totally frustrated, he would yell out.

        But that kid dropped out of school – went on a 4-year binge of hanging out with the druggies, working minimum wage jobs, etc. He ended up in Florida being the last one of 4 young guys renting an apartment – and since he was the last one there – the landlord was after him to pay all the back rent, damages, etc. It was a nightmare.

        But – today – my nephew has two sons (the oldest in the same high school that let my nephew walk out that day). In fact, my nephew even works for the same school district and maintains their swimming pools and other facilities.

        So, I wonder, if some teacher or school official somewhere would have taken the time to really find out what method of learning worked for my nephew – would he have had to go through those 4 years? More than that – would my brother and his wife have had to go through those 4 years?

        We will never know……..the history is the past and cannot be changed. But, I still wonder……

        I feel for any parents of a special needs student. Sometimes you just never know what to do or which way to go. Sometimes, there is no choice, and that is what bothers me the most.

  2. Is it any surprise Americans are willing to spend $40,000/year to incarcerate a person and only spend $8,000/year to educate an elementary school student?

    The same idiocy can seen in our health care system – we spend the most money but receive the overall worst results.

    Many Republicans like to brag about our health care system being the best……well, our health technology is great – as long as you have the money to pay for it…

  3. Hell, in Kansas they won’t even spend that much. It’s a little over 4K and the legislature has to be dragged into court to even pay that much!

    • But…but….Kansas is filled with those God-fearing folks – you know, the ones that know deep in their hearts that they are God’s favorite…

      Doesn’t that make up for all their crap they do?

      My sarcasm is showing today…..

      • rick liebst

        To excuse the most unexcuseable by claimming it is God’s intent is not faith in God it is only believing in a God to blame for your own short comings. ” I don’t hate Gays because my Lord demands I love my brother… But boy that God should hates them!!!!

      • I know what you mean…..

        I often point out to those self-righteous, pious religious folks that the only part of the Bible that is said to have been written by the Hand of God were the Ten Commandments.

        Where in the Top Ten did God say Thou shalt not be homosexual?

        But – isn’t it ironic that God did include bearing false witness (lying), coveting and adultery in those Top Ten of sins…

    • rick liebst

      How true they are like that child that will not clean their room until they are threaten with some punishmnt then after only ten minutes say it was not all that hard to clean! They wait for there to be enough of a uproar or a court order to do exactly what they knew they were going to do in the first place and then claim it was not because of it being the right thing.

  4. You know the secret to getting any Republican to pay for something? Tell them it’s a war and these buffoons will give millions, billions or even trillions if it’s a damn good war.

    When listening to these Republicans trying to blackmail Obama over this debt ceiling crappola – just remember that these very same Republicans were all applauding Mitt Romney’s plan to spend an additional $4 trillion on the military and without any specified spending cuts.

    So…..when these buffoons say they’re so worried about the massive spending and debt…..let’s remind them that they were the ones sitting there and applauding their boy – Mitt the Twit – with his proposed $4 trillion spending binge.

  5. Is this for real? After the NRA leader – Mr. Wayne – went on his rant about how violent video games are to blame for these mass killngs with assault guns – it is his group that puts out a free App that is appropriate for ages 4 and above.

    WTF……age 4 has the need for a phone app to learn how to target shoot?

    Who the F___ does this Mr. Wayne think he is trying to fool?

    Damn…..I’ve heard of even bad press being good publicity because it gets your name out there in the public – but is this remotely considered to be good P.R. for their group – or will it just make sane people even more determined to see Mr. Wayne and his Group to go belly up ?

    I truly think the world has gone totally N-U-T-S…


    • Does anyone else have to laugh when Mr. Wayne and his NRA defenders ramble on about how their Second Amendment rights are sacred to them because they need their guns for protection from the govenrment?

      Don’t look now, Mr. Wayne, but the government has drones that makes even your scariest assault weapon impotent.

      Maybe that is the key word here – impotent? Hmmm….I’ve often wondered about those gun nuts who seem to think they need a basement full of guns and enough ammo to take out several schools.

      You just cannot fix stupid…

      BTW – I wonder if these gun nuts have figured out that Republicans are the ones wanting to spend $4 trillion additional money on the military – remember Mitt the Twit’s proposal?

      Do you suppose that $4 trillion was going to buy even more war weapons that makes the NRA assault weapons even more impotent?

      What’s next for the private citizen – Mr. Wayne – every man, woman and child gets their own tanks and drone?

  6. Whenever I think I’ve heard the final straw to prove the world has gone totally nuts….there is something I find that just proves that human beings are capable of some very disturbing and downright mean-spirited behavior.


  7. Here’s what I read, and I feel literally sick to my stomach. I want to curl up someplace in a fetal position and not hear anything, have to face anything. I’m devastated.

    (from the link): In ‘fiscal cliff’ deal, a blow to Obamacare

    When Congress struck a deal to avert the fiscal cliff, it also dealt a quiet blow to President Obama’s health overhaul: The new law killed a multibillion-dollar program meant to boost health insurance competition by funding nonprofit health plans.


    • What I don’t understand – alot of Catholic-run health care clinics and hospitals are non-profit – but they sure do make alot of money…

      And who is the biggest complainer about how their religious freedom is being threatened?

      You see – there are non-profits that Congress Critters hate and then there are non-profits that are partners-in-crime when it comes to hanging out with the big boys on corporate health care board of directors.

      • Just because a corporation or other entity is a non-profit does not mean it cannot make a profit. What it means is that the profits cannot inure to the benefit of the owners (shareholders, through dividends as an example), and are to be used to further the objectives of such corporation/entity. Via Christi has written off a substantial part of my bills, using some of their “profits” for such purpose, as it did for many of my clients.

        If hospitals had originally been universally “for profit” from the inception, I’ve a feeling there would be a lot different than now. Not to excuse the seeming incestuous relationship indy points out, but to note how that relationship had to develop.

      • Via Christi Hospital was paid $168,000 by the insurance company alone – plus my share – for a 28-day stay. And that was just the hospital’s bill – not the other myriad of doctors that came in that room all with their own billing statements.

        Do you know how many other places in the world I could have spent that $168,000 and had a much better time?

        Plus, I had the fun of being harassed by Via Christi’s billing department the week I was discharged home – still attached to two drainage bags in my side – and on antibiotic I.V. treatment.

        The harassment to pay my portion of the bill was in full swing…..and the Catholics even told me to divorce my husband, quit my job and go on Medicaid – because that way, I would always be able to get my future health care and they would get their money.

        That was the advice of the Catholic-owned hospital?

        I know how we got to this mess we’re in today…..but it does not make it right – IMHO

        BTW – this same Via Christi sent me a letter about 4 months ago wanting to follow up with me since that hospitalization…

        I requested from them 3 things:

        1) Who are you and why do want this information?

        2) Who is funding your follow up of patients?

        3) Are you getting any type of money/bonus for each follow up questionnaire you receive back?

        I have yet to hear one damn word from anyone at Via Christi.

        Isn’t it rather ironic – these folks can harass me for my portion of the billing while I am living from one day to the next and feeling like death warmed over…

        But yet these folks cannot even answer my 3 questions 5 years later?

        To HELL with them…