Sunday, 1/13/13, Public Square

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by | January 13, 2013 · 6:00 am

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  1. Are the same people who’ve wanted more and more money thrown at the military so no one questions that ‘Merica has the strongest military also the people who want to overthrow their government?

    • rick liebst

      The answer I believe is not as simple as the question is. But for the diehard conspiricy nuts I would not think so. In fact if anything I think that would believe that the expanding of that military/industerial complex is another sysmptom of that thinking that the Government wants to control things.

      • And yet, rick, if they’ve consistently voted republican because of their belief that republicans would protect their second amendment rights, they’ve also voted for the party that spends and spends and spends some more on the military industrial complex. So now, I guess, they want to go up against the world’s strongest military in order to overthrow their government?

    • I still remember who was the last Republican President to balance a budget – it was Eisenhower.

      Eisenhower was also the guy that warned us about over feeding the military industrial complex beast.

      IIRC – aren’t all these Teapublicans and Fundy Christians always yammering about how they want to go back to the good ol’ days?

      Hmmm…….when they profess to be talking about the 50’s….but their policies are more like their St. Ronnie Raygun’s – which is the person that proved deficits don’t mattter (per Dick Cheney’s own words).

      These TEapublicans preach one thing but yet do the complete opposite…

      Reagan did alot of damaget to our country – IMHO. But, oh my, didn’t he make you feel good with all his purty Hollywood-acting talk?

      My grandmother (my DAd’s mother) never liked Reagan. I can still hear her saying……I didn’t like Reagan when he was a player – so why would I like him as president.

      You know – the woman made good sense……LOL

  2. The NRA Surge: 99 Laws Rolling Back Gun Restrictions
    In the past four years a barrage of measures across 37 states have made it easier to own, carry, and conceal firearms.

  3. TRUTH! The Republicans simply need to, quit whining, get started and get ‘er done! Show America they know what legislators do by actually doing something! Comments to the piece are interesting too.

    (from the link): Nobel prize-winning economist Paul Krugman on Sunday explained to Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan that she was wrong to slam President Barack Obama for not compromising with Republicans on the debt ceiling because you don’t negotiate with “hostage takers” who are trying to “blow up the world economy.”

    “The White House position, which is right, is that there should be no bargaining over this,” Krugman told a panel on ABC’s This Week. “If the Republican majority in the House wants to cut spending, let them propose legislation that cuts spending and pass it, not hold America hostage.”

    Bloomberg columnist Al Hunt agreed that the way Republicans were refusing to raise the debt ceiling until the president agreed to drastic spending cuts was a “total and complete fraud.”

    Raw Story (