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  1. The Rude Pundit offers gun nuts a history lesson regarding Hitler. We shouldn’t expect those know-it-alls to accept the lesson. They’re too busy looking for trouble, and shaking in their boots about scary President Obama.

    Sorry, Gun Nuts: Hitler Actually Relaxed Most Gun Laws

  2. Jim Wright of Stonekettle Station on his Facebook page responds to James Yeager, CEO of Tactical Response, a Tennessee-based company that trains people in weapons skills, when he threatens to “kill people” over potential gun control:

    So what’s this? Mitt Romney Gun Control?

    You know, the plan whereby bang bang crazy douchebags “self-identify” before they “start killin’ people?”

    I like it, let’s have more of this.

    Get in the sack Yeager. No, just get in the sack.

    On a serious note, gun extremists like James Yeager and a significant fraction of the NRA membership REALLY are not helping their cause or doing us sane gun owners any favors with this stupid shit. It may be that the vast majority of American gun owners are sane, reasonable, and responsible people – but guys like Wayne LaPierre, Alex Jones, and James Yeager are the rabid spittle-flecked florid public face of the American gun obsession.

    When you talk about guns in America, right or wrong, these are exactly the people who come immediately to mind.

    Frankly, given Yeager’s personal history and his demonstrated and well documented tendency to just “start killin’ people” as a first option in nearly every situation, I’m appalled that any state would allow him to purchase a gun, carry one concealed, have it near children, or operate a “tactical security” business in ANY fashion whatsoever.

    I can’t decide if it’s irony or poetic justice that this kind of insane paranoia (and it IS insane when you openly talk about having to shoot your daughter’s friends “in the face” if they try to get into your secret bunker in some imagined apocalypse) will very likely bring about exactly, EXACTLY, the kind of restrictive authoritarian gun control laws that they fear.

    Their questionable judgment and extremist positions, vehement insane refusal to compromise in any way, their inability to offer rational suggestions or even enter into reasoned discussion, coupled to their unending threats of armed violence and vocal promises of bloody revolution are essentially indistinguishable in intent from the America hating rhetoric of Middle Eastern Jihadists. These people, more than any other, are a clear and present danger to peace and security of the United States.

    If the president has to use Executive Orders to address gun violence in America, these people will have no one to blame but themselves – not that they’ll accept responsibility for it, mind you.

    • I would call it poetic justice or maybe even karma. And, they have worked their insanity so they deserve to bring about what they fear!

  3. That was a shocking temp change between yesterday and this morning! Brrrrr. Stay warm, friends! It’s already the middle of January so spring will be here before we know it, and soon after that we can begin complaining about how hot it is. 🙂

  4. We talked a lot last week about AIG. On Crooks and Liars this morning, there is an excerpt of some writing by Matt Taibbi about all this. He said, much better than I ever could, something I tried to say last week. The bailout of AIG smelled to high heaven and this is one of the reasons why.

    “But one of the things he says in this—his lawsuit is that the bailout of AIG was not really a bailout of AIG, it was a bailout of the companies that were owed money by AIG, because they gave 100 cents on the dollar to all the companies—the counterparties of AIG, like Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank and Barclays, and that if he were in that position, he would have negotiated a much tougher deal. That’s probably true. I mean, there’s actually some validity to that point, that there’s no way, under any rational circumstances, that those companies should have gotten 100 cents on the dollar for the money they were owed by AIG.”

    In some ways, AIG was scapegoated to fill the pockets of Goldman Sachs, et al. Scratch any financial bailout, scheme, or scandal, and somewhere underneath, you’ll find Goldman Sachs. I suppose their revolving door between government and the bank, like Geitner being a former Goldman exec, along with many others, makes it really easy for them to protect their fraternity of bankster gangsters.

    None of this is to excuse misconduct by AIG, and the examples of their misconduct are legion, mostly conducted on the watch of Hank Greenberg. The mafia has nothing on Wall Street and the banksters. And in the end, it’s the entire country and its taxpayers who hear, “nice little place you have here. Be a shame if anything happened to it…”

    We’re hostages of the repukes because they are the hostages of the financial sector. Sometimes, I wish they’d just shoot us and get it over with. I hate having a gun to my head and wondering when it will go off.

  5. This is fun — dogs that are in ‘time out,’ but still totally charming and loving.

  6. He doesn’t have Akin to co-sponser his bills, but he’s at it again! The good part is the women of America will never allow him to be more than a regional polictician — he was as close to national politics while running with Romney as he’ll ever be!

    For more insight see what Jezebel did with this story:
    Paul Ryan Once Again Sponsors the Bill That Would Make It Possible for Women’s Rapists to Sue Them