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violence against women


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  1. We crossed our fingers when we got Tim Geithner. Nope. Not again.. The Inconvenient Truth About Jack Lew

  2. rick liebst

    No one should be subject to abuse of any type, or should abuse a select status given through convention or society. Be it a given staus of that of a church leader or for that matter of a social activist leader. LOL my French is not so good but here it goes “Nobles ole Blessa” Noblity has obligation.

    • I hold these churches to a much higher standard than the rest of society…

      Which is why it still infuriates me to know that the Catholic Church has not kicked out any of their Bishops and Cardinals that covered up the crimes of child molestation. But yet this church wants us to believe that they are the ones being persecuted?

      I call Bull Shit…

      • Is this more of that Puritannical thinking – Rules are for Thee and Not for Me?

        The Bible talks about false prophets ——- I suspect we are seeing more and more false prophets every damn year….

  3. rick liebst

    It is such a tricky thought process, which would be the most effective measure to control and stop such things as the sense-less murders of the inocent. To contol guns is such a simplistic answer when the real solution is more people control? The down side of that is so simple that it effects everyone… Because everyone has a bit of illogical insanity within them.

    • Everyone seems to agree that guns don’t kill, people do. So, we should be extra careful about which people have guns!

      I appreciate the gun owners who support reasonable regulations, and there seem to be many of them. Doing nothing isn’t a solution. I think this time we’ll see some progress. There are too many people, including the parents of the victims at Newtown, who won’t settle for just talk, and aren’t going to lower themselves to argue with gun nuts. We don’t need to try to placate gun nuts since they’re a small minority and unwilling or unable to be anything more than obsessed. They aren’t willing to listen so a discussion is impossible. They begin with the ludicrous claim that someone / anyone wants to take away their guns and won’t or can’t see that anyone capable of accepting the responsibilities that go along with the right to own guns won’t be effected.

    • I believe women will have a strong voice in this conversation about gun violence and sensible gun regulations. When women unite we are a powerful force!

      • Women are generally the ones that demand change for the benefit of the entire society.

        I suspect it is because women are generally the caregivers…..the ones that prepare their children to enter that society when they grow up..

  4. I was on the Huffingtonpost blog site last night – and the NRA supporters on that site were absolutely off the wall with their comments.

    It is downright scary what people will post on a public forum..

    • They do seem desperate. Could they have an inkling they’re on the wrong side of history? Nah! I’m giving them too much credit, they don’t seem capable of rational thoughts.

      • The running theme was that the government – Obama – was out to take their guns away from them – all guns, the handguns and rifles.

        I asked one of them to tell me the number of times in the past four years Obama has tried to push through any gun control legislation..

        The reply I received was…….he is using this NewTown shooting as his perfect chance to take our guns because he has already taken away our freedoms.


        how can anyone possibly have a sensible conversation with a person who truly believes that nonsense???

        I asked the next logical question – name the freedoms Obama has taken away from you……to which the reply I received was…..nothing..

        Kinda like that S.E. Cupp woman the other day – she never did answer Howard Fineman’s questions – did she? She completely ignored him..

        Truth is – Obama has not anything about gun control in the past four years and the only freedoms that might be impaired were first impaired by Obama’s predecessor – George W. Bush – ie Patriot Act.

        I still think the NRA is all about the gun manufacturers and the profit they make off all these damn guns….

  5. After reading the comments on the HuffingtonPost blog last night…..I heard about the 50th anniversary in Dallas where Bobby Kennedy’s children are going to be interviewed by Charlie Rose.

    With all this open hostility towards Obama and the Democrats – I just hope and pray another JFK is not about to happen.

    I’ve been afraid of this ever since Obama won in 2008…..but this Tsunami of GOP Hatred towards Obama is getting worse by the year…..where will it end?

  6. Did you hear about this? All I can say is ……the truth will always find a way to come out in the end?

    Then the last thought is ……why can’t some people just work things out for the sake of their kids?

    • I was just thinking the other day about that little boy that went missing – that adopted son from Towanda?

      Remember this case? IIRC – the adoptive parents were sentenced to prison for continuing to take money from the state for this kid – but nothing ever came from all those searches for the little boy..

      Does anyone else remember this case? Was the little boy’s name Adam or something like that?

      I must live a very sheltered life – because I just do not understand how some grandparents could just take their 5-yr-old grandson and assume new names and continue to live their lives as if nothing happened.

      And in the case of that Towanda boy….how could you keep taking and cashing the checks for some kid that was no longer living in your house and supposedly the story was that he ran away and nobody could find him. So, they just forget about him?

      I just do not understand that thinking….or the capability of folks to think that way……

      And Thank God I don’t understand that mindset…

  7. I’ve been thinking about the picture above with Joe Biden. You know one thing has not been addressed in all this debate about women’s rights?

    These rights also should belong to the married women. Just because a woman is married, does NOT mean the husband is entitled to his ‘manly duties’?

    I remember hearing about the ‘wifely duties’ throughtout my teenage years and by the time I got to that Fundy Baptist College – there is was again!

    There is this idealogy in some churches (mostly fundy) that the man is the MASTER of his house and the woman has to do anything and everything he says – or else.

    I grew up in the 60’s ( my teen years) and I still remember how many women in my own little suburb were stay-at-home moms, usually pregnant every year or two and were deathfly afraid of their husband. And why you ask? Wife beating was not seen as a crime and a wife was supposed to ‘service’ her man’s needs and desires without question and certainly no backtalk.

    To put it bluntly – the man had all the rights – and what was going to really stop this idealogy – the preachers in their churches – OH HELL NO…..they would justify this idealogy in their Bibles.

    What really empowered women was the – birth control pill. That was the beginning of the women’s movement – IMHO.

    When that came into common practice – and women found they had power to control their own lives – they went out to work and found themselves liberated.

    So…..maybe now we know the reason why so many Fundy Christian Republcan males want to get rid of the birth control pill?


  8. Something for everyone here:

    Great fun, huh pp?

    Oh, don’t miss the spat in the comments.