Thursday, 1/10/13, Public Square

Soooo, guns don’t kill people.

Do bombs?



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  1. When arguments happen they end more quickly when guns are present! See guns are THE solution, everyone should have several!


    Gun-toting soccer mom found shot dead
    Cops: Pa. woman’s 3 children were home during suspected murder-suicide

  2. prairiepond

    I just love these “civil defense” type gun nuts. I’m so sure these Rambo wannabes are going to hold off invading troops, or even the U.S. Army with their guns, no matter how many they have or how much ammo.

    The motto for people advocating some gun sanity should be “remember the civil war.” That insurgency thingy worked out so well for the confederacy, and the arms were nowhere near as deadly as they are now.

    If it wasn’t for the collateral damage, I’d say bring it on. Let’s put some chlorine in the shallow end of the gene pool and get rid of these guys who think they could hold of the U.S. or Iranian armies with their home arsenals.

  3. I listened as S.E. Cupp (she was with Glenn Beck before he lost his gig on Fox). Now she is 1/4th co-host of the MSNBC Show – The Cycle.

    This woman sat there and was so condescending to Howard Fineman when he was saying – military-type, rapid-fire guns. This S.E. Cupp woman actually said – you’re making everyone scared of a piece of shiny metal. Then she added that tired old phrase – people kill people – guns don’t kill people.

    Excuse me if I am wrong, but isn’t more likely that people using a military-type, rapid fire guns capable of shooting 100 bullets in a matter of a few seconds likely to cause more damage than a hunter with a rifle shooting a deer for the meat to put on his family table?

    Just asking……..S.E. Cupp……. But, then I consider the source with her. After all, she did work with Glenn Bleck – enough said?

    • I listened to her yesterday too. Well, I was willing to listen until she got off on that “what is a military-style weapon,” “guns don’t kill — people do,” “differences between clip, magazine…” idiocy. At that point she became just like every other gun nut blogger who is unable to discuss intelligently because they want badly to show off their superiority of terms in an attempt to make someone else sound like they don’t know what they’re talking about.

      I don’t know the correct names of all bacteria either, but I do know they can be dangerous. I’m unable to use all the proper terminology and definitions of several topics that I can understand enough to recognize danger!

      Many responsible gun owners are in favor of the discussion our nation is undertaking and support sensible regulations. Gun nuts will bitch and they’ll sound whiny and impotent. Strapping a gun on whenever they leave their homes broadcasts something totally different than they “think” it does! Especially those who are determined to make sure everyone knows they’re ‘carrying.’

      • Did you also notice how she would not answer Howard Fineman’s questions? That’s when she said that she did not want to take up the time of her fellow hosts. That was about the time that Toure’ (sp?) spoke up.

        I don’t think Toure’ minded a bit if S.E. Cupp would actually – man-up – and answer the questions put to her…..

        She was just anoher paid mouth-piece for the NRA…….IMHO

      • Yes, I noticed! Her words were from a script I’ve heard read overandover. Go to any gun nut blog and you’ll read the same talking points. Doesn’t make them smarter than anyone else because they know the terms and definitions when they show how they can’t understand simple danger. There are gun nuts and there are responsible gun owners — they aren’t one in the same.

      • The NRA does not represent the responsible gun owners – IMHO. Rather, the NRA represents the gun manufacturers and those irresponsible gun owners who see nothing wrong in selling guns to anybody who has the cold, hard cash in hand – and no questions will be asked.

        That is the part of any gun control debate that I wish would be raised – what to do with these folks who sell their legal guns to people they do not know are crimnals or just a hobby hunter.

        MOney talks and bullshit walks – just does not make up for the loss of all those gun violence victims – IMHO.

  4. When I saw this the other day, it reminded me of those boys from college – all from the Deep South – actually telling me that the South was going to rise again and this time – they will win the Civil War.

    Hell – that was back in the mid-70’s – the only difference between then and now is – there’s more corporate mega churches on every corner.

    Come to think of it….maybe that’s how these good old’ Deep South Boys plan to take over and win – they use the disguise of a being a ‘church’ to do their dirty work?

    Now – that part of the plan seems to be working…

  5. prairiepond

    The gall of some people is just unmitigated. Maybe this was a done deal BEFORE the entire Kansas delegation voted against disaster aid for the people harmed by hurricane Sandy?

    TOPEKA — The U.S. Department of Agriculture has declared a drought disaster in 104 of Kansas’ 105 counties, clearing the way for farmers and ranchers to seek low-interest emergency loans.

    Wednesday’s declaration omits only Doniphan County, located on the Missouri River in far northeastern Kansas.

    Eighty-eight counties were designated primary disaster areas, meaning they’ve had severe drought for at least eight consecutive weeks. Sixteen neighboring counties were designated contiguous disaster areas.

    Gov. Sam Brownback took the occasion to note that Kansas is entering the third straight year of severe drought. The governor says it’s a reminder for all Kansans to do what they can to conserve water.

    Brownback is meeting Friday with the Kansas Drought Response Team for updates on the drought’s toll. ”

    Aid for me but not for thee!

    • Weren’t you the one that reminded me that Kansas takes more federal dollars than it sends into the Treasury?

      Yup, Pastor Sam is our leader…..

      BTW – what was it that Mitt Romney and his GOP Gang always said about those ‘takers’ ??? I don’t remember the exact words – but it was not a nice thing to be called….LMAO

    • Doesn’t matter whether it was a done deal before Hurricane Sandy relief was voted on. If a congress critter votes yes for his / her state and no for another state, s/he is a hypocrite!

      • Not to mention …..a downright ‘taker’ – aka ‘leech’

        Why can’t these folks who preach against all those leeches and takers – practice what they preach?

  6. But, but….there cannot be any drought here – Kansas is chock-filled with all those godly, saintly, God’s favorites – santimonius, pious, self-righteous and right-purty song-singing Christians.

    Surely these folks’ holiness will save us all??

    • So, let’s get this straight…

      GOD is punishing some states for reelecting Obama, but, of course, since Kansans voted for Romney the drought isn’t God’s work??

      I can’t ever keep track of their vengeful god crap. When he is good he is very very good but when he is bad he is horrid?

      • Let’s not forget the many times one of these loudly-professing Christians have come out publicly and stated that God sent this hurricane or that tornado to destroy that state or city because of America’s tolerance of gays or lack of school prayer – or some other such nonsense.

        You see – these folks do not live in the real world – they must live in an alternate universe……I just wish they were physically in another universe…Far, Far, Far Away…..

  7. fnord posted: I can’t ever keep track of their vengeful god crap. When he is good he is very very good but when he is bad he is horrid?


    Have you ever noticed something about these folks?

    When they get caught with their mistresses or their hands in the till – they are all ‘forgiven’ because their God loves and forgives.

    But when it comes to their perceived enemies like Obama – there is no forgiveness – and that is even when Obama has not done those sinful acts that they just got caught doing….

    Forgiveness for Me and Not for Thee……is another mantra these false prophets live by…

  8. PP posted: The gall of some people is just unmitigated.
    Wouldn’t it be nice if gall was money – then we could pay off all the national debt that these folks helped their boy GWB create?

    And we would still have money left over to put towards helping ALL Americans – and not just the privileged few?

  9. I just heard on MSNBC – Jonathan Capehart was talking with Thomas Roberts about this anti-gay pastor giving the benediction at Obama’s inauguration.

    It seems – according to Jonathan Capehart – this pastor is withdrawing his name to give the benediction at the inauguration.

    Capehart also went on to say that the Inauguration Committee and President Obama are two different entities. It was the Committee that invited this pastor to give the benediction. He also pointed out that the reason this pastor’s name even came up for consideration is due to his work against trafficking – which is something President Obama is very much interested.

    According to Capehart – the Committee people did not know about this pastor’s anti-gay stance until it was reported this week. What’s the problem – don’t these people know how to Google?

    But……how long do you think it will take before these Rabid Religious Right Republicans start doing their war dance against Obama – and trying to say that Obama is keeping God out of his inauguration?

    Excuse me – but didn’t Obama have Pastor Rick Warren in his first inauguration? And what did these Rabid Religious Righties do to Obama for that gesture? These folks spit in his face and continued on their insatibable quest to bring Obama down at any cost……

    Besides – I wonder how much tax-free money this other pastor will rake in because he has been so ‘persecuted’ for standing up for the truth of their God?

    What were we saying before – vengeful God crappola? If these Rabid Relgious Right Republlicans are reprsentative of their God – then he must be very vengeful, spiteful, hateful and downright mean.

    So….why would I want to even be around these folks or their God?

    • I heard someone say the other day….in his first term, Obama tried to compromise with these Religious Right Republicans – even to the detriment of his own LIberal base that felt he compromised too much.

      But in the second term – we might just see a different Obama – this Obama knows how to drive these Religious Right Republicans nuts……..and I, for one, hope to see alot more of that…..ROFLMAO

      Pass the porcorn!!!

      • prairiepond

        I was just winding up to post outrage about this asshat praying at the inauguration when I saw that he had withdrawn his name. WTF? I was going to say that sometimes Obama just goes out of his way to piss off his base. But then… this guy withdrew.

        Withdrew my fat white butt. I think he was asked to withdraw and complied. And I’m with you guys who wondered WHO TF on that committee thought this was a good idea and was unable to use the Google.

        Unless, of course, they were homophobic trash just like this preacher man and thought they’d sneak him on the agenda. Glad it got caught and nipped in the bud. For crying out loud, there are MILLIONS of preachers who could call down the sky god. Surely one can be found who hasn’t pissed off anyone in Obama’s base.

        Hey, I have an idea. How about Jeremiah Wright? HEHEHEH

      • Now Jeremiah Wright would be a good show……

        What was I just saying about Obama knowing how to drive these Rabid Religious Right Republicans nuts?….

  10. If I could buy Republicans for what they are worth and sell them for what they THINK they are worth – I could hire Romney to use his yacht to act as a dingy for my yacht…

    Oh wait a minute……Romney is already a dingy…..

    Speaking of Mittens – he has been eerily silent on the Newtown shooting and this gun control debate – hasn’t he?

  11. This is interesting……but why did these folks have to pick the picture of the US guy dressed in NASCAR gear, with a beer-drinking contraption, two American Flags stuck on his hat? The only thing missing are those tea bags stapled to the flags…

    Geesh……but when you look at the criteria that was used in this rating – do you think the US fell because of our inequality of homosexuals and women – and that economic inequality problem we seem to have here in the good ol’ USA??

    But…I did notice that New Zealand came in first. Maybe my husband and I need to get some new brochures about New Zealand and take out those old plans we had made about 20 years ago?

    We can wait another four years – or until the Tea Party Republicans start to raise their power in politics again. And don’t think they can’t do it – as PP infamously says – the American voters can be very stupid.