Saturday, 12/29/12, Public Square

just to give rich folks tax cuts -- not acceptable

Just to give rich folks tax cuts.


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  1. UBUNTU —

    An anthropologist suggested the following game to a group of children in a tribe in Africa: He placed a basket full of fresh fruits under a tree. He then said that whoever reached the basket first in a race would be the winner of all the fruits.

    As he gave the signal to begin the race, the whole group held hands, ran bonded together and then sat and enjoyed the prize together.

    When he asked why they had done such thing, when he had offered the possibility to one to be the ultimate winner. They replied: ” UBUNTU”– how could one of us be happy (feel happiness) while the rest are in despair, unhappy?

    UBUNTU in the Xhosa culture means: “I am, because we are.”

    • Is is possible America could become a culture where everyone is treated with dignity? Profit centered, mean spirited, greedy people say the poor want to be poor and taken care of, feel entitled to receiving handouts… Poor people don’t want to be poor and they barely exist on the pittance they may receive!

      The least among us…

      • Sadly, America is so busy screaming loudly we are such a Christian nation while at the same time living like the Devil himself is our Twin Brother and we are in a pissing contest to see which one can be the meanest.

        In other words – America is full of H-Y-O-C-R-I-T-S…..and liars

    • When I read UBUNTO, I thought for a few seconds that fnord had become a Linux user. đŸ™‚

  2. Find time to take this stroll down memory lane. I wonder why this one is getting ‘hits’ today? But because it did and it showed up in the stats I found it and took that stroll. I’m glad I did.