Friday, 12/28/12, Public Square

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  1. 3,627 children have been adopted to the U.S. from Russ1a since 2009, according to the U.S. Department of State.

    I don’t understand anything about the ban Putin put in place. Does anyone have insight? I don’t even know if this is good or bad, what the pluses and minuses are. What will happen to these children now?

  2. I read there will be a meeting today about the fiscal cliff. Who will posture more successfully?

    Do I remember a time when Congress sent bills to the president for his consideration? When lawmakers made laws and the president signed or vetoed them. Did I only imagine there was a time when lawmakers accomplished more than finger pointing?

    Are these the options?

    1. They do absolutely nothing and all the tax cuts expire, all the spending cuts begin.

    2. Since Congress engineered the deadlines they could simply kick those same deadlines down the road. We wake up Jan 1 or maybe even June 1 in the exact same place — facing a cliff they made and keep extending.

    3. Some kind of agreement that makes no one happy will be achieved.

    Are there other options?

  3. I don’t know what will happen to these kids, Fnord. We can’t even find homes for American kids unless they are blond and blue-eyed infants. So… I’m not sure why Americans want to adopt from Russia unless it is the infant vs older child or child of color thing.

    The ban may have something to do with the American woman who just put her Russian born kid on a plane back to Russia with no adult accompanying and no notification. Seems the kid was a problem, and she didn’t know what to do, so she just pulled a “return to sender” move.

    I think there is little oversight for adoption in or from Russia, and we’ve all heard the horror stories about Russian orphanages, Romanian orphanages, etc. And it could just be Putin screwing with us. But, worldwide, humans need to do some things to care for children. Otherwise? The future of the human race looks grim.

  4. Here’s a link that explains some of the ban. Seems it’s Putin flexing his muscles and a tit for tat because the U.S. has been pushing him on human rights and Syria.

    What was it Sting sang? “I hope the Russians love their children too.”

    Ditto for the U.S.

    • Bob White

      Damn! Somebody figured this USA culture and government out. But the culture and government has a big head start and it will be very difficult to change its direction until the GOP (greedy old party) disappears.

    • Bob White

      Well, a whole lot will continue to go wrong — but so long as the wealthy get richer and continue to buy and influence congresspersons, they don’t care and the voters will remain badly uninformed regarding the truth.

  5. This is well worth the time to read……but I wonder, why do all the sane and moderate people seem to be the ones that always leave?

  6. Did you hear about the LA gun buyback event? They ran out of gift cards and had to get more. Lawrence ODonnell said last night that Ralphs (a grocery store chain in CA?) donated these gift cards… — kudos to Ralphs for being a good corporate citizen.

    But…I have to ask….where does one purchase a rocket launcher in order to turn it into the gun buyback event?

    I must live a very sheltered life….

  7. Bob White

    Today’s post is too close to the actual truth to be funny while it is ‘dead-on’ correct. And that is what is most wrong about the “church.”

  8. I can always tell the gun nuts. They’re the people who go straight to thinking anyone / someone wants to take their guns away when responsible gun ownership is brought up.