Wednesday, 12/26/12, Public Square



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  1. This picture says it all….doesn’t it?

  2. So, retailers are not happy with the Christmas sales. Spending was up 0.7% from last year…..and was not what was projected.

    But – hey – at least spending was up and not down.

    I wonder how much of that leeriness to spend is coming from the all the fiscal cliff talk we have been hearing about?

    Republicans are always yammering about how Obama makes everyone feel ‘anxious’ when it comes to the economy – but wouldn’t the same anxiety come from the Republicans’ refusal to sit down and start to compromise on making a deal before we go off that fiscal cliff?

    Reublicans make me anxious

    • Republicans will do anything and everything to hurt America. They seem unable to understand how few agree with them and how many are already realizing they deserve ALL the blame for ALL the misery they cause.

      American voters are watching closely. It is NO secret that republicans are working to cause taxes to increase for every American and take away even more from the most vulnerable just to protect the millionaires and billionaires.

      • I listened to a Republican strategist say this morning that both parties will get the blame equally and furthermore, he worked with Boehner when unemployment rate was at 4% and there is so much more that we can do if the unemployment rate was not as high as we see it today.

        No, DUH…

        But, then, why isn’t this same Republican strategist talking about why these same Republicans support and applaud when Americans Companies use our tax system to benefit themselves when they outsource American jobs – which directly leads to high unemployment rate.

        That last part never seems to be said in all the yammerings from these Republican strategists’ mouths…

      • Of course a republican strategist thinks the two major parties will be blamed equally. You think he also was sure Romney was going to be president? 🙂 Oh, and the republicans losing members of both the House and Senate probably only means the republican gerry-mandering wasn’t as good as it should have been? If a party can’t win with their policies and / or candidates they need to be really good at their gerry-mandering.

  3. Some lazy days like today I go to the bowels of our blog and look at the ‘stats.’ Sometimes I see a thread that got ‘hits’ today and wonder what that thread was all about so I go reread it. Here is one I read today. Brought back memories of many people I wonder about, people I miss, people I would like to hear from, know how they are, what they’re doing…

    Give this blast from the past a look —

  4. In 6 days, Governor Sam Brownback’s tax plan will take effect, which means this is a very good time for Kansans to become educated on what the tax plan does. First Fact: According to the nonpartisan Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, the Brownback tax plan will raise taxes on the poorest Kansans by about $148 a year, while the Top 1% will enjoy a 2% tax cut (an average tax cut of about $20,000 a year). We call this “Robin Hood In Reverse.” See chart here:

    (from the link below): Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback (R) has a new tax plan that he is touting as “fairer, flatter, and simpler.” “My plan will lower individual income tax rates for all Kansans,” Brownback claims.

    While it’s true on paper that all rates would go down under Brownback’s proposed tax overhaul, it’s certainly not true that all Kansans would be paying lower taxes. Because Brownback’s plan eliminates a variety of credits and deductions upon which lower and middle income taxpayers depend, it would actually increase taxes on low- and middle-income families, while still cutting them for Kansas’ richest one percent. According to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Police, under the plan:

    – The poorest 20 percent of Kansas taxpayers would pay 2.2 percent more of their income in taxes each year, or an average increase of $242.

    – The middle 20 percent of Kansas taxpayers would pay 0.3 percent more of their income in taxes each year, or an average increase of $146.

    — Upper-income families, by contrast, reap the greatest benefit with the richest one percent of Kansans, those with an average income of over a million dollars, saving an average of $16,933 a year.

    • Every time I go grocery shopping and look at the amount of taxes – I just have to wonder……why doesn’t Pastor Sammie take away the sales tax on food if he wants to help families so badly?

      Sometimes my tax amount could pay for that package of meat that I put back because it cost so damn much….and, instead, opted for a cheaper meal – like rice and beans.

      • I just remembered something I saw while shopping for groceries. A woman with several kids was getting her two gallons of milk out of the display case. She said to her friend – it’s pretty bad when milk costs for than a galllon of gas…

        You know what – I had not thought of it before I heard her say it outloud…..but she’s right..

      • And yet we subsidize oil companies with our tax dollars? Do we still subsidize the dairy farmers? We used to….is that still happening?

        One has to wonder…..where will it all end?

      • “…if he wants to help families so badly?”

        He has absolutely NO desire to help families unless they are wealthy enough to help him. I’m sure the Koch family and the “C Street” family are important enough to get his help.

        Jesus wept.

    • I absolutely love Alan Grayson……and it’s going to be good to see him back in that House again in a few short weeks…..saying exactly what he thinks and daring these smug Republicans to justify their mean-spirited, nasty and hate-filled rhetoric.

      • Just think – Alan Grayson is back in the House and Elizabeth Warren is in the Senate…

        WOW – the American voters sure did speak loud and clear in 2012 – didn’t they?

    • Bob White

      I’m in FL right now to escape the KS winter and this guy is absolutely one of my favorites—he and Paul Krugmann (NYT). I hope it goes better for Grayson this time around.

  5. (from the link): “The five biggest House recipients of the NRA’s largesse — which our colleague Lee Drutman analyzes today — are all veteran Republicans: Don Young of Alaska, Steve Chabot of Ohio, Pete Sessions of Texas, Bob Goodlatte of Virginia and Lee Terry of Nebraska.The five have garnered between $56,250 for Goodlatte to a high of $71,250 for Young, who will be starting his 30th year in Congress in January. The rightward tilt is no surprise: Of the donations the NRA’s PAC has made since 1990 to federal candidates, 83 percent have gone to Republicans, according to CRP.”

    Five House members who got the most NRA money (pictures and background info on all five!)

    • When the NRA talks of armed guards…….there does seem to be preference for having armed guards if you’re a Teapublican…..look at the link I posted below about Dick Armey and the Tea Party..

    • Bob White

      Just one more case for ‘term-limits.’ Actually, term-limits may just be another excuse for having a misinformed electorate who exercises poor judgement and selfishness in place of prudence and sharing.

  6. Speaking of people without a conscience……Dick Armey brought an armed guard with him to the Tea Party in which he walks away with $8 million package deal?

    But the funniest part in the article is when those two who were being escorted out cried like babies so they got their jobs back?

    These Tea Party folks take the prize for Top Wackadoodles – don’t they?