Tuesday, 12/25/12, Public Square


Always try and Spend time with the People who Truly Love you;

For who you are.

Who Respect you, Appreciate you, Lift you up;
And bring out the best in you.
They are the Brightest Stars in your Darkest Nights;
And fill your Heart and Soul, with the warmth and Sweetness;
Of their Unconditional Giving and Loving.
Never, ever take them for granted. ♥


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8 responses to “Tuesday, 12/25/12, Public Square

  1. rick liebst

    well I guess you can say I am spending time with some of the people that love me…. Most are now living with me so they really have no choice in the matter. The boys are busy opening and playing with their new toys, we got to talk to my son who is in the Army in Germany. The down side I have of no wars is now they are questioning if they will let him re-enlist. If not they will be back in the States in tiem.

  2. Merry Christmas Day to everyone. Who turned the switch to Frigid Aire (little play on words there )

    I know, if my life depended on my comedic abilities – I would starve…..LOL

    Serious face speaking – may you all have the warmth of family and friends surrounding you – not only on this one day of the year – but throughout your entire life.

    Life is too short to be anything but happy……

  3. NOW this is what Christmas should really mean – the simple act of inclusion. We are all part of this same big world. Santa Claus gets it…..doesn’t he?


  4. Hoping all of you have had a really great day. Younger baked, stirred, and otherwise prepared goodies for her staff – her “children” as she refers to them. I basically just smiled and smellede, as all of these things are most definitely on the forbidden list for me.

  5. We had a great day! Everyone is gone now — even the granddaughter who lives here much of the time has gone to her Mom’s house. We can’t remember for sure how long its been since it was just the two of us but we agree we could learn to like it a lot. 🙂 It’s so quiet.

    • There is something very comforting about that ’empty nest’ – huh? I love my kids and my grandkids – but sometimes it is nice to hear all that quiet …..

  6. Mine just got into the running for Best Christmas Ever. I just hung up the telephone after talking with my best male friend from KU (I married my best female friend). He and I haven’t seen each other for 40 years, and hadn’t talked or otherwise communicated since 1988 – 25 years. We were each other’s Best Man, etc. What a wonderful surprise. Even my screwing up the corn muffins I tried out won’t dampen my spirits.

    fnord, you guys enjoy the “just the two of us”; if you didn’t think you could learn to like it a lot, then I’d have no alternative to driving over to your place and giving both of you a good shaking (of course, it would need to be warmer, and. . .). 🙂