Sunday, 12/23/12, Public Square

rich get toys


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  1. Gayla Peevey-I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas On The Ed Sullivan Show

    • rick liebst

      Thanks and thanks from my wife that is the song her cell phone plays when ever someone is calling her.

    • The Mayan Apocalypse has been scaled back to the “dawning of a new age” and rescheduled for tomorrow.

      It’s sort of a virtual deal. No colliding planets, no asteroid, no pole flip and magnetic vortex reversal. Also, Jesus cancelled.

      So, here’s the new plan, we’re all going down to the Yucatan. We’re going to get naked and drink a lot of tequila (wait, that’s wrong, it’s tequila first, then naked). There may be some singing.

      • Could we also have some of those Colorado and Washington state cookies? Oh, wait. We’re in the Yucatan. Some local herbal enhancements would likely be available…

      • Apparently, the only folks who didn’t get the memo about the Apocalypse were the actual Mayans (their decendants). There were lavish celebrations in Honduras, among other Central American countries, the mark the end of the calendar, and the beginning of the new era.

        According the BBC, the whole “end of the world” thing was started in the West. That figures, since we had similar “end of the world” idiots on Y2K (thanks to calm-headed preparation things turned out mostly okay).

    • rick liebst

      LOL so true!!!!

  2. Hey, Wayne LaPierre…Archie Bunker called. He wants his talking points back. Archie Bunker solves our nation’s gun problem. Case closed.

  3. I know you’ve all read too many pieces about guns, but read one more. Read this one.

    (from the link): What the establishment didn’t get about Harlon’s new souped-up NRA gun-cult until too late — in fact what most still don’t get — is that the more batshit disconnected from demonstrable reality your message is, the more fanatical and organized-for-war your organization will be. If you can get people to make that leap of faith —well, then you’ve got real power. Reagan understood that sort of power well: Pandering to the far-right John Birch Society cult won him California’s governor’s seat in 1966, and in 1980, he promised to implement Harlon Carter’s radical pro-gun agenda as soon as he took office. Unfortunately that pro-gun push got delayed by an assassination attempt on Reagan’s life, but nearly bleeding to death didn’t change Reagan’s mind (or what passed for Reagan’s mind).

    From the oligarchy’s perspective, the people were thoroughly neutralized by the false sense of political empowerment that guns gave them. Guns don’t work in this country — they didn’t work for the Black Panthers or the Whiskey Rebellion, and they won’t work for you or me either.

    It takes years to cultivate a political mindset that voluntarily neutralizes itself by convincing itself that its contribution to world revolution comes down to purchasing a few guns at K-Mart, then blogging about it. That’s what reactionary plutocrats like the Koch brothers understood about the deeper politics of gun fanaticism, and why their outfits like the Cato Institute have been at the forefront of overturning gun regulations and promoting “Stand Your Ground” vigilantism as a substitute for political engagement: That by poisoning the political climate, it poisons the minds, which circulates back to the external environment, and back into the minds, until you lock the culture into a pattern in which you always get more and they always get fleeced, which makes them more fanatical and you more powerful…

    This is what I missed or ignored about gun control: The longterm view that the Koch brothers and the Scaifes and everyone backing gun-nuttery understood about how gun laws or the absence of those laws can completely transform the surrounding political climate.

    • Yeah, I’m amazed at these types who loudly brag they’re “defending freedom,” yet do little (if anything) to actually defend freedom (some of them are veterans, which makes it even worse: why risk your life overseas, if the only thing you’re willing to defend at home is a fascist society?).

  4. I jsut listened to the President of the NRA on CBS ‘Face the Nation’ make the statement that more people are beaten to death than killed with guns.

    Does anybody know if this is true or does somebody have the time to do some searching for the answer – I have to go part time job now – and will not be able to do any searching.

    • I doubt beatings take out quantities of people at one time.

      I put anything Wayne LaPierre says into the stupid propaganda category until and unless he is proven right. I’ve never found a single time when he’s been proven right.

      People go to prison for murder. Yet, there are the George Zimmermans in our world. We live in a culture that accepts violence when a gun is used. It isn’t acceptable!

      Just because people die from beatings, car accidents… doesn’t mean we shouldn’t attempt to reduce dangers! It isn’t acceptable for every Tom, Dick and Jane to own a gun! It isn’t necessary for anyone outside the military to own military-style weapons! It isn’t right for guns to be so readily available to the masses that both guns and ammunition can be ordered on the internet. High powered rapid fire weapons and large capacity magazines have no purpose other than to kill many quickly.

      Just think what it would be like if we didn’t set safety standards for the manufacturing of cars, had no speed limits or stop signs, and didn’t require divers to be licensed or carry insurance. We should at least regulate guns like we do automobiles and drivers.

    • While Wayne LaPierre goes on national television to spread his propaganda, other gun idiots are saying mass shootings happen in schools because God has been removed. No one can keep God out of the schools….kids can carry Bibles and pray all they want, even in groups if they want. It’s an individual choice that can’t be mandated by the school administration. We have freedom of worship in this country, no matter how much the right wants to convince their base otherwise. The easily led seem to be very easily convinced of nonsense.

    • I don’t think this has been updated since this morning’s Meet The Press but here is some fact-checking the so-called press conference that was a commercial.

      Remember too that LaPierre said at this press conference the NRA membership was four million. Everything I can find says it’s fewer than two and a half million and dropping. LaPierre isn’t going to tell the truth!

      Remember this too: President Obama won the popular vote over Romney by almost five million. That’s people who voted! The NRA isn’t what it’s touted to be! After all, the ones doing the touting are the ones who put profits of gun sales above American lives, and republicans. Neither has the support of the majority of voters!

    • I read that in the UK when they aired LaPierre’s rant of lies they had to superimpose signs noting that this was not a spoof.

    • rick liebst

      I would supect that it is true since most people truly are not armed with a firearm but always do have a pair of fists and a poluted mind when they drink. All my years of bar hopping I never saw or came across someone being shot but almost every time I would go to a bar there would be a fight and someone would end up needing at least bandaged if not a trip to the E.R.

  5. MERRY CHRISTMAS and /or Happy Hanaka everyone. I hope you all have a safe and festive time, Stay safe, be kind, be forgiving and most of all spare a thought for those who are having it tough this festive season. xxx

  6. wicked

    A little late in the day, but Happy Festivus, everyone!